De Koperen Vuist

De Koperen Vuist

De Koperen Vuist Call s zomervakantie lijkt niet op die van andere kinderen Zijn beste vriend is een wolf Brutus genaamd van wie zijn vader vermoedt dat hij kwade bedoelingen heeft Wanneer Call ontdekt dat zijn vade

  • Title: De Koperen Vuist
  • Author: Holly Black Cassandra Clare
  • ISBN: 9789048834730
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Call s zomervakantie lijkt niet op die van andere kinderen Zijn beste vriend is een wolf, Brutus genaamd, van wie zijn vader vermoedt dat hij kwade bedoelingen heeft Wanneer Call ontdekt dat zijn vader hen probeert te vernietigen, vlucht hij naar het Magisterium de school waar kinderen worden opgeleid tot machtige tovenaars Maar daar is het leven niet gemakkelijker alsCall s zomervakantie lijkt niet op die van andere kinderen Zijn beste vriend is een wolf, Brutus genaamd, van wie zijn vader vermoedt dat hij kwade bedoelingen heeft Wanneer Call ontdekt dat zijn vader hen probeert te vernietigen, vlucht hij naar het Magisterium de school waar kinderen worden opgeleid tot machtige tovenaars Maar daar is het leven niet gemakkelijker als blijkt dat De Alkahest een koperen handschoen die tovenaars van hun magie scheidt is gestolen In hun zoektocht naar de dader, trekken Call en zijn vrienden Aaron en Tamara de aandacht van gevaarlijke vijanden, en komen ze steeds dichter bij de waarheid.

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    I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this, and I can assure you this sequel is even stronger than The Iron Trial. It’s hard to review without giving spoilers for the first book, but let’s just say Callum Hunt has a lot to think about. Some of the things he’s found out about himself, his family and the Magisterium have left him reeling. Even the companionship of his new “pet” wolf Havoc (a fabulous character) can’t console him as he prepares for his second year at the Magisteriu [...]

    The first half was a bit slow, but I LOVE how this series is progressing! Both books so far have had unexpected twists and amped up the stakes for the next installment. I did prefer The Iron Trial to this book, but overall I'm really enjoying this series and I can't wait for the next one!

    4 Stars! I really enjoyed this sequel, I liked it better than book one!I think back in 2015 when I first readThe Iron Trial , I was a very immature reader and I didn’t allow myself to fully engage with a non-Shadowhunters books from Cassie Clare. Obviously, these works are very different in every way and both good for their own reasons!The Copper Gauntlet pulled me in from the very beginning! It was easy to jump back into this world with these characters even though it’s been 2 years since I [...]

    3.5 stars.Of course, this is no ‘‘The Mortal Instruments.’’ It doesn’t even compare. It’s not even some middle grade version of it with some elements changed. Not at all. So it’s no wonder that, even though I do adore Cassandra Clare, I’m not exactly in love with this series. To tell you the truth, I did not enjoy the first book exactly, because of all the similarities to Harry Potter.But this sequel helped the series redeem itself to me. I liked the mix of fantasy/magic and myst [...]

    I really wanted to love this, but IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME. Not even a little bit. Which is such a gargantuan disappointment for me because I adore both Holly Black AND Cassandra Clare astronomical amounts. Apparently, just not together. (dangit) In my review of The Iron Trial (my review here) I did say I thought it had a lot of Harry Potter influences, but now? The deviations are BARELY there. I honestly felt like I was rereading some version of Harry Potter. And not just because of the whole "ma [...]

    3.5.Un aumento de calidad en cuanto a trama y construcción de personajes respecto a la primera parte, pero algo corta y con una acción muy limitada, aunque con un ritmo mucho más dinámico y mejores diálogos. Una segunda parte que consigue introducirte por completo en la saga y que hace desear saber más a la de ya.Pese a haber abandonado durante unos días la lectura de El guante de cobre, Clare y Black tienen una pluma mágica y consiguieron que leyera un setenta por ciento de la novela en [...]

