Dragonworld IT WAS AN ADVENTURE BEYOND HIS WILDEST DREAMS Amsel the inventor was a shy quiet man happy to be left alone with his experiments Then one day a small child was killed while flying Amsel s tiny glid

  • Title: Dragonworld
  • Author: Byron Preiss Michael Reaves Joseph Zucker
  • ISBN: 9780553010770
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • IT WAS AN ADVENTURE BEYOND HIS WILDEST DREAMS.Amsel the inventor was a shy, quiet man, happy to be left alone with his experiments Then one day, a small child was killed while flying Amsel s tiny glider, and the people of Fandora accused him of the deed Driven into self exile, Amsel sets sail for mysterious Simbala, a land of billowing windships and a city within a foresIT WAS AN ADVENTURE BEYOND HIS WILDEST DREAMS.Amsel the inventor was a shy, quiet man, happy to be left alone with his experiments Then one day, a small child was killed while flying Amsel s tiny glider, and the people of Fandora accused him of the deed Driven into self exile, Amsel sets sail for mysterious Simbala, a land of billowing windships and a city within a forest It is here that Amsel seeks an answer to the child s murder, but finds himself instead on an incredible journey to a long forgotten land where legends are real, nightmares are born.An epic quest through three memorable lands, illustrated with over eighty pages of fantastic illustrations.

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    I really hate the feeling when I can hardly wait to read a book and turns out to be a big disappointment. It was the same with The Hobbit and LOTR. The story starts promising, despite the tragic event: 2 children are killed by a dragon and town’s folks believe it was the sorcerers from next land, Simbala, who did it, so they plan to go to war. Pretty interesting setup, but the writing killed all the excitement: got to 15% and nothing happened besides the squabbling between the locals. Then the [...]

    I will try to give this long book the long book review it deserves. Last year, I was desperately searching the shelvs of my local library's spring book sale. My brother claimed he saw a bearded man walk out with ALL the fantasy books in the entire place. My brother and I were deeply disappointed and angry. We loved and still love fantasy. How could that man have taken all of the fantasy books? Surely not.At last I found one that looked promising.DRAGONWORLD. I was filled with curiosity. Would th [...]

    My mother gave this book to me one Christmas many years ago while I was still in college. I remember that she was pretty proud of herself for indulging my appetite for fantasy literature. This book, along with several others made for one of my most memorable Christmas gifts.I read much of the book on the plane back to Salt Lake City. I hate flying and it made the journey a lot less painful. 30+ years later I still remember much of the story and can see the images that played across my imaginatio [...]

    I finally finished Dragonworld yesterday, and I took the remainder of the day to digest it. This was a truly well-written fantasy novel with all the right pieces to the puzzle. The heroes (there are several) were flawed and real, the villians (there were also several) were sympathetic and entirely three-dimensional. The plot was large enough to fill the space without getting out of hand or too mired in itself to enjoy.In the end, it was a perfect self-contained epic fantasy which left the door o [...]

    Despite the oddly generic title, Dragonworld is a deep, unique fantasy story of a quality to rival the modern fantasy greats.Dragonworld revolves around a largely meaningless war between two nations, magical Simbala and rural Fandora, sparked by a tragic misunderstanding and an ancient mystery. At the heart of this lie a lonely, brave hermit with a heart of gold; a grief-wracked, furious father; and an enigmatic, misunderstood danger.On the eve of total defeat Fandora goes to aid of Simbala, who [...]

    I first read this novel about 15 years ago and always wondered why it was never reprinted. It is a well-told tale, enjoyable to read, and in a style reminiscent of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The characters interact well together and there is excellent depth to them. It is not predictable nor does it fit into the tight little cliched fantasy that is so prevalent today. If you want a solid fantasy read, this is a pretty good one.

    If I were 12, maybe this would be cool. But I'm not, and life's too short to waste on stuff like this, so I'm moving on with my life without finishing it. Maybe one day if I'm bored or braindead, I'll come back to it.

    What a load of crap.I saw this in a thrift shop and thought the cover looked like a classic fantasy tale, a la Tolkien. I was intrigued so I looked for reviews, and when I saw so many positive ones with a 4 star average, I was excited to start.How the hell did this get a 4 star average?! Why did you guys do this to me?!I'll start with two positive points to be more, kind? gentle? optimistic?1. There are drawings throughout this book, and they are really cool. They were drawn by Joe Zucker, the s [...]

    This was an old favorite from my childhood. I found it in great shape at a used bookstore and snatched it up. Keen to read it for both nostalgia and research (I am writing a fantasy series), I plunged right in."Dragonworld" is an epic fantasy that tells the story of a war between the agrarian nation of Fandora and the advanced society of Simbala. When two Fandoran children are mysteriously killed, the Simbalans are blamed and the confederacy of farmers is quick to take up arms. Though Simbala ca [...]

    I picked up this book many, many years ago from a church's White Elephant sale (back when I was a kid), and was quite happy with it, but then again I tore through any book that involved dragons back then :) Recently I had the desire to go back and reread it.It holds up moderately well, but coming back to it older and more well-read, I can see its flaws more clearly--particularly, it suffers from a great deal of head-hopping, shifting points of view sometimes two or three times on a single page. [...]

    I bought this book (the Spanish edition) in 1989, at the annual book festival in my hometown in Spain. I was only 11 and it was the first fantasy book I read. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful illustrations, the dragons and one of the main characters. It changed my life forever. After I read this book, I started reading fantasy and nowadays I still enjoy the genre. My book has traveled and lived with me in four cities in three countries, and today it's still on my bookshelf. I can't [...]

