Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire An expanded version of Ring of Fire originally published by Zoland Books Boston This full length collection includes individual lyric poems as well as a previously published chapbook Sea Lyric

  • Title: Ring of Fire
  • Author: Lisa Jarnot
  • ISBN: 9781844710072
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • An expanded version of Ring of Fire, originally published by Zoland Books, Boston, 2001 This full length collection includes individual lyric poems as well as a previously published chapbook Sea Lyrics and a new collaborative piece Dumb Duke Death with illustrations by Jennifer Jarnot.

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      197 Lisa Jarnot
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      Posted by:Lisa Jarnot
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    Lovely collection. I first discovered this book a few years ago and did not like it because I felt it was too random. But now I can appreciate the poet's style and it is one of my favorites. Each line contains a surprise, yet each poem as a whole evoke a sense of sadness and deep emotion. They are poems you can feel and they go beyond literal understanding. Not just a bunch of odd phrases thrown together, they work like a mosaic. The seemingly separate parts come together in an exciting, yet com [...]

    This book was recommended to me as a study in repetition, so let’s start there. It works several ways here. First, a great number of the poems (and all of those in Sea Lyrics) are sort of one sentence blasts which are composed of long paratactic strings of phrases: I am_____, I am_____, I am_______. Within these paratactic strings are repetitions of key images or phrases—“I am the waterfront and I cover the waterfront.” And often crucial images or phrases are repeated not only within one [...]

    This is another collection worth re-reading several times over. The poems are hypnotic in their use of repeated images and words, circular and dreamlike in construction. There's a religious, ecstatic feel to many of the poems, celebrating life and creatures of all sorts, while balancing a meditative aspect about them. It's as if the poet is trying to be as clear and detailed as possible about a particular moment, but then something mysterious keeps her thoughts swirling around and back on itself [...]

    I just posted the below note on Black Dog Songs, but it was really about both so I'm pasting it below:I think this and Ring of Fire made me wake up to contemporary poetry. Prior to these I had no idea there was poetry being written right now that was doing anything worth paying attention to. Glad I was wrong. Sort of embarrassed to say it was so recent that I discovered these nice absurd explorations.

    If you want to know what repetition can do, read this book. Ring of Fire seems the most rigorous example of Jarnot's style. She's always playful, but there's more than that here. "Sea Lyrics" is a great series/long poem. It will make you run to the nearest tattoo shop and do something the House Unamerican Activities Committee would disapprove of.

    Another book I'll never get over. This book got my engines goin' and my sails pointed in the right direction. Word-play AND emotion in modern/ post-avant/ post-language/ post-post-modern / whatever poetry. It CAN happen. It's called HAVING A SOUL. Jarnot's got one. Do you?

    "the bridge," the opening poem to the collection, is one of my favorite poems. the collection, as a whole, should be read by every poet who cringes at the idea of writing "i" poems, but still wants his/her audience to understand some sort of emotive thread.

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