Warrant Aubree Marie Harrington returns home from college to a life of trust fund douchebags and dinner parties Despite her parent s disapproval she s giving herself one year to figure out what to do with th

  • Title: Warrant
  • Author: Savannah Rylan
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  • Page: 190
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  • Aubree Marie Harrington returns home from college to a life of trust fund douchebags and dinner parties Despite her parent s disapproval, she s giving herself one year to figure out what to do with the rest of her life To celebrate her return her best friends bring her to a bar on the outside of town where she meets Cash, a tattooed, opinionated, completely beneath her sAubree Marie Harrington returns home from college to a life of trust fund douchebags and dinner parties Despite her parent s disapproval, she s giving herself one year to figure out what to do with the rest of her life To celebrate her return her best friends bring her to a bar on the outside of town where she meets Cash, a tattooed, opinionated, completely beneath her standards member of the local MC Cash Logan just wanted a beer, but when the prissy drunk bitch that was next to him gets herself into a situation he can t help but to step in If there s one thing he can t resist it s a damsel in distress even if this damsel is anything but When two people from opposite sides of the tracks collide, lives will be changed, places will be threatened, tempers will be tested and everything they thought they knew will be questioned.

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    ***4 "His Sunshine" stars***Well, i wasn't expecting to like this book so much, but i got proved myself wrong!!!I fuckin' loved it and i enjoyed this two-wheeled ride so freakin' much!!!Yep, the things between the two main characters were moving fast, but we are talking about an MC book here, and it was so well-written that didn't disturb me at all!!!I have to admit that this book restored my belief in the MC's book!!!And it wasn't just the emotional part that got into me, but all the adventure [...]

    Well let me start off by saying that this won't be for everyone. It's got a unrepentant bad boy MC vibe going for sure with the crude language and actions to match and if you're down for it to be raw like that, you will find an appreciation for it here. Cash has the devil may care persona down pat. He is who he is. Take him or leave him. He has some redeeming qualities as well and a sensitive side buried but little Aubree has to dig quite a bit to get to it. Aubree is used to fine things in life [...]

    ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review."You saw me take my first breath , and I saw you take your last. " The male and the female characters are completely the opposide. We have a 100% bad boy biker who pretty much doesn't give a damn about anyone , except for his club brothers. And we have our typical rich girl , spoiled princess who dreams of freedom. Sick and tired of living in a glass ball , Aubree turns down William's proposal and decides to spice up her dull [...]

    3.5 StarsAubree is tired of her parent's rules and she's definitely tired of entertaining William, her friend for forever, but not who she wants to be marry. Home for a year to figure out what she's want, finding Cash and his tattoos and bike sexy is not in the plans. All Cash can see is her sunshine, his Sunshine. One taste is enough to hook him in and that's not him, he can have any girl, he doesn't get tied down, but there's something about Aubree. She doesn't fit in with his MC, his life, hi [...]

    Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! Cash was a sexy as hell, bad ass biker who had trouble written all over him who just happened to be in the same bar as Aubree/Sunshine. It was just one touch and the sparks flew but Cash figured that Aubree was out of his league. She had to be the way she looked. He thought for sure that she was just slumming. He was right as far as that goes because Aubree came from a very rich family who picked out the ivy league school which she attended right down to who she was going to ma [...]

    I recevied a copy of this book for free through NetGalley3.5 stars.This is really short so I was able to read this in one sitting. While there is a clear storyline that runs behind these two characters, I found that I really only liked the book when I was reading about Aubree and Cash being together. I think I just wasn't invested enough in them as individuals to care about the little twists and turns that connected the characters on a number of levels,The writing in this however is very good an [...]

    There's just something about the motorcycle club books I've read that just ring of phoniness. I was a big fan of the TV series Sons of Anarchy and it managed to pull it off, why can't any of these books I've read?This book in particular irritated the hell out of me. There were many grammatical errors in the book, but not the worse I've seen. I can usually overlook that. But this time it really got it me. Because there were other issues with the plot. Was Gordita an illegal for Brazil or Argentin [...]

    Cash is quite the protective and possessive man, "if he laid a effing hand on my Sunshine, I would kill him and I’d guarantee it would be a slow torturous death." I really enjoyed seeing the softer, sweet, caring side of Cash, "Aubree looked so peaceful, and I didn’t want to wake her. She had a rough day, and needed her sleep. I managed to sit up, resting my back against the couch" I liked this book I loved Cash.

    From the first chapter, I knew that there would be a connection with a certain character later in the story. I think this book needed to be longer as it's a bit rushed on the romance side. I did like Cash and Aubree's romance, but I would rather have read more of that and them actually getting to know one another as they are only together twice before they're acting like they had an actual relationship and before we know it, they have to end things. That part was too rushed. We get a lot of info [...]

    This is the first book in the Righteous Outlaws novels it’s raw, fast pace and has a happy ending.Cash knows who he is and what his life is take it or leave it, it says things as they are and doesn’t worry who he’ll offend. He’s loyal to the core and protects what’s his. He doesn’t do relationships women are for his enjoyment and they definitely don’t play on his mind that all changes when a pretty girl in a yellow dress catches his eye, she innocent but fiery and Cash can’t seem [...]

    imasweetandsassybookwhoreWhat is it about rich girl bad boy stories that I just can’t help to read about? Is it that feeling of doing something your family wouldn’t approve of that makes them so appealing to me or is it that I believe we shouldn’t judge people based on money or standing in the community that I believe labels are unnecessary and at times stupid. Let’s go with the second scenario shall we. I want to say that Warrant brought something new and exciting to the MC genre or eve [...]

