Impermanence Humanity has discovered the formula for immortality regular maintenance and replacement of organs and daily electronic backup of complete brain data In an infinitely remote future inhabited solely b

  • Title: Impermanence
  • Author: Daniel Frisano Sarah Jane Webb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: ebook
  • Humanity has discovered the formula for immortality regular maintenance and replacement of organs, and daily electronic backup of complete brain data In an infinitely remote future, inhabited solely by women, life flows eternal and serene, seemingly invulnerable to any possible threat At least until

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    A friend of mine recommended me this book and I read it without hesitating. But the reality is that I actually fell in love with Impermanence`s plot as it is attention grabbing and full of intrigues.I truly believe that Frisano`s novel is a must read for 2017, so I recommend it to all of those that enjoy reading Science Fiction books. What is interesting about this novel is the fact that it describes a world of female inhabitants in which no man was seen due to his extinction.This novel challeng [...]

    A scary look into the future – how far would you go to deny your origins?Definitely an interesting look at what the future could look like when women have achieved their goal of staying young forever (isn't that the idea pushed by all the cosmetics companies?) and, of course, done away with men altogether.There are so many interesting themes here and it's almost scary to realise that they're not really too fantastical. Think fake news, manipulation of history, and propaganda. Of course there's [...]

    I rarely read Sci-Fi fiction as I am not a fan of imagined stories and worlds. But this book caught my attention because of its rather odd topic: immortality in a world of only women. I will not elaborate that so I won`t give any spoilers, but I recommend it to all of you that enjoy traveling in a unique Sci-Fi world. Daniel Frisano is a talented writer from whom I expect to read even more books. His plot twists will keep you awake long after bedtime. So, if you are looking for a new addition on [...]

    So finally, I read the Story "Impermanence" I would say "Impressive". I think this is the story which is beyond to my expectation. It's a wonderful sci-fi story which is smartly written to explore harsh future reality. It's totally an imaginary story, when I was reading the story all scenes were playing in my mind. You can say it is mind capturing story. The one thing which writer describe beautifully is extinctness of men and yes, it is true because of their laziness this world will become the [...]

    Finally a book that makes you think! I read it all in one afternoon, then it stayed in my mind for days. The most interesting part is seeing our contemporary society in the eyes of supposedly "evolved" beings who reject the very notion that they could descend from us "hominids".I wish the author had developed more the ideas. There are so many questions left unanswered

    Not many people have such ideas regarding immortality the way this author has put a light on. Such a concept definitely needs to have a hell of a creative mind. The flow of words, and author’s writing style was smooth enough to create a whole story inside the reader’s mind without getting bored of it. The book was an absolute page-turner. If you’re a fan of sci-fi books then “Impermanence” is highly recommended.

    I may still be "under the emotion" after reading this short but fantastic novella, and perhaps exaggerating, but it's one the most beautiful stories I have ever read.

    Strong women provide the strong foundation for future generations to build upon . . .In a futuristic world, women rule the world. Their belief was the male species caused too much misery and stress to their lives. Baxti and Hawiya existed in this culture. Hawiya’s curious of where their species originated. It seems that their past history is a mystery.In this new age society, a person has the ability to exchange out body parts with something of their own interest. Hawiya had just undergone a p [...]

    The Impermanance is an excellent read. The character's are well developed, the pace of the story flows smoothly and naturally and the plot moved forward intelligently with no jarring transitions or long winded flashbacks. The morals discussed in the story regarding immortality are thought provoking without being proselytizing (what a relief). This story delivered more than I thought.Ever made a wish? Ever wish to give it back? How many people have ever dreamed of living indefinitely and not grow [...]

    Great piece of work by Daniel Frisano. I had fun and great time reading this book. "Impermanence" is the sort of book that will keep you glued until the end and leave you wanting more. If there's sequel (I hope there'll be one), I’ll definitely get it.There's no way to talk about the book without revealing much of the story, but what I liked was how well it was written, how the characters played out their roles and integrated well into the plot."Impermanence" is smooth and enjoyable to read, i [...]

    2.5 Stars**I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book for and honest review******SPOILERS***I really wasn't a fan of this book. I feel like there really wasn't much of a story here. Women rule the world. They are immortal because they learned how to replace the necessary organs to continue on. I feel like the dialogue in the book was the same and the conversations between the characters repeated over and over. I know this is a short book, but there really wasn’t much of a story here either [...]

