The Velveteen Daughter

The Velveteen Daughter

The Velveteen Daughter The Velveteen Daughter reveals for the first time the true story of two remarkable women Margery Williams Bianco the author of one of the most beloved children s books of all time The Velveteen Rabbi

  • Title: The Velveteen Daughter
  • Author: Laurel Davis Huber
  • ISBN: 9781631521928
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Velveteen Daughter reveals for the first time the true story of two remarkable women Margery Williams Bianco, the author of one of the most beloved children s books of all time The Velveteen Rabbit and her daughter Pamela, a world renowned child prodigy artist whose fame at one time greatly eclipses her mother s But celebrity at such an early age exacts a great toll.The Velveteen Daughter reveals for the first time the true story of two remarkable women Margery Williams Bianco, the author of one of the most beloved children s books of all time The Velveteen Rabbit and her daughter Pamela, a world renowned child prodigy artist whose fame at one time greatly eclipses her mother s But celebrity at such an early age exacts a great toll Pamela s dreams elude her as she struggles with severe depressions, an overbearing father, an obsessive love affair, and a spectacularly misguided marriage Throughout, her life raft is her mother The glamorous art world of Europe and New York in the early 20th century and a supporting cast of luminaries Eugene O Neill and his wife Agnes Margery s niece , Pablo Picasso, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, and Richard Hughes, author of A High Wind in Jamaica, provide a vivid backdrop to the Biancos story From the opening pages, the novel will captivate readers with its multifaceted and illuminating observations on art, family, and the consequences of genius touched by madness.

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    4.5 starsThe Velveteen Daughter tells the tale of two remarkable women, Margery Williams Bianco and her daughter Pamela Bianco. Margery Williams Bianco is known for writing The Velveteen Rabbit, a children’s picture book familiar to many generations of children, and Pamela Bianco was a renowned child artist who subsequently struggles with severe depression and other debilitating psychiatric illnesses. By and large, it is not a happy story, at least not for Pamela, who battles demons and a lack [...]

    (4.5) The name Margery Williams Bianco might not seem familiar, but chances are you remember her classic children’s book The Velveteen Rabbit. This lovely debut novel is about Margery and her daughter, Pamela Bianco, a painter and child prodigy troubled by mental illness. The main thread of the novel is set on one day in 1944, and the first-person narration alternates with almost every chapter between Margery and Pamela, who through memory and imagination drift back through vivid scenes from t [...]

    “Just one look at her this morning and despair flew into my heart. She had the look I dread, her eyes over bright, shining with that queer mix of euphoria and terror. And she talked incessantly, a very bad sign.” The Velveteen Rabbit was a beautifully tender children’s story, and after reading this gorgeous novel about the author Margery Williams and her gifted daughter Pamela the children’s tale has come to mean much more. Being real hurts terribly. Laurel Davis Huber has taken the true [...]

    The Velveteen Rabbit is a well known and well beloved children's book by Margery Williams Bianco. That Margery's daughter, Pamela, was a child prodigy in art has been forgotten, but a new book by Laurel Davis Huber will soon correct this lapse of collective memory.Huber's novel is compelling and affecting, the story of a girl who yearns for love. As in her mother's book, she seeks the love that will make her 'real'.Margery and Pamela both speak in the novel, with chapters skipping back and forth [...]

    Laurel Davis Huber's debut historical fiction novel investigates Margery Williams Bianco, the author of the world-famous children's book, The Velveteen Rabbit, and her child prodigy artist daughter, Pamela Bianco. Huber gives us us a portrait of two lives, their relationship with each other and the problems they faced, both together and as individual talented women. Read more in my review here. drchazan/2017/07/

    "The consequences for me well, I never considered them at all. Years later - the hospital the kind doctor, Henry - I saw the truth." The Velveteen Daughter, pg.25At four years old, Pablo Picasso declared Pamela Bianco's drawings, "incredible  such commanding for one so young." Picasso wouldn't believe the work had been done by a child, until he sat with Pamela and watched her draw.Laurel Davis, Huber's novel, THE VELVETEEN DAUGHTER (SheWritesPress) tells the story of Pamela Bianco, child pr [...]

