Paradise Tempted: The Beginning

Paradise Tempted: The Beginning

Paradise Tempted The Beginning In the beginning There was the darkness of his past A snake in the garden and the woman he admired In the beginning There was a mysterious attraction to someone she shouldn t desire A thirst for knowl

  • Title: Paradise Tempted: The Beginning
  • Author: L.B. Dunbar
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: ebook
  • In the beginning There was the darkness of his past A snake in the garden and the woman he admired.In the beginning There was a mysterious attraction to someone she shouldn t desire A thirst for knowledge of things she d never known.In the beginning There was temptation beyond control It was only supposed to be one bite, but a fruit so savory was a taste he knew he d waIn the beginning There was the darkness of his past A snake in the garden and the woman he admired.In the beginning There was a mysterious attraction to someone she shouldn t desire A thirst for knowledge of things she d never known.In the beginning There was temptation beyond control It was only supposed to be one bite, but a fruit so savory was a taste he knew he d want again.In the beginning There was a start to the greatest fight of his life Love Round 1 for Cain Callahan, Cobra, an MMA fighter, and his sweetest temptation, Sofie Vincentia This is the prequel to the Paradise Stories, a 14K word story of their beginning.In the beginning, there was the strongest attraction to love.

    Paradise Tempted The Beginning Paradise Stories Bcher Fremdsprachig Whlen Sie die Abteilung aus, in der Sie suchen mchten. Paradise Tempted The Beginning by L.B Dunbar With Paradise Tempted The Beginning, L.B Dunbar already has me completely hooked on the Paradise series This prequel novella packs a powerful punch, delivering intrigue, drama, and heartfelt emotion in a way that has me desperately in need of the rest of this series. Paradise Tempted The Beginning Paradise Stories by L.B Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln Prime entdecken Bcher Paradise Tempted The Beginning Paradise Stories This feature is not available right now Please try again later. Paradise Tempted The Beginning Paradise Paradise Tempted The Beginning Paradise Stories About book Holding me, he whispered as he stared at my lips, Have dinner with me I I paused I can t I wanted to say yes He was so good at this He had all the right words, all the right phrases My body still vibrated from where he touched me and a trickle of moisture released from my thoughts of him I wanted I Books similar to Paradise Tempted The Beginning As a photographer for the New York Post, Kari Martin was used to seeing heartache and scandal up close But one night at the club her whole world changed From the bestselling author of Irrevocable comes an adrenaline packed series where two worlds collide in pain, pleasure, lust, and danger Paradise Tempted The Beginning L.B Dunbar Books Advanced Search Today s Deals New Releases Charts Best Sellers More The Globe Mail Best Sellers New York Times Best Sellers Best Books of the Month Children s Books Textbooks Kindle Books Audible Paradise Tempted The Beginning Scopri Paradise Tempted The Beginning di L.B Dunbar spedizione gratuita per i clienti Prime e per ordini a partire da spediti da . PDF Paradise Tempted The Beginning Paradise Download paradise tempted the beginning paradise stories ebook free in PDF and EPUB Format paradise tempted the beginning paradise stories also available in docx and mobi Read paradise tempted the beginning paradise stories online, read in mobile or Kindle. PDF Download Paradise Tempted The Beginning paradise tempted the beginning paradise stories Download Book Paradise Tempted The Beginning Paradise Stories in PDF format You can Read Online Paradise Tempted The Beginning Paradise Stories here in PDF, EPUB, Mobi or Docx formats.

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    Great prequel to Cain and Sofie's relationship:) Loved it allwell, except for the ending:( LOL Now onto the actual book!

    With Paradise Tempted: The Beginning, L.B. Dunbar already has me completely hooked on the Paradise series! This prequel novella packs a powerful punch, delivering intrigue, drama, and heartfelt emotion in a way that has me desperately in need of the rest of this series. In such a short span of time, I found myself wholly invested in Sofie and Cain. Their undeniable connection and instant chemistry had me swooning as L.B. Dunbar introduced these enticing characters and their complicated world. So [...]

    After devouring Cain's brother Abel's story, and being intrigued by the backstory of Cain and Sofie, reading this book was really a no brainer. And now that I've devoured this ditty the same way, all I'm left with is wanting even more. This story delivered on everything I was wondering with the hints laced throughout Paradise Fought. Why Cain seemed to be invested in Sofie, what brought them to the point they're at in that book. It was fantastic. The Garden of Eden reference here, especially wit [...]

