Black Moon

Black Moon

Black Moon Book in the breathtaking sci fi space saga inspired by astrology that will stun fans of the Illuminae Files and Starbound series One final secret stands between Rho and the enemy But will the devast

  • Title: Black Moon
  • Author: Romina Russell
  • ISBN: 9780698146167
  • Page: 469
  • Format: ebook
  • Book 3 in the breathtaking sci fi space saga inspired by astrology that will stun fans of the Illuminae Files and Starbound series One final secret stands between Rho and the enemy But will the devastating truth be enough to destroy her first Rho, the courageous visionary from House Cancer, lost nearly everything when she exposed and fought against the Marad, a mysteriouBook 3 in the breathtaking sci fi space saga inspired by astrology that will stun fans of the Illuminae Files and Starbound series One final secret stands between Rho and the enemy But will the devastating truth be enough to destroy her first Rho, the courageous visionary from House Cancer, lost nearly everything when she exposed and fought against the Marad, a mysterious terrorist group bent on destroying balance in the Zodiac Galaxy Now, the Marad has disappeared without a trace, and an uneasy peace has been declared But Rho is suspicious She believes the Master is still out there in some other form And looming over all are the eerie visions of her mother, who died many years ago, but is now appearing to Rho in the stars When news of a stylish new political party supported by her best friend, Nishi, sends Rho on another journey across the galaxy, she uses it as an opportunity to hunt the hidden master and seek out information about her mother And what she uncovers sheds light on the truth but casts darkness upon the entire Zodiac world.

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    ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Black Moon by Romina RussellBook Three of the Zodiac seriesPublisher: RazorbillPublication Date: December 6, 2016Rating: 4 starsSource: Review copy sent by the publisherSummary (from ):One final secret stands between Rho and the enemy. But will the devastating truth be enough to destroy her first?Rho, the courageous visionary from House Cancer, lost nearly everything when she exposed and fought against the Marad, a mysterious terrorist group bent on [...]

    THERE IS A TITLE I REPEAT THERE IS A TITLE WHAT COULD THAT MEAN OMG THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD WE HAVE TWO MORE BOOKS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSUPDATEOh my. The cover is here. It is everything I could have hoped for. I'm going to go cry as I wait for this book because WE HAVE TO WAIT TILL DECEMBER!!!!

    A villain is only a villain from the hero's point of view. There is no universal right or wrong because there can be no universal judge. Existence is too complicated and naunced for such simplicity. And that is why the bad must exist alongside the good because to eradicate one is to eradicate bothA diferencia de los otros dos libros, en Black Moon vemos menos acción, lo cual no es para nada malo. Es un libro más político y estratégico pero no por eso lo amé menos que los otros dos. Los nuev [...]

    I just can't convey enough how much I love this series! The world is so complex and vast and interesting. The plot just keeps getting bigger and the characters are developing beautifully! I love this series and I can't wait to go on and read the final book and find out how it all ends.


    It seems like only yesterday I was turning the pages of Zodiac, book one in the Zodiac quartet. Yet here I am attempting to review the third installment. Black Moon is without a doubt my favorite book in the series, and here's just a snippet of what you can expect: action, kissing, a royal ball, magical creatures, suspense, betrayal, and deception. What more could I ask for??What I love about the Zodiac series is that each book expands, deepens, and complicates the plot of the series. Each new d [...]

    The original review can be found at The Book Portal.4.5/5 stars.Awesome world building! The images pictured by the author are amazing! This book has it all. Character development. Big reveals. Or should I say HUGE! :)) Ok. Ok. I am gonna stop the jokes. We finally get some answers regarding the Zodiac's origin. Now we finally know what happened with the thirteenth house. The big bad villain if finally revealed. And I am glad that some of my brain-storming theories were right. YEY!Unfortunately, [...]

    3.5 stars. Perhaps i read this at the wrong time, but unfortunately i was disappointed with Black Moon. The pace felt really slow, and i felt like nothing much had really happened. I was also disappointed with the development of most of the characters. Some of them had changed, and not in a way that seemed consistent with their development from the first two books. Basically i felt like I didn't know some of the characters anymore. Could it be because it's been nearly a year since i read Wanderi [...]

