The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room Sixteen year old Anna receives a letter from her father s girlfriend telling her he has died and asking to meet Anna is drawn to Edie her warmth her character her ability to rustle up delicious meal

  • Title: The Yellow Room
  • Author: Jess Vallance
  • ISBN: 9781471405815
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sixteen year old Anna receives a letter from her father s girlfriend telling her he has died and asking to meet Anna is drawn to Edie her warmth, her character, her ability to rustle up delicious meals, all of which her own mother is seemingly incapable of and the way she can tell Edie the secret that is buried inside her.A tautly told, compelling tale about mothers aSixteen year old Anna receives a letter from her father s girlfriend telling her he has died and asking to meet Anna is drawn to Edie her warmth, her character, her ability to rustle up delicious meals, all of which her own mother is seemingly incapable of and the way she can tell Edie the secret that is buried inside her.A tautly told, compelling tale about mothers and daughters and the lengths that some will go to, to make their dreams come true.

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    5 Words: Blackmail, bullying, family, friendship, trust.Wow.So I knew right from the off that all would not be as it seemed, but I was still thrilled by the ride that is this book. There was a sinister undertone to all of the normality, I just *knew* that something bad was going to happen.I absolutely loved Anna. I could see so much of myself in her (and it wasn't all good) it was like she was ME when I was a teen. And even a bit like me now. I loved the ending, how it wasn't exactly as I expect [...]

    A little more subdued in comparison to her debut, 'Birdy', but still a very quick read! I feel like the suspense elements came in a bit too late for me to really be on the edge of my seat and things resolved themselves a lot quicker than I was expecting them too. It's quite a mellow story, really, until the very end, but it's nothing surprising.

    This book is so good and so interesting you just can't stop reading it. It starts a bit slow and a bit predictable and then it takes on an entire new direction. Great plot twists, great tension and great social commentary that serves the plot and not the other way around. It's not as deep as I would have liked it to be, but it touches on really great points.

    אני מופתעת מהביקורות הטובות שהספר הזה קיבל. העלילה עלובה בעיניי וכך גם הדמויות. לא היה עומק לשום דבר, והקצוות נותרו פרומים. פשוט אכזבה.

    Jess Vallance is clearly a very talented writer - she managed to portray some great characters within The Yellow Room, from the ordinary Anna to the villain Leon, as well as approaching subjects such as mental health and bullying in a careful manner. The Yellow Room is a great book for young readers, and I would definitely recommend it to someone who is maybe branching into YA for the first time.

    Another incredibly dark story of obsession, revenge and love. Jess Vallance is one of the most underrated UKYA authors.

    Whoa, so hard to discuss this novel without plot spoilers, but I'll do my best, or at least make them smallish ones which intrigue rather than big ones which reveal things I shouldn't. I won't say anything about the significance of the title. You have to wait to find out.This novel is original in both concept and execution. It's written in a lighthearted and easy-flowing manner with plenty of humorous observations, yet the subject matter gives it a creepy and sinister undertone. The chapters are [...]

    The Yellow Room starts with Anna receiving a letter from Edie who tells her that her father has died. Anna is unsure how to feel about it as she hadn’t seen her dad for years but agrees to meet Edie who was her dad’s girlfriend. I was surprised by this book – I thought it would be another YA book dealing with the problems and feelings of being a teenager, but it was more than that, with suspense and a little creepiness thrown in.

    Anna is from a single parent household. Her parents are divorced and she hasn’t heard from her father for a very long time. Yes, it’s been so long that she doesn’t even think of him but when she gets a note from his girlfriend that he’s died she decided that she may just want to know why he didn’t care enough to keep in touch. So she plans a meeting with Edie and spends time worrying about it. She doesn’t know if her father ever cared about her. If her mother ever did. Why they never [...]

    It was okay. The writing was really good but the plot was just a bit boring. I saw the end coming from a mile away as well. The writing style kind of reminded me of Louise Rennisson!

    Toxic and twisted relationships appear to be Jess Vallance’s storytelling forte. At least based on her debut Birdy, and now on her newest book The Yellow Room.Anna is taken in by Edie, her father’s girlfriend who written her a letter telling Anna that her dad died. Anna hasn’t seen or heard from her father for years and agrees to meet Edie. From there the two of them form friendship and as Anna’s life unravels further Edie is the one she goes to for help.Because I’d read Birdy I knew t [...]

    The reason I wanted to read The Yellow Room is that I read Jess Vallance first novel Birdy which I totally loved and gave it 5 stars the same I have given The Yellow Room. As I like reading Jess Vallance novels I now follow Jess Vallance on Good reads. The Yellow Room is about school girl Anna who receives a letter to say her father had died, but her fathers girl friend Edie wants to know if she will meet her. Anna keeps the meeting with Edie a secret. But Edie is keeping secrets of her own. Ann [...]