    I have had the privilege of reading getting to read Paradise Tempted by LB Dunbar. I am so excited to know this is the beginning of a great new series by this author. Cain and Sofie's story is equal parts sexy, sweet, hot, and in the end devastating. I've not read a lot of fighter books but in this series it looks like the fighting will not only take place in the ring. Cain is hiding in the aftermath of a fatal fight. He chooses an inn in the Napa Valley. Waking up with the shy Sofie and assumin [...]

    The sweetest uncontrollable temptaionThis is a story which verifies the saying "Opposites attract" MMA fighter, Cain Callahan goes crazy for a pre-med student, Sofie Vincentia, who is NOTHING like any of the women he had ever met before. She has him wanting things he never thought he wanted! Things get a little (or should I say a whole lot!) out of hand in one frenzied drunken night. What happens? Well.Read this prequel novella to "Paradise Found" and find out! All I can say is that I am so look [...]

    The BeginningA short little opening into who Cain is and what happened to start his journey. As I have already read Cain I would highly recommend reading this short before jumping into his story.

    I was hooked from the very beginning! One crazy drunken night lead to a lot more than I expected. It was short but sweet and steamy. WOW! The way it ended. Thank Heavens this is the prequel to a series. I need more!

    ---She would cleanse my soul, and I would turn hers black. This was a really short read, a lead up into Cains story. He's mysterious, sexy and has a secret. One that he doesn't want Sofie finding out about, one that could destroy her if she got to close to him. But that didn't stop him from wanting her. And in a drunken stupor he does something stupid and now her life will be changedif she only knew the truth. Sofie just met Cain but feels an intense attraction to him right away. She can't reall [...]

    Garden of EdenWhen one lost soul finds comfort. Paradise Tempted, is a remarkable story of two people finding one another. When the demons of the past rear its head the couple are torn apart. In many ways readers can relate to these characters.

    I found this to be entirely cliched. The whole Cain and Abel, garden of Eden, temptation thing is really over done and if just came off as cheesy. There were a lot of clumsy sentences and the characters were all stereotypes. It is beyond me why the ratings are so high for this book.

    I'm a huge fan of LB Dunbar, and I have already read Abel, the first book in the series and fell in love with him! He's sweet, loving, and fiercely loyal. Cain is rougher around the edges, but he is just as fiercely loyal as Abel is. As I read the story, it became evident the brothers may not be so different from one another as I thought. Cain just hides behind his fame. Paradise Tempted: The Beginning was “pure paradise.” Cain aka Cobra, an MMA fighter, has fled to an inn at a beautiful vin [...]

    "They were a refreshing lake and I needed to cleanse my soul."I love Author L. B. Dunbar's books. She could write a cookbook and I'd probably read it. The MMA genre of writing is different from her previous books. However, Paradise Tempted carries the same great style of story telling that I've come to expect from this author. "Her smile was the epitome of sunshine and it melted my cold heart."My anticipation for this novella met every expectation I had. Cain is the bad boy. He is a hot MMA figh [...]

    I really don’t know where to start with this review, I am bombarded with sensations from that story, and because of the nature of it (one short read within many) am dying to find out what happens next! In true LB Dunbar style you are instantly presented with characters who have that unknown element to reel you in. Cain’s starting monologue presents you with a scene that has you wanting more, you need to know how and why things happened. Your introduction to Sofie is just as potent, the charm [...]

    In this prequel novella, we meet Cain Callahan, an MMA fighter who killed his latest opponent in a fight, not long ago. He is trying to get away from everything for a while, especially his father, who is not the greatest of people. He wakes up in a bed, with a girl that he supposed he hooked up with last night, but quickly learns that it’s not as it seems. He spends the day with her, and pieces of his memories of the night before slowly return to him. In a drunken game, they pretended to get m [...]

    I was not sure what I was getting myself into, me reading a book about a fighter? L.B. Dunbar suggested that we read this book first. The next book, will be released on June 6, 2016 and I wanted to be prepared. I was not prepared for how much I would love this book and how much I would need to read about what is going to happen with the lives of Cain and Sofie. While I am waiting for the rest of Cain and Sofie's story, I am going to read about Cain's brother Abel. I love L B Dunbar's use of famo [...]