    While I was searching for new books on , I stumbled upon this novel. There was little to none info provided by readers, but the plot summary made me consider buying it. It is a story easy to read due to the manner in which the action was written and I strongly believe that this happens because of Frisano`s talent. Frisano wrote this short, but intriguing novel around a challenging topic: immortality and a life without men. What is even more appealing (at least for me because I am a fan of Sci-Fi [...]

    Impermanence is written by Daniel Frisano and for a debut novella, this one is great. Originally written in Italian and translated to English by Sarah Jane Webb, Impermanence is a really short, entertaining and intriguing read. This book takes an interesting concept of immortality, something humans have been and still are hunting for, and gives a new twist to it. The book itself is fast-paced, has twists and turns and is thought provoking. While set in a different world, it would have been easie [...]

    This is a great debut novella. It hits all the marks. It was originally written in Italian and translated into English, but no meaning is lost in translation. It takes place in what is supposed to be the future of Earth, and it’s honestly something that you could actually picture happening, which I’m sure is where the author was going with his idea. It even has subtle allusions to current events, framed as a part of the long ago past. The characters are rounded, and in the short time you get [...]

    This book exactly fulfills my ideal book criteria, as I always prefer to read books where women rule or which move around women’s life, some sci-fi, and most important presenting themselves as the dominant creature.This book is amazingly appealing and fascinating. The writer is presenting a provoking thought of human life in the future which actually shows the remote and immortal future of human beings, especially women, who will rule over the world in coming time. The part that I found most e [...]

    ARC received for an honest review.Thought Provoking! Eve💋 produces Adam🍎The premise of this book is human immortality, which is achieved here by artificial growth of replacement parts. There are no males, they went extinct, so natural reproduction of new people is supposedly impossible. The women are basically immortal because everything is replaceable, even eyes and bones.Recently, workers have been disappearing from the offices where Hawiya💋 works. They are found dead in their homes, [...]

    What a story!! Rich multilayered characters and a suspenseful and unpredictable plot. It doesn't get better than this! There's thrills and spills to make it a page turner. For me it was the rich character development, character interaction and psychological aspects that make this a great story and read. I seek out debut novels as they tend to be more honest than the writing of more experienced writers who often seem to be lured off course by fame, fortune and laziness. This novel is genuine writ [...]

    I loved this novel, thanks to its all-female cast and elaborate plot. Without giving details, immorality is their reality and the efficient attitude of the women is impeccable. You’ve glimpses into the future, and what can be- rebuildable organs, accessibility to eternity and the fountain of youth is what the characters experience, thanks to their manufacturers. However, like modern day, there is a feeling of suspense of what is truly the truth. Hawiya suspects the government’s behavior is m [...]

    This book is more than each typical book we run over everyday. The writer made an incredible showing with regards to by writing in an example which picture future scenes that influence you anticipate what lies in the future and think could this really be a photo of what is to come later on? This story is intriguing and keeps the peruser nervous endeavoring to think about what will happen next. I observed this story to be all around created, with characters that were solid and whose intention was [...]

    If you’re a sci-fi bookworm, then you better get this book as part of your collection. As many sci-fi novels are, Impermanence is set on a futuristic setting. It takes your mind to an ‘ideal’ world – a world without concepts of aging, war, racism, obsession, etc.The flow and the characters in the story make you feel excited as you turn each page. This book actually reminds me of the movie Divergent but much better ;) Note: This isn’t the ideal book to read if you want to fall asleep. T [...]

    This was an interesting read of a society that was only women who had figured out how to replace parts in a preventative manner to live longer. Without giving any spoilers I did like the references that was done in the story. Some of them were very humorous and made you think of what would it be like if the same thing happened for real. I did receive an ARC from Hidden Gems for a honest review. A very clean read which hopefully will make you think of what if. Did leave it open for more to come w [...]

    I really enjoyed this story. On the author's bio it says that it's his first novella. I really hope that he will write more. And it would be just great if they made a movie out of this one!

    What an original take on immortality! The plot is clever, although a bit repetitive at times. And it makes you think a lot

    The concept is very interesting and creative. The writing is straightforward and simple. It's a good, easy read.

    Amazing book! I would have given this book 6 stars but amazon didn’t had the option. There are already several reviews which tell about the book and the story so I'll just mention one of the really stand-out qualities that sets this book apart from lesser efforts. The characters and their interactions are layered in ways that subtly hint at a very mature and developed sensibility on the part of the author. He doesn't beat you over the head with it but, I came to realize the depths of the chara [...]

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