    Oh God, where do I begin? Mi ricordo ancora l'esaltazione che ho provato quando Cassandra Clare e Holly Black hanno annunciato la serie del Magisterium e rammento ancora meglio e con più calore la forte emozione che ho provato quando ho finito di leggere il primo capitolo della serie. Ero entusiasta e non vedevo l'ora di prendere in mano il secondo, che ero sicura avrei amato. Volevo davvero che mi piacesse, ma non è stato così.La storia di Callum Hunt ha avuto reazioni molto controverse fin [...]

    5 stars!!!“The end is closer than you think, Makar.” –WarrenYeah! Cassandra Clare and Holly Black did not disappoint!5 STARS B****es! SO GOOD! I LOVE IT!*MC’s Corner*Note: Spoilers.• The Copper Gauntlet is more adventurous than The Iron Trial. I liked that they went outside the Magisterium. (I know it’s against the rules.) I also this one is more fun.• My only gripe on this book is that it’s too short… I mean much as I love it, I kinda wanted. I waited a year. Duh!• I wish th [...]

    This review can also be found on my blogR A M B L E Wow, what a book. I was sucked in almost instantly. The beginning for this was such a bigger bang than the first book. There were flat parts, but since it is only an incredibly short novel I was completely enthralled and involved with the world. The Copper Gauntlet definitely displays a different kind of story to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson (sorry for the comparison), it definitely strays completely away from the belief that this series [...]

    Der erste Band konnte mich nicht vollends überzeugen & ich war mir sogar noch unsicher, ob ich Band 2 überhaupt lesen werde Gut, dass ich mich dafür entschieden habe! Es war grandios! Magisch, unheimlich & super spannend! Mich konnte dieses Buch absolut in seinen Bann ziehen! <3

    Chapter-by-chapter review on my blog, the Snark Theater.Okay. This book just managed to disappoint me, which is pretty impressive considering that 1) I had zero expectations going in and 2) it actually does improve on its predecessor on some levels. Well, one level.That being the book's plot. We have a focused plot, which is actually driving the events happening in the book from almost the entirety of it! Sure, there is a moment in the middle where things kind of stagnate, but as a whole, the pl [...]

    5 Stars The Copper Gauntlet may have been short but it was jam packed full of action and mystery that wouldn't let me put this book down. The Magisterium series definitely has a Harry Potter feel to it in that's there's a magical school, three main good characters, a chosen one and an evil being. But it has so many differences that make it stand apart in a good way! Havok has to be my favourite character - I want him as a pet! Jasper has proved he's not an ass and I even like his character now. [...]

    I seem to be in the minority here, but I really struggled with this one. I found it incredibly slow, it only really got going from page 200 onwards and I have a strong dislike for the main character Call.To he honest I wish the series had been written from Tamara's perspective. That way we could have the complexities of the relationships, her feelings (or not) for Aaron and her doubts/loyalty to Call, as well as her family and the intricaties of the Assembly and mage world. From Call's perspecti [...]

    Der zweite Band hat mir noch besser gefallen als der erste, deshalb auch mehr Sterne! Ein tolles Abenteuer und interessantes Ende

    Solidno. Prava akcija počinje negde posle 90. stranice, te se ostatak priče čita u jednom dahu.

    Yeah, sure the Harry Potter vibes are there, but I still think this is a solid middle grade series. My only complaint would be that these two badass authors know how to really make sh*t go down, so I'd like maybe a little more action.Other than that, I'm digging the series. The concept is great and the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" magic system is hella cool. Magic has been done a million times over in a million different ways and yet they make it seem fresh and new to me.Also, I would like to sa [...]

    2,5 Sterne oder so!?Also ich weiß ehrlich nicht, wie ich das Buch bewerten soll. Es fällt mir einfach unglaublich schwer, weil ich die Geschichte eigentlich sehr gern gelesen habe, was einfach am Schreibstil der beiden Autorinnen liegt. Sie wissen halt, wie man die Leser fesselt und wie man Charaktere schafft, die greifbar sind und mit denen man mitfiebert. Außerdem Mordo aka Havoc <3 LIEBE xDUnd den Konflikt, der durch den Twist am Ende des ersten Bandes entstanden ist, hat hier für inte [...]