    What a delightfully alluring read from L.B. Dunbar. I'll admit that after reading Abel's story I was not a fan of Cain. However, in the short time I got to know him here, I fell hard. Mainly because of Sophie and how she opened him up. It was nice seeing a lighter side to the troubled man who is hiding from not just from his father but life. Paradise Tempted is packed full of wit, humor, charm and of course sexiness. And that ending- had me smirking and itching to get more of Cain and Sophie's s [...]

    I have read other books by LB Dunbar and was anxious to read this by her. As I started the book I immediately feel in love with Cain. I love the bad boy types and it was obvious that so did Sophie. LB Dunbar does a wonder job at telling the story of how their story meeting at the vineyard that she worked at. The whole way through the story he feels that he doesn’t believe that he deserves to be with her. It is an awesome read and I makes me want to know more.

    This was sooo good! The story starts with the morning after. But the morning after what? I was completely hooked, and wanted to know exactly what happened. I was completely drawn in, and could not put this story down. Little bits are revealed, as Sofie and Cain unravel the story. It's short, well written, and has some unexpected moments. The characters are well developed for a short story; I hope to see more of them both in future. I have been left wanting more from the fabulous LB Dunbar!

    Awesome Prequel - will have you needing to read more!This is my first L.B. Dunbar book & I am already hooked! This is an awesome prequel to this Paradise series. You get to meet Cain and Sofie in this book all the while setting the tone for the rest of the series. I can't wait to read more about Cain & Sofie, Snake & innocent seductress have a one night stand with a twistis book has a huge cliffhanger that will have you excited about reading the rest of this series.

    I was given and ARC of Paradise Tempted:The Beginning by L.B. Dunbar for a fair and honest review.So Cain.well he is one interesting and deep character i look forward to learning more aboutd Sofie as well. This story starts out more of an aftermath of an evening of wild events that end up with them in bed with each other, but it's not what you would think. They end up entwined in ways you never expectn't wait to read they rest of their story.

    OMG!This book is absolutely amazing!! Paradise Tempted had me hooked from the very beginning. Like the Cobra ready to strike, Cain is all kinds of sexy alpha man with just enough of a soft side that you just want to cuddle him. Sofie is the perfect match for this sexy alpha male, his Achilles heel and his complete weakness without him even realizing. LB Dunbar has done an amazing job of bringing these characters to life.

    Cliffhanger.wait until the release of Cain's story in June 2016! Really intriguing and sexy start of the series, but only a 45 page novella prequel. I knew it was a novella prequel before purchasing, but didn't know about the cliffie with the rest of the story not released yet for these characters. Book 1 (Abel) is already out though. Can't wait for more!!!

    Great intro into the series. Like this story very much. Cain has his demons and finds the peace and innocence of Sophie. Too bad for him that his father practically owns him. They fall in love and think they are pretend married. It is beautiful and the sex hot! As he leaves he finds out the truth but doesn't go back to speak with Sophie. What happens next, hmmmm? 3.5 stars

    Omg I cannot wait for the full novel of Cain and Sofia's story!This was an awesome novella! Ever since I read Paradise Fought I really wanted to know more about Cain, he is such a mystery in that. This book gave me what I wanted but also making me want more! Another awesome read by L.B. Dunbar!

    I really enjoyed this intriguing short story, especially how the story slowly unfolds. Cain and Sophie are interesting characters who meet under unusual circumstances. They are from different walks of life but are great together. This is a terrific story with a surprise ending that'll leave you wanting more of Cain and Sophie.

    Holy cow! That wasn't what I was expecting when it came to Cain and Sofie but I must say that I loved it! I don't particularly like novellas but Paradise Tempted was a great start to their story. This book was such a tease and only made me want to get my hands on Paradise Fought even more.

    I love ALL of LB Dunbar's books, and I knew I would love this one too!!! And man, was I right!!!This story gives us a look into the world of Cain and Sofie. It even gives us extremely passionate & sinfully sexy moments. I loved this a lot and I can't wait for more!!!

    A poetic dance with words 5+Stars!I am quickly becoming addicted to this authors writing.I find she has a very poetic way of writing that you totally escape into her stories.I'm really looking forward to reading all I can from this author.

    A one night stand, that turns into so much more! Cain & Sofie are hot, and sexy but she brings out this sweet side Cain doesn't even know he has. And what an ending! Thank goodness its a prequeland we get more of this couple, I for one can not wait!

    Paradise tempted by LB Dunbar was nothing short of what I expect to read when I pick up one of her books. I love the fun twists and liberties she takes on reinterpreting legends and fables until they become her own. Now she's tackling books of Biblical proportions!

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