Three Weeks To Say Goodbye

Three Weeks To Say Goodbye

Three Weeks To Say Goodbye Jack and Melissa McGuane have spent years trying to have a baby Finally their dream has come true with the adoption of their daughter Angelina But nine months after bringing her home they receive a

  • Title: Three Weeks To Say Goodbye
  • Author: C.J. Box
  • ISBN: 9780312365721
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jack and Melissa McGuane have spent years trying to have a baby Finally their dream has come true with the adoption of their daughter, Angelina But nine months after bringing her home, they receive a devastating phone call from the adoption agency Angelina s birth father, a teenager, never signed away his parental rights, and he wants her back Worse, his father, a poweJack and Melissa McGuane have spent years trying to have a baby Finally their dream has come true with the adoption of their daughter, Angelina But nine months after bringing her home, they receive a devastating phone call from the adoption agency Angelina s birth father, a teenager, never signed away his parental rights, and he wants her back Worse, his father, a powerful Denver judge, wants him to own up to this responsibility and will use every advantage his position of power affords him to make sure it happens When Jack and Melissa attempt to handle the situation rationally by meeting face to face with the father and son, it is immediately apparent that there s something sinister about both of them and that love for Angelina is not the motivation for their actions As Angelina s safety hangs in the balance, Jack and Melissa will stop at nothing to protect their child A horrifying game of intimidation and double crosses begins that quickly becomes a death spiral where absolutely no one is safe.How far would you go to save someone you love

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    Oh, lord. The plot was predictable, the whole thing was so cliche it made me want to throw it out the window. The writing was terrible. The characters nothing more than stereotypes. You have an evil super powerful judge and his sociopathic gangster son, the beloved gay best friend of the family, the loyal family dog (guess what happens there), the burned out alcoholic cop friend, the very moral but sexy beautiful wife who is a saint of a mother, Uncle Jeter the big hearted thug who will pound yo [...]

    THREE WEEKS TO SAY GOODBYE (Thriller-Jack and Melissa McGuane-CO-Cont) - PoorBox, C.J. – StandaloneSt. Martin’s Minotaur, 2009, US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780312365721First Sentence: It was Saturday morning, November 3, and the first thing I noticed when I entered my office was that my telephone message light was blinking.Jack and Melissa McGuane finally have the child they longed for having adopted Angelina nine months ago. Their dream has become a nightmare as they are told the baby’s fathe [...]

    Fast-paced and exciting but somewhat unlikely characters and the final scene highly unlikely - also the English was lacking in places. Also it really annoys me when people write about babies or toddlers without ever having met one or done any research - as here we have a walking talking nine month old However I finished it in a day so that's something.

    I read this book in one sitting, from 8pm to midnight, even though the story wasn't really good. I liked the premise, a young couple has adopted a baby, only to learn that the teenage father never signed away his parental rights. The young man's father decides his son needs to own up to his responsibility, and they want the baby. But there's something off about the man and his son, and the child might be in danger. As I read, the danger facing the child seemed contrived. Instead of working throu [...]

    I so wanted to like this book more. I think if the characters were fleshed out a bit more it would be a wonderful book. It was not at all believable but I didn't care about that part. I mean it's a story. :)

    This is probably more 3.5 stars. I did like this book, the subject of it though is hard to read without getting very angry and worked up. I spent most of the book feeling tense and hoping that my guesswork would be incorrect.I will be looking for more by this author

    First book by this author read at the suggestion of GR friend. Very good!! Will read more. Baby Angelina daughter of Melissa & Jack was so moving. I hope there's a sequel.

    Jack and Melissa McGuane experience every adoption family's worst nightmare when just their nearly nine-month-old daughter is about to be declared legally their child, the birth father shows up and demands her back. Seems that his father, a powerful federal circuit court judge wants to teach the young man a lesson about responsibility. Or so he says upon first meeting the McGuanes and giving them a three week deadline to turn over Angelina to them. (He will, of course, compensate them for the co [...]

    A very different C J Box book. This is a compelling story of young parents in an impossible situation. Having adopted a son, I know what this couple was facing. Having a foster son for a year, I remember what it felt like when we were told our time was up. Mr. Box has it exactly right. This is a tough story with an incredible end.

    I'd probably bump this up to 2.5 stars, but this book just didn't work for me. I loved Blue Heaven, and i think I was expecting something similar. I think authors make their antagonists more interesting when they have realistic (but flawed or bad) motives. The cops in Blue Heaven were bad guys, but bad guys that grew cold and cynical and ugly over the years. The bad guys in Three Weeks were justevil. Evil for no particular reason except that they were, I don't know, born that way? And that made [...]

    With apologies to C. J. Box, I have another 4 star review for this thriller. I love handing out 5 stars, and this book was a nail-biter. I actually had to stop reading at one point to get more tissues. The electrifying story builds in suspense until you almost can't stand it. What happens when infertile young parents adopt a beautiful baby girl from a young mother, only to have the sociopathic father of the baby appear. And refuse to sign the adoption release. And his father, an influential judg [...]