    Before reading:I absolutely need this book in my possession. I am in love with this series! ;) Update: Oh my! What a intriguing cover! It makes me wonder if this one is going to be dark! Dark and fanciful!After reading: (may contain spoilers, you have been warned)--So let's start at the beginning. When I opened this book I was thrilled. I am in love with this middle-grade series. The Copper Gauntlet started off very dark. Callum had a very difficult situation he had to run away from (literally). [...]

    No me quejo de nada de este libro, en absoluto. Ni de su trama, ni de sus personajes Nada. Sólo del hecho de que quizás, para mí, al principio fue algo lento (aunque creo que pudo haber influido el formato en el que lo estaba leyendo, porque es primera vez que decido leer en digital y en mi teléfono).Aún así, me sorprende cuánto me enganchó este libro de principio a fin, y cómo se fue tornando interesante cada vez más, y si bien no es un libro en el que pasen tantas cosas (me refiero a [...]

    3.5 starsIt was ok. I liked it, but it didn't surprised me in any way. There were no wow moments or something that kept me on the edge of my seat. I still liked it and I will continue with the series. People say it gives some Harry Potter vibes and it does but I don't mind them, but all in all it's a great story as it is I still feel that sometimes it need some more action and moments that make your heart skip a beat, but I will see were the story leads and how things develop. The series it's st [...]

    Eu estava muito empolgado pra essa sequência mas achei ela bem inferior ao primeiro livro. Acho que o grande problema foi a falta de mágica.Aqui nesse livro pouca coisa acontece dentro do Magisterium, e os protagonistas vão pra uma aventura fora da escola, numa caminhada longa r muito chata atrás de um objeto desaparecido. Parece essas coisas que Rick Riordan escreve sabe? Continuo gostando dos personagens, vou ler os próximos livros com certeza, mas esse aqui me decepcionou um pouco.

    Ich schwanke zwischen 3,5 und 4 Sternen Habe etwas mehr erwartet Celia ist soo niedlich haha Und das als Nebencharakter :)

    Well, my hands are tired and I'm struggling to think of anything important to say. Instead, I'll just let the fans have a little fight with me. *takes deep breath* Here we go. Fans: Well, well, well. Look what Havoc dragged in. Me: Please don't ever say that again. I think I'd eat myself if you did. Fans: That's physically impossible, just so you know. Once you ate your legs, then you'd probably die. Also, wouldn't you get full halfway through? And where exactly would you begin - bottom to top o [...]

    3.5 stars My kids loved this second installment, and I really enjoyed it too! Things definitely heated up and got more complicated. I love the friendship between Call, Tamara, and Aaron, and have a feeling that it is going to be heavily tested in the books to come.

    writingisfunbooks.wordpress.cЗнам, че и други книги си чакаха реда, ама не се сдържах и почнах втората част от поредицата "Магистериум".За пореден път се убедих, колко добре се сработват тандемът Холи Блек - Касандра Клер. И за пореден път ми взеха ума с тази част - с историята, с развитието [...]

    I am currently participating in Cram-a-Thon because it is the best excuse to read as much as possible. This is one of the short books that I planned on reading. And I am so glad that I read this book, it was really good. “Fancy meeting you here” This book is about a boy named Callum Hunt whose father always made him avoid magic. Anything to do with magic was something forbidden. When there was an Iron Trial that took place, many students were desperate to pass in order to get into the Magist [...]

    divabooknerd/2015/11/mThe Magisterium series had drawn similarities to the Harry Potter series, a boarding school for magicians slash mages who are fighting against the evil of the world, but with enough differences to stand on it's own merits. Both The Iron Trial and The Copper Gauntlet are fantastic middle grade reads that explore a boarding school for teens known as the Magisterium, where children with magical abilities are chosen to hone their skills as mages, training for a war against thei [...]

