Lying in Wait

Lying in Wait

Lying in Wait Sunday Times Top Bestseller Featured in the Richard and Judy Spring Book Club Gone Girl fans will love Liz Nugent s Lying in Wait it twists it turns its characters are utterly despicable and

  • Title: Lying in Wait
  • Author: Liz Nugent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Featured in the Richard and Judy Spring 2017 Book Club Gone Girl fans will love Liz Nugent s Lying in Wait it twists, it turns, its characters are utterly despicable and it is a compulsive triumph StylistFrom the award winning author of the No 1 bestseller, Unravelling Oliver My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but theSunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Featured in the Richard and Judy Spring 2017 Book Club Gone Girl fans will love Liz Nugent s Lying in Wait it twists, it turns, its characters are utterly despicable and it is a compulsive triumph StylistFrom the award winning author of the No 1 bestseller, Unravelling Oliver My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it Lydia Fitzsimons lives in the perfect house with her adoring husband and beloved son There is just one thing Lydia yearns for to make her perfect life complete, though the last thing she expects is that pursuing it will lead to murder However, needs must because nothing can stop this mother from getting what she wants A stunningly talented writer Sophie Hannah The intricate plotting and jolting suspense hold you in a vice till the last page Sunday Times Clear your diary if you pick up this seductively sinister story The twists come together in a superbly scary denouncement which delivers a final sting in the tail Brilliantly macabre Sunday Mirror Brilliant plotting ratchets up the tension in this chilling tale of obsessive love, madness and motherhood Woman Home The wit is sharp and the plot full of punishing twists The Times Crime Club An unputdownable psychological thriller with an ending that lingers long after turning the final page Irish Times An excellent example of Domestic Noir excitement and curiosity mount until you realise you can t put the book down Highly recommended Literary Review A tense, taut, almost gothic thriller where the tension tightens to near unbearable proportions impossible to stop reading A brilliantly written, stand out novel Marian Keyes Deliciously twisted, shot through with dark and acid humour and the denouement is truly chilling Sarah Hilary Liz Nugent s characters are as unforgettably monstrous as they are believable A superbly crafted novel and an absorbing portrait of the purest kind of evil Jane Casey I thought it impossible to match the brilliant Unravelling Oliver, but this Liz has done Not only is her style beautiful, but she keeps the reader on the edge of their seat from page one until the completely unexpected ending I read Lying in Wait in one sitting I just couldn t bear the suspense I absolutely loved it Amanda Redman She writes compellingly, creates posh sociopaths like no one else and doesn t flinch when the end demands what it demands Lying In Wait is a story you genuinely should not miss Rick O Shea, RT

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    I chose this book on the description given by the publisher, I just could not resist it. The first line of the book is a killer, it just draws you into this extraordinary dark and disturbing psychological thriller. It is set in 1980s Dublin. The characters are loathsome, yet you cannot help but want to know more about them. The more you read, the murkier the story becomes, as it delves in depth into the two disparate families. There is the respectable family of the Judge, his wife and son, Laure [...]

    I chose this book based on the description of the cover with this opening line "My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it" I was gravitated to this little baby right away and was anxious to dive right in. I have read many disappointing psychological thrillers over the last couple of months and was thinking that this one would be the same but Liz Nugent did a slam dunk with this psychological thriller.I would have to say it's more of a slow-burning thriller. In [...]

    Liz Nugent's opening line in this twisted and devious page turning mystery certainly creates an impact.My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it.Having loved Liz Nugent's previous novel Unravelling Oliver I was thrilled to get an opportunity to read her latest novel Lying in Wait and I certainly was not disappointed as her plot lines, character development and writing is sharp and vivid and this author certainly knows how to tell a story. I have read a lot of m [...]

    Where do I start with Lying In Wait?! What a book!!! I’m going to keep this short, because it’s all good and I don’t want to ramble on! I knew from the very first line (which is awesome) that I was going to enjoy this book. Once I started, I didn’t want to put it down, it was just such an engaging book! From the characters, to the era to the setting, it is just excellent! Liz Nugent has written a claustrophobic, tense and very unnerving book. I don’t want to go into too much detail bec [...]

    I was super eager to read this after loving Unravelling Oliverso much. How did it compare in my opinion? This new book from Liz Nugent is good, I really enjoyed it but I did not feel it quite had the wow factor that Unravelling Oliver did, nevertheless it's a really good read!A well-respected citizen and his wife get themselves way over their heads in a tangled mess of murder. The killing of a troubled young woman who has sunk down in life with a battle with heroin addiction and selling her body [...]