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I love it when a book can teach me something new. Like many, I read The Velveteen Rabbit as a kid (full disclosure: the idea of burning all of the boy’s toys and books still leaves me with scars), but I never knew anything about the author, and I certainly knew nothing of her family. Thanks to Laurel Davis Huber’s debut novel, The Velveteen Daughter, this untold story has been brought to light in a read that is compelling, poignant, and downri [...]

    4.5 stars. A delightful novel, exquisitely well-written and well-researched, based on the true story of Margery, the author of the beloved children's book "The Velveteen Rabbit", and her daughter Pamela, who was a talented painter and a child prodigy. Told in short chapters alternating between the points of view of the mother and daughter, this novel pulls the reader into the story from the opening pages. The narrative unfolds in a series of flashbacks, a structure that the author skillfully use [...]

    I had the good fortune to be offered a review copy by the Historical Novel Society, and I've filed my review with them, but suffice to say that I loved this book, which lingers with me still a week after I finished reading it, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in the literature, art and society of the inter-war years, in the nature and handling of child genius, and in mother-daughter relationships - plus of course anyone who knows and loves the classic children's story, The Velveteen [...]

    4.5 stars A compelling read, historical non-fiction with characters who made a strong connection with me. Huber's extensive research brings you insight into two extraordinary people: Margery Bianco, mother and author of a generationally renowned children's book, The Velveteen Rabbit and Pamela Bianco, her daughter, a renowned child prodigy who suffered from major depression with seeming psychotic breaks. Each gives us insight into their lives through very different lenses. The saddest aspect is [...]

    I was lucky enough to win an ARC of The Velveteen Daughter by Laurel Davis Huber from , and I really mean it when I say I was lucky to win that giveaway.The Velveteen Daughter is a lovely, charming book. It’s well-written and gives a wonderful sense of time and place. It’s easily the best book I’ve read all year and one of my favorites ever. It’s not actually released until July 11th, but I highly recommend getting it as soon as it’s available. It’s so very, very good.It tells the st [...]

    Outstanding and what a nice surprise. Had no idea what I had selected at the library and did I luck out. A very well written story of the Velveteen Rabbit author Margery Bianco and her life amid a family and daughter in perpetual turmoil. I was surprised that she didn’t mention that Lorenzo/Larry went on to perform in Fiddler, both Broadway and Hollywood and that he and Pamela died just a few months apart. A well researched historical novel.

    4 1/2 stars. This was a pleasure to read, unfolding in layers often dreamy and poetic, about the lives of Margery Williams Bianco, the author of the Velveteen Rabbit, and Pamela Bianco, her artist daughter. The mother's voice is maternal, the daughter's is sensitive. The author's note shows that she used primary sources and conducted extensive research. Highly recommend.

    First rate historical novel that tells the story of Pamela Bianco, a talented artist and troubled woman lost to time told through alternating chapters by Pamela and her mother Margery Williams Bianco, the author of the much-loved Velveteen Rabbit. This is a story of mental illness, genius, how families can sustain while simultaneously harming. It is filled with art and passion and makes you wonder how you never heard the story before.

    Laurel Davis Huber writes the relationship between Margery Williams Bianco author of The Velveteen Rabbit and her daughter troubled artistic prodigy Pamela.

    The Velveteen Daughter (2017) Laura Davis Huber - OMG wonderful story, an absolute MUST READ biographical fiction! Each chapter is told in the voice of the two protagonists, Margery Bianco (successful writer of children's lit including The Velveteen Rabbit) and daughter Pamela (famous artistic prodigy) chronicling the familial turmoil with genius instability and the creation of outstanding art. Writing is stupendous! 4 1/2 Stars.