    So schnell habe ich selten Bücher beendet & genau das macht den zweiten Band der Magisterium Reihe aus. Es ist so spannend, manchmal regten mich einige Charaktere auf, aber das gehört wohl einfach dazu.Ich bin so gespannt, wie es weitergehen wird. Leider muss ich noch einige Zeit warten, bis der dritte Band als Taschenbuch draussen ist :(Aber umso mehr Grund zur VORFREUDE! Aaron <3

    Well, that was a disappointment. In my review of the Iron Trial, I said that I hoped the second book would be better. Unfortunately it wasn't, it was actually worse, and that is seriously disappointing. This book was just one big illogical emotionless smushed together story. If this is meant to be the modern Harry Potter, it is failing.

    There are still so many HP parallels, but I think the series is also taking on a more Percy Jackson feel because of the whole 'quest' thing.

    I must try to remember that this was a middle grade book. And I did try to remind myself this countless times while reading it but, you know what, I don't care what age group this book was written for. It's ridiculous and instead of spending time reading it, you should just go and re-read Harry Potter instead. I can't even compare this series to Harry Potter any more because J K Rowling wrote in a much more sophisticated and adult way than Clare and Black do in The Copper Gauntlet. It's frustrat [...]

    fun quick read, again hard to not make HP comparisons throughout the book.I'd say this one was pretty on par with the first book. It didn't expand a lot of the world, or the magic system like I hoped it would haveere was some nice character development in this world, and again great reveals at the end of the book.Im definitely curious to see how the series will continue!

    Diciamo che è più un 3.5 e non un 4! In generale mi è piaciuto ma alcune cose non andavano e boh, sono sicura però il che il terzo si riprenderà, ci sono un sacco di cose adesso in mezzo e non ho idea di come potrebbe proseguire! Il primo per ora resta il mio preferito!

    The Copper Gauntlet is the second book in the Magisterium series. We rejoin Call as he is on the summer break from the Magisterium where he had just completed his first year of study of magic known as the Iron year and is soon to return for his Copper year. Unfortunately Call's father seems to have some shady plans set for Call and doesn't want him to return forcing Call to run away. The authors do a wonderful job of quickly catching the reader up with the story and what had happened in the prev [...]

    Sinceramente era migliore il primo libro.L'ho difeso strenuamente l'ultima volta dicendo che Magisterium non era una copia di Harry Potter, se non altro perché la scuola di magia in questi libri non è pervenuta. Si, loro ci studiano ma a parte questo avete visto qualcosa che ricordi anche solo vagamente la magia e l'atmosfera di Hogwarts? io no, proprio non ci siamo. Ma devo rimangiarmelo, un sacco di cose copiate da Harry Potter qui ci sono.E' inutile dire che non è stata JK Rowling ad inven [...]

    I think this one narrowly missed the infamous second-book-slump. It lacks that wonderful twist from the first book, of course. It also feels like the story arc too closely mirrors that of the first book (and also Harry Potter). In essence, something happens at home, they go to school for a while, and then something bigger happens when they should be in school and then it is the end.But like I said, it narrowly missed that dreaded slump. Callum wrestles with the concepts of good and evil, and ind [...]

    • 3,5 Sterne •Habe auch etwas mehr erwartet, vor allem die erste Hälfte ist ziemlich schleppend und langweilig? Aber dann war es am Ende doch noch spannend und es waren wieder einige WTF-Momente vorhanden, zuuuuum Glück. Der 1. Teil hat mir trotzdem besser gefallen, einfach weil insgesamt ein bisschen mehr los war. Was ich aber nicht verstehe ist warum alle Call und Jasper shippen. Hab ich da irgendwas verpasst? :DUPDATE (nach 5 Stunden oder so :D):Habe mich spontan nochmal umentschieden, [...]

    I love how this series is progressing!!I still think it happens all to fast and withlittle details.Some gaps, but this story hasso much potential! I don't know what to expect of Holly Black (never read any of her books) but knowing Cassandra's writing I'm expecting this series to turn outmind blowing, and heartbreaking amazing at some point. I hope I won't get disappointed. I'm still a bit torn about the characters.My favorite is Aaron for sure but the others I'm not really sure what to say abou [...]

    Very great second book in a series! It was just as action-packed as the first and it definitely was shorter. There was a long gasp from me at the end of this book. Just when I thought everything was going to be finer the most part, that really surprised me. Overall, 5 out of 5 stars.

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