    Gah I don't know why I thought this was the end of the series! But as I read I knew there had be another book coming. It was really good but not my favorite of the series. Also there's one thing that made me rate this a 4 instead of a 5 but I can't say because it's spoilery. But I do really want to see how the series ends so I will be reading book 4.

    Romina Russell la saca del estadio una vez más con la construcción de su universo, pero para mi pesar, eso fue lo único que logró retenerme y hacerme emocionar con Luna negra. El conocer a Rho y las transiciones que atraviesa debido a todas las situaciones que pasan en el Zodíaco, es muy importante de cara a su papel como Estrella Errante, pero no pude conectarme con el sentimentalismo que la permeaba constantemente y que me hizo pensar que estaba con algo muy diferente a lo que venía leye [...]

    4.5 stars!!!I know it seems I didn't like it because it took me a month but I loved it!HOLY FUCKING SHIT! That ending!! THAT FREAKING CLIFFHANGER ENDING! I'm shook. I'm actually shook. I'm also glad the love triangle thing worked out because now we don't have to worry about who would be with who and focus on the drama. I love Hysan. I really do. The beginning of the book felt weird without him. But I did love Mathias as well. But Hysan and Rho forever!!I love the relationship between Nishi and R [...]

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THAT ENDING?! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME TO THROW A BOOK? BECAUSE THATS HOW YOU END UP THROWING BOOKS. Otherwise this was a delightful read, amazing world building, great tension, 0/10 will *love* that ending, 10/10 might consider throwing the book. Seriously, I loved this one. Especially since the cover is gorgeous and doesn't look like poop. Yes, I, Rian, am a cover whore. I'm so glad I picked this series up on a whim 2 years ago and am so proud to work at a books [...]

    Reseña originalmente posteada en: instagram/p/BTm00xODICOMOAGUANTOHASTAEL AÑOQUEVIENEEsto más que una reseña es una breve opinión de lo que me pareció el libro en términos muuuuy generales (si ya lo leyeron mandenme directs y fangirleamos!), así que lean tranquilos que no hay spoilers de ninguno de los libros de la saga! Bueno, qué puedo decirles de Luna Negra?. Primero, lo más importante: hacía rato que no fangirleaba TANTO pero TANTO con un libro. El mundo que Romina creó se comple [...]

    I received this book through First Reads.I felt lukewarm about the first two books but Black Moon seemed to improve in terms of interesting storylines and keeping readers guessing on the reveal of the master. I always like a book that makes you wonder about a reveal until it happens. I was impressed by who it ended up being since I thought I had it all figured out by the half way point of the story but I didn't see it coming on who it actually ended up being. I do feel like the ending was a bit [...]

    I read this book during the time when I'm actually on hiatus for my book-related stuff, including reading, book blogging and actively talking about books on social media. I was so excited when my office's administrative staff passed the package to me with this pretty book in it.I've always love the Zodiac series. The world building is so extensive and complex, the characters are enthralling and the story is simply soul-gripping.In Black Moon, we're introduced to another three houses, i.e. Scorpi [...]

    Romina does it again! Black Moon did not disappoint. I'm still sitting here after reading feeling as though I've taken some Abyssthe myself. I'm totally buzzing! I love this galaxy of unique characters Romina has created. Each book takes us to a new constellation, and we get to see more of each house. I love all the worlds! Another thing I enjoy about these characters is the diversity. Each house has its own characteristics when it comes to appearance, personality, and lifestyle. Rho is so accep [...]

    THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!! I'm speechless! This the best book of the series for now ♥But Romina Russell is cruel, how can she end her book like that? Seriously???? Rhoma was really great here, more mature, she finally made some good decisions *happy dance*We learn a lot about the Master and the thirteenth house, it was awesome, stressful and interesting.More than that, the world created by the author is still fabulous, vivid and original. I'm still in love with the Zodiac series, one of my fav ♥ [...]