    I have rarely been so angry with an author/editor combo. I was looking forward to reading a somewhat fictionalized tale of two really extraordinary people. "The Velveteen Rabbit" has long been my favorite children's book. Pamela Bianco's art has always touched a responsive chord in me. So, to see what could have been a marvelous work butchered by a style of writing that results in a hodge-podge, mish-mash, fetid swamp of non-linear leaping from character to character within non-consecutive, spor [...]

    i enjoyed the subject matter of this book much more than the prose and format. The characters were somewhat predictable. I question the author's choice of 2-3 page chapters; it was distracting. I did enjoy the expose' at the end where the author explains exactly what was based on fact, and what she made up.

    The way Huber weaves fact with fiction is brilliant. This book was a difficult read due to the mental illness Pamela grappled with all her life, which made the narrative disjointed and sad. I realize that is the point, but a difficult read all the same.

    Margery Williams Bianco is still revered today as the author of the children's classic, The Velveteen Rabbit; for her artist daughter, Pamela, a child prodigy, fame was more fleeting, and she is today pretty much forgotten. Pamela's father, Francesco, arranged the first exhibit for the pre-teen in Turin, Italy. By the time she was thirteen and her work was featured at a gallery in London, the girl was a celebrity. Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney brought the Bianco family to Greenwich Village, where [...]

    The Velveteen Daughter is beautifully written novel based on the true story of Margery Williams Bianco, author of The Velveteen Rabbit, the beloved children’s book, her husband, Francesco and their brilliant daughter, Pamela —who was a child art prodigy. Alternating between Margery and Pamela’s voice, Laurel Davis Huber’s debut novel fascinates readers with a glimpse of the dynamic and innovative creativity of the art movement in 1920s Europe and America, while exploring issues of love a [...]

    History may always remember Margery Williams as the author of The Velveteen Rabbit but who of us knows of her daughter, Pamela Bianco? It was Pamela whose fame came first as a small child of eleven years when Pablo Picasso first sees a piece Pamela drew when she was just four. It was from this day in her life, the day she met Picasso, that her life was no longer her own. It wasn’t because Picasso took over Pamela’s life, it was her father who exploited his daughter’s rare genius. Pamela’ [...]

    Four and a half stars. I grew up loving The Velveteen Rabbit. Even now, it quite literally brings me to tears. So, when I saw this historical fiction, I was curious to learn about the author. The Velveteen Daughter follows the lives of Margery Williams Bianco, her daughter Pamela. Pamela was a world-renowned artist discovered due to her father entering her in a show when she was very young. Her instant fame and the pushing of her father played key roles in her life, as do her intense bouts with [...]

    I will admit that I had never given it a thought as to what the lives are like for authors. When you finally get to read about what they went through, it's amazing that anyone would be able to not only think and idea, but put that idea in motion and create. This was an enjoyable and eye opening read into the world of Margery and Pamela Bianco. I remember my mother reading the Velveteen Rabbit when I was little (and watched it? Wasn't there a movie????). I haven't read that book in years, but am [...]

    I don't hand out five stars very easily. :) I loved this book. I was endeared to Pamela and Margery. I obviously was familiar with Margery Williams but not Pamela. I love books about people who had an impact on our culture but whom we may not know even existed. I'm so glad this book was written. I plan to do more research on Pamela. I feel for her and her battles with mental illness and the fact her mother was there for her through it all reminded me of my mom. For me, this book really showed wh [...]

    I met the author at a Pulpwood Queens Girlfriends Weekend, where her fabulous novel was chosen as one of the book club official selections, and after reading it, I'm not at all surprised. In fact, I can't wait until her next book is available. In alternating chapters of perspective, the author gets into the hearts and minds of her protagonists with such remarkable depth and feeling, that I felt I wasn't reading historical fiction at all, but the actual entries into the personal diaries of these [...]

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