    Aubree Marie Harrington is having a night from hell. After a blind date that ends horribly bad she gets saved in more ways than one by a hot and sexy biker.Cash Logan is trying to relax when he sees that Aubree needs someone to save the day. Not really in the mood to play superman Cash doesn't really want to get involved but being the hot and sexy biker that he ishe wont stand by and watch a woman get hurt. What started as a quick step in and save the day for Cash ends in emotions that they both [...]

    I was done with this in one sitting and it was a fast read. Aubrey is a privileged young woman being her dad is a doctor and in neuro surgery no less. She seems to want to take a ride on the wild side after meeting Cash, now is that not a sexy name!!! Love and business combine for Cash. Will it be a problem for him and his MC? He seems hot and steamy in the sack and what is there not to love about that!I received this ARC from the publisher via Net Galley for my honest review.

    ARC for NetGally for honest reviewAnother new author for me. This book was gritty and to the point. A quick read. A MC romance that didn't have the hang ups about the guy being anti-commitment, but want the girl. Knowing she is to good for him, until the climax of the story is reviled. Not going give any spoilers.

    Normally I don’t like short paged stories. The stories themselves need to be over 250 pages at least for me to be interested. For in those pages, due to the length, is enough time to weave a believable fantasy world of any creation to draw a reader in. More times than not, anything shorter feels rushed or incomplete. More times than not leaving too many plot holes, loose ends or unbelieve conclusions from characters that make you just say “ummm ok”. I would like to say that there was NO WA [...]

    Gross - also, sorta spoilersI was really starting to enjoy the book when the main male character had sex with someone not the main female character, and what made it worse is that he had already met and had sex with the main female character. Why on earth would I want to read a sex scene between him and someone else, especially after he'd been with the woman he's going to end up with? It's gross, and it's almost as a book that includes cheating. The sex scene was also extremely detailed, and tha [...]

    Opposites attractCash was a biker. Not wanting anything except his club. Never really cared about being with just one woman until Aubree.Aubree was an uptown kind of a girl. Everything handed to her. Life a luxury.She was so tired of that life she wanted to break free. She entered a bar out of her element when she ran into Cash.He was everything her dad didn't want for her. She didn't care. He brought something out in her.Later she finds out daddy has a secret. She has Cash by her side. Two peop [...]

    I wasn't feeling this book. Our hero Cash meets Aubree while she's letting lose with her friends. They end up having a one night stand. They go their separate ways. He is with two club girls a week later and Aubree walks in on him. He didn't really know her name or think he'd see her again. Do I wish he'd have tried to locate her before screwing the others girls yes but that didn't happen. She chose to have a relationship with him anyway. Once their relationship became serious no OW's.

    It's the first time I've read this author but would definitely read another of her books. I wish more time had been spent developing the relationship as it was all a little insta-love. i assume Gordita's storyline is going to develop in another book as it all just fizzled away in this one.

    Really Good5 stars I really enjoyed this book the first in the series. Cash was a good guy. He just needed the right girl and he found her.

    Loved itMy first book from this author and it was great, will be reading more from this author. Loved the characters and their story line. A must read.

    Very good story. Good drama. Good heat level. Chemistry between the characters were great. Love the length, not too long but not a short read, perfect.

    Fast pacedA great start to a hopefully great series. Bad boy meets good girl action. Things are never quite as they seem and this book has it in bundles.

    Aubree Marie Harrington is a grown woman now, and she is finally ready to stand up to her overbearing parents and inform them that she will no longer be living her life according to their strict set of rules. She is ready to turn in her high society pedigree for something a little less refined, and dabble in a life that borders the wild side. Her parents think it is high time she settled down, give up her aspirations of having a career, and take on the role of a high society housewife like her m [...]

    Aubree is home taking a year off of college to “find herself,” Cash just wanted to get a drink after a long work day. Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find out who you are truly meant to be. And sometimes, the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. Warrant is the story of what happens when Aubree stops playing by the rules.Let me first let you know that this book is for adults only! This was a good, quick read that is in no way intended for teens.Per my norm, I looked [...]

    I Received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.This is the first book of what hopefully will be an MC Series and is also the first book i have read by this author, and i can say at this point that it won't be the last.This book is raw, down and dirty, dark and violent so it may not be for everyone, but i thoroughly enjoyed it.Cash is more than hot, more than sexy, more than happy with violence and more than happy to say exactly what he wants, how he wants an [...]

    *I received this book free from Mark My Words Book Publicity in exchange for an honest review*Aubree, aka Sunshine, is an uppity daddy's little rich girl who's trying to change her stripes. She wants something more than the life that's been planned out for her, she just doesn't know what that is or how to achieve it. Then she meets Cash and her entire world changes, and not just in good ways."Damn it, Aubree!" he yelled, and hit his hand against the wall again, this time causing a picture to fal [...]

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