    “Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.” ----Dorothy AllisonLiz Nugent, an Irish author, has once again captivated the readers' hearts and minds with her new dark psychological thriller, Lying in Wait that revolves around a upper-class reputed family of three, where the parents commit a murder of a prostitute and bury her in their large back garden, and the mother of the family would do anything to protect her innocent son, and the son might do anything to m [...]

    Many thanks to Penguin Books (UK) via NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this bookLiz Nugent’s debut Unravelling Oliver was one of my personal favourite books to read last year. It was also a huge hit with my book club. Eagerly awaiting a second book, I didn’t think that the next offering would quite live up to the fantastic debut, they rarely do, but I was so wrong, Lying in Wait most certainly did and then some.As with Unravelling Oliver, Lying in Wait is a very impressive, s [...]

    Having been a huge fan of Unravelling Oliver I really wanted to see what Liz Nugent would come up with next and that would be this - Lying in Wait. If you thought Oliver was a nightmare wait until you meet LydiaWhat I loved about this, and indeed about Unravelling Oliver, is the very different way the author approaches crime. Here there is no "whodunnit" but more a psychological character study of a group of people involved whether intentionally or otherwise, in murder. With Unravelling Oliver L [...]

    Liz Nugent has a very original approach to psychological thrillers. I don't think this book is a thriller as you know from the start what has happened. But psychological it certainly is. The end is very unsuspected. This tale is extremely well and believably told.

    The first line of this book is superb! It captivates you right away as you wonder just what has happened?Andrew and Lydia Fitzsimons are a married couple who have a teenaged son named Laurence. One night something badly goes wrong and a murder is committed. The story is told in three viewpoints; Lydia, Karen (the victim's sister) and Laurence. This book is total disfunction!! It was a slow building thriller that is completely despairing!!Perfect title too!

    Penguin (UK)Description: An absorbing, twisty, brilliantly observed story of murder in high places. The last people who expect to be meeting with a drug-addicted prostitute are a respected judge and his reclusive wife. And they certainly don't plan to kill her and bury her in their exquisite suburban garden. Yet Andrew and Lydia Fitzsimons find themselves in this unfortunate situation. While Lydia does all she can to protect their innocent son Laurence and their social standing, her husband begi [...]

    Lying in Wait is an insidiously dark psychological thriller and given the far-fetched nature of events, it really shouldn't be as haunting and poignant as it is, but as Liz Nugent charts the inextricable ties that set two very different families on a collision course she deploys three very different narrators who combine to best effect in a truly dark storm. When Lying in Wait opens it isn't hard to imagine just how the respectable Fitzsimmons family come to find themselves rubbing shoulders wit [...]

    "My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle but the lying tramp deserved it" The opening line of the book. I was one sentence in and I already had a little smile on my face. Hoping the rest of the novel had the same impact on me as that superb opening line. The book does indeed start with the murder of drug user and prostitute Annie Doyle by Andrew and Lydia Fitzsimons, a well to do couple, Andrew a court judge and Lydia a rather reclusive home maker, both living in Avalon, Lydia's family home, [...]

    Andrew Fitzsimons was a respected judge while his wife Lydia was a strong and dominant woman, though not one to seek the limelight. She also idolised her son Laurence to the point of obsession. Laurence was their only child and while Lydia had had many miscarriages after his birth, she was still desperate to give him a sibling. The Fitzsimons family lived in a regal old mansion called Avalon; it had been Lydia’s family home and she had never left it, continuing to live there with her father un [...]

    I was really looking forward to reading this as I just loved Unravelling Oliver (so much so that I bid on a signed copy in a charity auction recently!) So I settled down in bed after waking early (noisy birds don't seem to realise the difference between weekdays and weekends!) and I lay and read.d didn't stop until I had finished! I was so caught up in this horrifically dysfunctional family that the pages practically turned themselves in apprehension!This isn't a crime whodunit, although we are [...]

    I really enjoyed, “Unravelling Oliver,” by Liz Nugent, so was delighted to receive her follow-up novel for review. Andrew and Lydia Fitzsimons are an extremely respectable couple; Andrew a judge and Lydia the homemaker, who delights in their detached Georgian house, on an acre of land and in the couple’s only son – Laurence. However, beneath the surface all is not as perfect as it looks, and when Andrew finds himself being blackmailed by a prostitute named Annie Doyle, the couple kill he [...]

    I had seen a lot of favourable reviews about Liz Nugent's works to just had to check it out for myself. I'm so glad I did. This is a terrific debut to an author for me.Lying In Wait is a psychological thriller that sucks you in with one heck of a killer first line. It begins with a young woman being killed by a respectable couple and their covering up of the whole sorry mess. What follows is an exploration into the obsessive, borderline slightly unhinged mind of our main character, Lydia, and th [...]

