Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, Episodes #1- #3

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, Episodes #1- #3

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations Episodes Jack Spirelli paranormal investigator public debunker of paranormal frauds and private fixer for the magic using community has opened his doors Jack s in a crunch Since he went pseudo public with S

  • Title: Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, Episodes #1- #3
  • Author: Kate Baray
  • ISBN: 9781522878780
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jack Spirelli, paranormal investigator, public debunker of paranormal frauds, and private fixer for the magic using community has opened his doors Jack s in a crunch Since he went pseudo public with Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, his business has sky rocketed Debunking the scum who prey on vulnerable targets makes up half his business now And the rest of his time Jack Spirelli, paranormal investigator, public debunker of paranormal frauds, and private fixer for the magic using community has opened his doors Jack s in a crunch Since he went pseudo public with Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, his business has sky rocketed Debunking the scum who prey on vulnerable targets makes up half his business now And the rest of his time Jack s on speed dial with the Texas Lycan Pack, the Inter Pack Policing Cooperative gives him an occasional ring, and anything that goes bump in the night might just call him with a job He needs an assistant, another investigator, and some additional muscle, but maybe the dragon who just walked in and applied will do for now This volume contains the first three episodes of Season One Each is a complete stand alone story.

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      402 Kate Baray
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    This was a little to simple minded for my taste. The plot follows what has become a cookiecutter formula for urban Fantasybuddy investigators, one or both with supernatural abilities get involved in crimes involving the supernatural world.I like that one of these is a dragon (nice change) but the mysteries are simplistic and without drama, nor are the characters engaging.

    Jim Butcher meet Simon GreenThis is a wonderful supernatural detective series.Gives new meaning to the expression "hard to put down." Good for all ages.

    Great reading!Easy to read, I kept turning the pages. Great talent here and I will definitely keep reading her books in the future.

    This was a good book how ever I do wish the author had done more to make it more interesting. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

    If you like paranormal creatures. If you like dangerous and mysterious situations to survive. Then this is the series for you. I love Jack Spirelli. He's a quick witted guy who runs the Junk shop and Spirelli Paranormal Investigation company. He thinks he has a rat living in the shop, so in true Jack style, he puts down food for it - crab meat - and gives it an affectionate name; all of which tells us what type of guy he is.He sends out the word, discreetly, that he is looking for an assistant f [...]

    Lightweight read. It actually has the feel of TV episodes oddly enough. I picked it up a while ago on sale and it’s sat on my kindle until I felt like reading a Dresden and wasn’t in the middle of one. Definitely similar vein of Dresden files, Jack Spirelli has no magical ability himself which is odd for this genre. A human in the magical world with no explanation as to why. Then, he’s joined by Marin, who is a young but powerful dragon, who really does all the work. The character developm [...]

    This was mildly entertaining and certainly interesting enough to keep me reading. I like the characters, the plot was solid and I even liked the format this was laid out in (a serialization). I'm actually looking forward to more books in this series. I felt it was just different enough from other books in this genre that it kind of stands out. It was well written and I felt that was a certain depth to it that can often be lacking in other books of this style. World building is just enough to gai [...]

    Supernatural detectives was a genre I had usually avoided. Along with shape shifters; although Marin taught me dragons aren't shape shifters. In a way I didn't feel any more stupid then Jack. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Each of the three episodes were stand alone. A character or two made cameo appearances. References to a previous case were subtle and ingeniously explained. I would completely recommend this book and I intend to read other books by this author.

    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a quick, humorous, delightful read about a paranormal investigative company that is comprised of a human and a dragon. The cases that they take, situations that they get involved in, and the creatures that they face make up the content of the book. The characters are well written,situations thought out, and the resolutions that they come up with are believable

    This is a great series. The two main characters Jack and Marin are so much fun and have a great relationship and the stories are so funny. I really like how long the stories are and that they tell the story, without a lot of extra unnecessary information. After the first story I was hooked and have been unable to put these books down. I highly recommend!

    Good magic episodesThis book is written as though magic is normal and almost expected. The character of a dragon is well done, and combines both human and dragon in one physical form. The characters are very real and well thought out. The series is so well written and believable that the series could go on for a long time.

    A fun romp through paranormal mysteriesJack and Mira are great, the book doesn't take itself too seriously, nobody gets hurt, but everyone has fun. The books are short. Three episodes was a decent read. They are well written and edited, apart from one jarring typo when 'more' was misspelled.

    New twist on paranormal detective novelsLove this book each episode is a new adventure. The characters are humorous the way they deal with each other there is a real love, hate, love relationship between the main characters. The only problem I have is I want to read more! Please keep them coming.

    Paranormal storiesNot my favorite read. Problems built up and then are resolved without fuss. The antagonism between Jack and Marin was frustrating. I would have liked to learn more about Marins Dragon side.

    A Dragon?This book was very different!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more. The story went along at a rattling pace, very interesting. Next please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!j

    I liked it a lot. Nice easy read. The relationship between Jack and Marin is complicated, sometimes not so friendly, sometimes nice. I like the dragon/human(whatever) interaction. I cannot wait to read 4-6

    Funny & engagingI loved how the stories progressed,the interplay between the characters is great and am looking forward to more adventures. Some more background on Spirelli & the IPPC would good.

    Good readA human investigator solves mysteries surrounding witches, dragons, lycans, etc. He needs an assistant and in walks a dragon in her human form. Their cases vary and they make good partners. No sexual innuendo. Funny, fast paced, and mysterious. Highly recommend.

    A really fun easy book to read!! It just keeps you turning the pages. I liked it so much I bought the next books in the series. I am so looking forward to Continues the story!

    Great Magical Series Great escape fiction. This series has been a real help keeping me on the positive side of life. Can't wait to start episode 4.

    Excellent stuff, reminds me of Maria E. Schneider's Max Killian Investigations - good characters, interesting short scenarios but not too short to provide a clear and interesting plot.

    This is a fun romp, with a few notions about dragons and witches that I'd not heard before.I am definitely looking forward to reading the next episode.

    Short but sweetThese stories are entertaining reasonable quick to read tales. I personally enjoyed them a lot but just wish they could be longer. The potential for longer stories is definitely there especially with the hints of outside issues with both Marin and jack. The author keeps the focus on the cases and the SPI company which is a definite positive in my eyes. It is enjoyable to read a story that doesn't start off focused on the original idea then runs off into twisted relationship issues [...]

    Spir elliThe book was a good superparormal. Easy read.good for young adults.funny parts people. Things. Lv the people in book.a paranormal lv ERS will enjoy.

    Great Stories!Loved the stories! Great writing, exceptionally well developed characters and very interesting storylines make this book hard to put down! Definitely recommend!

    AwesomeQuick and fast paced read. Interesting story line and who doesn't like a accident prone human and a dragon always saving his butt.

    Good read!! Really love the characters!Really good read! Love the characters!! Love how Jack and Marin complement each others abilities. Love how sassy Marin Is!

    Not bad butWhoever's running the final spellcheck needs to pay more attention. The plot lines are believable if not very detailed. Good for a quick, light read.

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