    This is the first novel I've read by this author and it wasn't bad. I read it in one afternoon as it kept me glued to my seat.How would you feel after adopting a baby and finding out nine months later that you had to relenquish your parental rights to the child back to the birth father? That's exactly what happened to Jack and Melissa McGuane when they were notified the birth father had never signed the adoption papers!Worse yet, the adopted child is the granddaughter of a prominent Supreme Cour [...]

    This book sucked me in from the start as I thought the main story was just heartbreaking. I did admire how Jack and Melissa handled things by trying to take the better road. It did bother me a little how they were written at first to seem perfect, so when the cracks appeared I liked how they seemed more real.I also liked how they pulled in their friends to help them out. It seemed like there was a lot of history between all 3 men and Melissa melded in great with them. I also loved how they were [...]

    While this was a pretty good read, it is certainly not IMHO among Box's best work. Three stars says it all pretty good but not great.The premise was a cool one.a young family with an adopted daughter recieves news that the birth father has not relinquished parental rights and is ready to procure custody of his child. About a 3rd of the way through the book the story line goes into a complete different direction with a alleged pedophile in court and a Federal Judge (The grandfather of the boy att [...]

    It’s all too much.A couple discovers they have to give up their adopted baby because the birth father did not sign away his parental rights. Interesting premise. Then it all falls apart.Don’t worry, no spoilers here: The birth father turns out to be a teenager – but not any kind of teenager; a dark brooding teenager. But not any kind of dark brooding teenager; a dark brooding teenager who doesn’t “get along with dogs”, has a suspicious past, has gang ties and is the son of a judge. B [...]

    I really wanted to like this book based on the description, but it was just too far fetched for me. Maybe if the author had built a bond between the child and parents, I could have felt sorry for them. But the decisions they made are just unbelievable. Not sure the Uncle Jeter storyline was necessary. Again unbelievable. Since when are private citizens allowed to accompany police officers (even if they are personal friends) on interrogations and SWAT team missions? Oh, and carry a gun to shoot a [...]

    Jack and Melissa adopt a baby girl only to find out weeks before the adoption is finalized that the birth father, who happens to be a teen never signed off on the papers to give up is rights to the baby. Jerrod, the birth father is not really interested in keeping this baby, but his father, a judge in Denver, decides that Jerrod needs to be responsible and take care of the baby. Jack and Melissa are given 3 weeks to say goodbye to Angelina by Jerrod's dad, of course they don't want to give this [...]

    C. J. Box has me spoiled. I expected Joe Pickett, and was at first a little disappointed. It did not take him long to hook me, however, into this tale of the McGuane family who after nine months of being blessed with their adopted daughter Angelina find they will have to give her up to her teenaged father, who never signed away his parental rights. Heart breaking, but almost impossible when they get to know the boy and his father, a well placed, well to do Judge who wants the child for all the w [...]

    This was the first book I've read by this author and I read it quite quickly on holiday. It did keep me hooked but I was disappointed with the story being so far fetched. The idea had me interested but I thought it would have been a more emotional description of what the couple went through rather than far fetched situation they ended up in. I did enjoy it and it was appropriate for what I wanted it for. A quick read, didn't need to give it much thought and had a good enough build up to the end [...]

    Lots of good suspense.This book was definitely a page turner. The first two chapters were a little hard to get through because the essence of the first two chapters is established on the second page. Then there's a lot of settling into the main characters life. The main character is by far the least interesting of people in the book, in my opinion, so settling in isn't terribly fun. But once you're past that the book takes you for a ride.

    This book was fantastic. It had my attention from page one. The characters are lovable and you are easily drawn into their dilemma. Imagine someone coming to take your child away in three weeks! Wow!There were parts where I wanted to cry and parts I just got mad about.This is a very quick read and I'm glad I found it. I'll be reading more by CJ Box!

    This is Box's second non-Joe Pickett series novel. It doesn't matter, he knows how to present characters and plotlines that suck the reader in quickly and how to depict tension around good vs. bad, even if the story is not centered around the recurring characters in most of Box's novels. I enjoyed it very much.

    I love his books, nail biting suspense, bad guys you just hate, and this one took place in Denver which made it interesting to read about events taking place at places you have been or know about, or even worked right by.

    Was a lot of this story predictable? Yes, but it also kept you reading. After I was over being mad at the first 2 chapters and a character that did ridiculous things, the story moved very quickly and I had to finish it. This is our book club book and should have some fun discussion points.

    Three Weeks to Say Goodbye was my introduction to the author, C. J. Box. I was not disappointed. I loved his writing style. His characters were well described and likeable. The plot was excellent. I will be reading more of his books in the future. 4 stars

    Gripping, edge of your seat thriller. This was my first time to read this author and I liked the style. Jack & Melissa are fighting to keep their adopted daughter. It had plenty of twists. Definitely recommended.

    12 aug 16, #21 from box for me. great story tellerhave yet to be disappointed with one. i've no doubt this will be an enjoyable read, as well.onward, ever onward. 13 aug 16, finished, great story! intense.

    The book was recommended to me and the description seemed interesting. Unfortunately it was very predictable and I felt that the plot was off to a good start but then it fizzled and I was left wanting more. It's easy to read in a weekend.

    Why did I read this?! Box is committed to plot and pace - not the wonder and intricacies of language or the huge complexities possible in characterization - just pacy plot. And I suppose sometimes, that's what you need to read.

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