    My husband did not mean to kill Anne Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it. OMG what an opening line this is and it reels you in.Respected Judge Andrew Fitzsimons and his reclusive wife Lydia are the last people you would expect to. Be meeting a drug -addicted prostitute. They also did not expect to bury her in their garden.Lydia does all she can to protect her son Laurence and their social standing. Will it all fall apart?This is quite a dark, tense thriller which is well written and often had [...]

    This review was originally posted on [Between My Lines]Unravelling Oliver the début novel by Liz Nugent was dark and disturbing so I couldn’t wait to see what she followed that up with it. And the answer is something even darker, even more disturbing and even more unputdownable!  The answer is Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent.  First Line of Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent:  “My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it.”  My Thoughts on Lying in Wait by Liz Nu [...]

    "My Husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it."The opening line of Liz Nugent's second novel packs a punch. The reader gets a glimpse of what is in store and the story starts off with a sprint. Lydia Fitzsimons has it all. A prominent husband, a clever son and a beautiful period property that has been in her family for years. Avalon is her safe haven and she finds no need to venture from its walls. Surrounded by lavish gardens, down a private avenue, she can prote [...]

    "My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it."Liz Nugent writes the best opening lines! Straight away you know she means business. The action kicks off right from the start, and throughout the rest of the story we're trying to unravel the mystery of the dead girl. It's told in multiple POV's, switching by chapter, which is one of my favorite reading styles. I think its great to be able to know what is truly going on with more than one character- being privy to se [...]

    A well-to-do husband and wife want to shake up a young hare-lipped prostitute (who plans to blackmail the man, a judge), but they accidentally kill her instead. They hide the body, where it is unlikely to be found: on their estate. These details are not spoilers; the author reveals them right from the start. The propulsive plot revolves around what the knowledge of the murder does to those who know about it (the couple has a teenaged son who puts two and two together very quickly) and to the fam [...]

    Now I don't know about you, but sometimes just the blurb and the first paragraph of a book is enough for me to know that this is my kind of book and Lying in Wait is certainly "my kind of book!". Lying in Wait is the story of Andrew and Lydia Fitzsimmons and their only son Lawrence. The story starts off with a murder and we know immediately who killed Annie Doyle, but we don't know why. The story is wonderfully narrated through Lydia (OMG mother-from-hell), Lawrence (mollycoddled only son) and K [...]

    “My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it”.Another killer first line from Liz Nugent. As with her debut novel ‘Unravelling Oliver‘ (which I loved), the story starts with a sentence that will immediately hook you in. There are only three narrators – Lydia (the wife), Laurence (Lydia’s son) and Karen (Annie Doyle’s sister) but their first person voices tell a story that will have you scrabbling to turn those pages.The story begins in 1980. Annie Do [...]

    Wow - what a dark, tense, unnerving psychological thriller. I finished it it one sitting, I just couldn't put it down. I enjoyed how the story progressed, following each character's personal journey and how it intertwined with one another. I would highly recommend this book, but be warned that you'll most likely finish with an uneasy feeling.

    A surprisingly enjoyable psychological mystery thriller; not what I expected but riveting all the same. Told through alternate voices, the story follows in the aftermath of the disappearance of Annie as her family, and in particular her sister Karen, try desperately to find out what has happened to her. Meanwhile, local magistrate Andrew and his eccentric wife Lydia are hiding a devastating secret whilst trying to protect their teenaged son from their horrific actions.I truly struggled to put th [...]

    Unravelling Oliver is a book that completely wowed me back in 2014; starting from the killer first line of this assured debut:‘I expected more of a reaction the first time I hit her.’Needless to say I was stupidly excited when news tweeted out that Liz Nugent had a second novel on the way, but excitement tempered by slight apprehension; would the second book ever live up to that eye-opener of a debut?I finally settled down, opened the book and read the first line of Lying In Wait:‘My husba [...]

    My sincere thanks to NetGalley, Liz Nugent and Penguin Books UK for providing an advanced review copy of 'Lying In Wait' in exchange for an honest review. Not many books open with such a grabbing line like "My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it". That sold it for me. I was immediately hooked. The reader is immediately drawn into the lives of Lydia and Andrew Fitzsimons; a seemingly well to do couple. The opening chapter is fantastic - we know that Andrew, a [...]

    4.5 starsI was transfixed from start to finish. I always love alternating first person narratives and these were exceptionally well done. Great book with some really twisted exploration of family dynamics.

    After the success of her debut, Unravelling Oliver, Irish author Liz Nugent brings us her second novel in the form of a crime/drama set in Dublin, Ireland, in the 1980s. Andrew and Lydia are a respectable married couple. Andrew is a judge, and they live at Avalon, a large sprawling home in Cabinteely. They have one son, Laurence. On the surface, they appear to have it all - so it's quite a surprise to open with the line:"My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved i [...]

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