    4.5+ Luego de varios días de lectura, pausa para renegar,lectura de nuevo y 3 paquetes te post it azules. Vengo a descargar mi corazón por terminar Luna Negra. Atrás quedaron los primeros pasos conociendo el Zodiaco y tratando de entender como funciona cada planeta, intentando memorizar esos nombres tan originales y fallando en ese intento más de una vez. En este momento lo imprescindible es saber en quien confiar y tratar de encontrar la verdad para salvar la galaxia sin morir en el camino. [...]

    ¡OH POR DIOS, ESE FINAL!La verdad es que, si bien me gustó este libro, me costó muchísimo engancharme con la historia en las primeras 100 páginas. Sentía que todo iba muy lento y que no sucedía nada particularmente destacable. Luego de ese punto, la historia fue tomando mejor forma, aunque me da la impresión de que algunas cosas estuvieron de más y dieron la impresión de ser relleno. Entiendo que quizás necesitábamos un impasse antes del gran final que se viene, pero por momentos me [...]

    Sabe mantenerse a la altura de los otros libros de esta saga y nos prepara para un final de infarto que leeremos en Ofiucus asciende, que espero que llegue pronto a nuestro país. La espera se me va a hacer muy eterna.voragineinterna.e

    HOLY. SHIT. I… I just… I’m flabbergasted. That ENDING! Now I have to wait until next August! How am I going to do it! I need to know now!!!!! OK… I’m going to calm down for a minute then continue on with this review… OK… I’m better now. I’m going to talk about the normal non-spoiler-y stuff first and then everything else is going in a spoiler because I need to geek out about it. It may be unintentional but the political atmosphere in Black Moon is a strangely accurate portrayal [...]

    WHAT THE HECK, THAT DAMN CLIFFHANGER, I JUST WHO DOES THAT MAN Other than the ending has completely left me in a disastrous state, the book was amazing. As I kept reading I started getting curious how Romina's mind works because its such a detailed book and everything she has created about this magnificent world has me left me in awe. The creatures that were added in this third installment were breathtaking and how their story was described was so intriguing. Also, my ship sank but I was kinda h [...]

    CRAP!!!! ROMI RUSSELL!!!!! You cannot seriously leave it like this?!?!? I've got to wait a year for the next one?!?! (Put on your best New York Brooklyn accent when you read this:) You ah KILLIN' me ova he-ah!!ghing Well, at least the love triangle has been sorted out (some of you who know how I feel about love triangles in YA, and it's not a warm fuzzy feeling :| )There was a lot of action in this one and I can't wait for the next one! Keep Writing, Romi! In fact, write faster, woman! ;]

    That ending, though! One of the best/worst cliffhangers EVER! AND I have to wait until August '17 comes around to read more! What the heck!?What a great book 3 to add to my collection. So many things happened in so little amount of time that my head, at times, felt like it was reeling, but oh my, it was amazing! I'm so happy that this author can keep my attention and imagination going despite the fact that I have difficulty following a heavy sci-fi story. I always found it so difficult to imagin [...]

    I could not stop reading this book. This is one of my favorite series. I have to say it took me on a rollercoaster of emotions and I was really scared about what was going to happen. I finished reading this in class and I almost cried at the end. I just at there and stared at the page and kept flipping back and forth not wanting it to end. I didn't know there was going to be a 4th one so I almost had a heart attack and it was not okay how it just left it like that like really, but I figured it o [...]

    well the climax was certainly climatic, wasn't it? wow literally didn't see the last page coming. I am ready for the next book already. my heart is literally racing along because there was so much tension mystery and drama in this novel. I'll be honest I am not sure how this series is going to end but I will say this it has been one hell of a ride.

    If I didn't have the ebook, I probably would have thrown the book at the wall. The cliffhanger got me in the end, my jaw dropped . You can see the characters developing through the series. The love triangle has ended and now I can I cheer the two. The only problems I had with this book is that I had to put it down, so many distractions and I just wanted to read. Can't wait for the next book.

    This book had me on the edge of my seat! There was so many unexpected things that happened with the story and while we were left with a cliffhanger ending, I somehow left still feeling satisfied. I absolutely cannot wait for the next one to come!!!

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