    This book is super creepy. There was a lot going on where you weren't quite sure what was going on but knew you didn't like it.

    Original review posted hereI didn’t know much about this book going into it, but I really enjoyed Vallance’s twisted friendship tale Birdy last year, so I had high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed.Anna gets a letter from her estranged Dad’s girlfriend telling her he’s dead and asking her to meet. Anna has her reservations but agrees to meet Edie and the two strike up an odd friendship, despite the misgivings of her friends. Edie is the opposite of Anna’s own mother: warm, funny, a [...]

    The Yellow Room is a young adult book written by Jess Vallance. It’s about a girl who gets a letter telling her father has died and that the girlfriend of the father would like to meet up with her.I really enjoyed this book and it wasn’t what I was expecting. The story is very gripping and I found myself reading page after page. Jess Vallance does very well with leaving the readers wanting more and crafts great twists and turns.I loved the characters, I loved how different they are from one [...]

    Damn this book had potential. I had an uneasy feeling from the start (the good sort) and I thought the build up was so good, but then the climax was so disappointing. It felt like plot twists and story lines kind of just kept petering out. It's a fun read, and I reckon kids around the 13, 14, 15 mark would enjoy it more than I did.

    Amazing book! Highly recommend!! Will be uploading a video review soonish on youtube (MyNameIsKelly) but long story short this book is amazing!

    Very good book and I really enjoyed reading it, however I only rated 3 stars as it was about 3/4 into the book until it started getting good.

    Just a quick note of thanks to NetGalley, Jess Vallance, and Hot Key Books for sending me an advance kindle edition of this book in order that I could review it. So, as with my other reviews - no spoilers within this review. I'll review it without giving any specific details about the content. I read this book incredibly quickly. Actually I think the correct term would be "devoured". It was really easy to read, not so easy to put down, and very satisfying. The characters are so well put together [...]

    Bloody Hell. I know, weird way to start a review, right? But that was the overwhelming thought I had throughout The Yellow Room by Jess Vallance.Let us start with a quick overview. The Yellow Room is a story about Anna. She is your regular teenager; she spends time with friends, goes to school and ignores her homework. Everything is pretty regular in her life…except that she has a secret. A dark secret that becomes all the more complicated with the arrival of Edie, Anna’s dead father’s ex- [...]

    Rather creepy but has an innocence to it as well. Desperation can lead you into strange decisions.

    "I'm a coward. I don't like saying no to people. I hate to let people down."If Anna weren't a people-pleaser, she probably wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. Life sends her into a downward spiral when she receives a letter telling her that her father has died. It's from Edie, her dead father's girlfriend.A friendship with a stranger is the last thing on her mind, but sympathy and loneliness drive Anna to meet this eccentric woman. Their new relationship starts out positive when Edie he [...]

    So this was a slow book to begin with but because it's so short I didn't mind the pacing. I found that Anna was an incredibly lonely character who seemed to have false friends and hardly a connection to her mother at all! Enter Edie. I love Edie since she just wants that connection too, even if she is slightly strange. She is my favourite character in the book.The plot took what felt like forever to move along but I was so happy that there was a shock in there. I think maybe the book needs a new [...]

    I really like this book, it is creepy, suspensefull and most of the time realistic.But I notice that(view spoiler)[- No positive male character to contrast, Sienna's dad cooks pizza and George is cool yet neutral. James and Leon are colossal douches.- Romantic relashionships were absent, probably to avoid the cliche, but it is cliche for a reason, teenagers obsess about it. Jealousy of George becoming more than friends with Sienna, would cause a torrent of emotions.- The narration sounded too ad [...]

    Well, heck. That one came outta no where. The absolute yellow cover of this book drew me in, but I wasn't really sure on the story. The basic premise, that Anna meets with Edie, her father's girlfriend. Edie tells her that her father had died, and the to grow close through common relationships, and the basic fact that Anna has no where else to turn. Then? Well, you need to read it to believe it.Suffice to say I adored it. I can't give out more than that without spoiling it, so I won't. It as unu [...]

    Overall it's a good read. Funny, entertaining, fast paced, yet creepy and some parts are really heart-breaking. The heart-breaking part was with Anna's parents. Such shitty parents they just don't deserve to be parents at all. It's cool how Anna can cope well with living with her mom though. And Leon, oh god what a fucking bully he was. I can't help but feeling so angry whenever his part came in, disturbing Anna, threatening her. Poor girl doesn't deserve all that shit. So yea, this book is real [...]

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