    Recuerdo que compré este libro, nada más salir la edición en español en 1989, en una feria del libro de mi ciudad natal, Málaga. Tenía 11 años por entonces, y fue el primer libro de fantasía que leí. Recuerdo que me encantaron las ilustraciones, y me enamoré de los dragones y de Viento de Halcón, uno de los personajes principales. El libro ha vivido conmigo en cuatro ciudades de tres países, y ahora, casi 30 años después, estoy esperando a que mi hijo sea lo suficientemente mayor p [...]

    Johan is a young boy living in one of the farming villages of Fandora. One day he steals a glider designed by his friend, the reclusive inventor Amsel. He is killed mysteriously, but his father Jondalrun believes the culprit to be Simbala, the wealthy country across the water, ruled by the controversial Hawkwind. Jondalrun leads his country to declare war upon the Simbalese. Meanwhile, Amsel has decided that he must discover the truth of what happened to Johan and journeys further than he ever d [...]

    Fin da subito sappiamo quale mistero si cela dietro le morti dei bambini, ma non per questo il libro risulta meno piacevole.Non vedevo l'ora di arrivare al "Punto d'Incontro", ovvero le pagine in cui finalmente Simbalesi e Fandoriani si sarebbero incontrati e scontrati.La visione dei Draghi e dei Dragoni di questo libro è "innovativa", tanto quanto lo può essere un libro di oltre 30 anni :)Spoiler e domande varie che mi sono posta!Ho solo quale dubbio che non si è risolto con l'avanzare della [...]

    Read this as a teenager & enjoyed it immensely. Loved the world he created & how he explored the different cultures & politics of his world. And of course I loved the Dragon!

    Dragon world was a well written and engaging story. The characters were fleshed out and had real strengths and flaws. I was able to understand the why and reason behind the actions of each character. That alone garners the four stars. Then we get to the illustrations inside. Absolutely amazing black and white pictures cover the whole page every so many pages. What a nice break up within the chapters! I was unaware of the fact that this was illustrated as I totally judged this book by its name an [...]

    To be honest, it's actually a pretty decent book, but the title is misleading and leaves you expecting something a bit different. So, here are a few suggestions for alternate titles which are way more honest:- Byron Preiss' Series of Unfortunate Events (Because of Stupid Decisions Made by Stupid People)Honestly, not all of them are idiots, some of them are ambitious. This still leads to the same result of a "certain" misunderstanding escalating unnecessarily.- There Will be DragonsBut only at th [...]

    This book hit as children book first. I even though that main character will be a child. But this wasn't a case surprisingly. While it is not an entirely horrible story it is very childish and naive. It seems that every character in the book, there are only a few exceptions, is a child. You can see it in their behavior, motivation and the way they express themselves. As a result, the reasons for the main conflict in the story is so stupid it hard to believe. The story and plot will be quite good [...]

    I remember reading this book & being so drawn in. At 1st it was a little slow for my taste but it was never boring. I got this book Free in a box of books that were donated but not sold for the charity drive from the VFW while I was in HS. They gave them to me as a gift for working there unpaid that summer. I took almost all of the books that had not sold. I bet I missed out on some that I left behind. But I will say this. EVERY single book I got that I have read was a great or really good b [...]

    Incredibly written! It was not at all what I was expecting from the title or the synopsis. Rather than being about the dragons, the main story focuses on the people of two separate countries and how they are affected by the actions of the creatures. While it is a wonderfully intricate story, it is not complex or confusing. The characters work wonderfully off each other and they stay true to who they are. It is a long book, but certainly never boring.

    Such a striking feat of world building! Fantasy of the late '70s and early '80s seems so original - I guess it was a second golden age, if you will. It's rare to find a fantasy novel, especially a stand alone, tht could go head to head with these books. (Unless we talk about Kage Baker and Brandon Sanderson, two cuts far above the rest).

    The book started off pretty slow, with a lot of background on main and minor characters until about page 200. Then the book picked up pace towards the main conflict. The book then took up a run by splitting between four or five different points of view. From there, it was an all out sprint to the endd it was worth all the effort. Great book. Worth adding to the permanent collection.

    Wenn der Name Byron Preiss auftaucht, nehme ich ja meistens schon reißaus. Zu diesem Buch wurde ich gewissermaßen gezwungen, und – na gut, so schlecht ist es gar nicht. Es liest sich durchgehend nett und unterhaltsam, und wenn es vorbei ist, fragt man sich schon ein bisschen, warum das jetzt eigentlich sein musste.

    Thoroughly delightful! I enjoyed the bit of war equals bad morality play, loved the concept of windships and was entranced by many of the players in this lovely fantasy. The artwork throughout was simply lovely. Five of five for this one!

    The illustrations (pen and ink style) in this book are very well done and are a nice addition to the story. The book, while not one of my favorites, was still compelling and I found myself wanting to read just a little more in order to find out what would happen next.

    This is a fantasy novel (complete with dragons) comparable to The Hobbit or The LOTR. There are numerous quests happening in tandem to start and ultimately end a war. This isn't filled with bloodshed so it makes for an easy read. I really enjoyed it.

    An amazing book! Awesome plot, story, characters and description. The way that the book is written is unique and that adds to the richness of the story! A highly recommended book that will keep you on your toes and wanting more!

    I discovered this book in my high school's library, just as my thirst for dragons was starting to bloom.I found the story to be wonderfully thought out and very interesting. The illustrations were an interesting feature, and all well placed and effective.

    Like eating a Super Lemon. Pages and pages of people being stupid but covered with a thin layer of interesting premise.

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