Sound the Trumpet

Sound the Trumpet

Sound the Trumpet Daniel Bradford a young British man who came to America as an indentured servant views the developing revolution with alarm

  • Title: Sound the Trumpet
  • Author: Gilbert Morris
  • ISBN: 9781556615658
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Daniel Bradford, a young British man who came to America as an indentured servant, views the developing revolution with alarm.

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    I picked up this book and decided to give it a try. I was drawn to the themes of patriotism and faith. In the first chapter, I was hooked. Daniel Bradford, and hungry young English boy was determined to help provide for his mother and sister. He risked his life and pretend to be a servant at the royal palace during a feast, and winds up stealing a turkey and sneaking it out to feed his sick mother and sister. Their mother dies and the two siblings wind up in a work house, then sold as indentured [...]

    I thought I would try one more series by this author… Historical Fiction set in the time of the American Revolution. The first book was pretty good, the second went downhill, by the third chapter of the third book, I realized I was reading nothing more than an 18th century soap opera. And there are 7 books in this series! Egad! No more Gilbert Morris for me!

    It's an okay story, somewhat predictable in places and slightly inconsistent in others, but an entertaining enough read. Those interested in the revolutionary war will find the little details interesting. I enjoyed it fine, but don't think I'll be rushing to read the other books in the series.

    Shudder. Where do I begin? This was, without a doubt, the worst historical fiction I have ever read. Stuffed with ludicrous situations, far too much action in far too little time, clunky dialog, and tacky characters, this awfully written story almost made me sick. The plot line was definitely fast-paced, only there was so much packed into it that it was quite unbelievable. The characters could have been good if they had been given believable actions and voices. The writing was so atrocious and t [...]

    I would not normally read a book like this. I am not much into history, and have found the only history type books I like have to have a lot of romance in them. I needed a book that fit into my reading challenge, and this was one of them. To my surprise, I really enjoyed this book. I think because there was another story line that went side by side with the history, it made it enjoyable. I am a bit disappointed though. I found out after I finished this book, that the next book I am unable to fin [...]

    To make a review that should be rather long rather short: The plot was nothing unique or fantastic, but the characters kept me fairly interested. There was a Christian message that was (usually) carried fairly well without being cheesy or preachy. I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading this, but it also wasn't just a thrilling read.

    It is England 1743 and 15-year-old Daniel Bradford and his younger sister live a difficult life, experiencing poverty, grief, cruelty and near starvation. When tragedy strikes, Daniel is sent to Dartmoor prison. But the adventures are far from over and include a run-in with the American Revolution.

    I love to read about people overcoming hardships. I love romance mingled in. I love to hear about how the historical events of the time influenced the characters. I love to hear how the characters' faith kept them on tract, keeping them good and decent. So, yes, I rated it a 5 star novel.

    Not a bad story although very strange place to end this book. Also the religious slant seems to pop up only when the story needs help (i.e. characters never go to church except to get married/funerals).

    I liked this book because it was a nice, quick read with a good amount of history and a sweet little plot to accompany it. I particularly liked the main characters' belief in God and their struggle to keep the faith in spite of the obstacles thrown in their paths.

    I enjoyed this one but found it could have developed the relationship the main characters had with historical figures like George Washington, Paul Revere & Sam Adams. It just skimmed the surface & I was disappointed. Good read just not remarkable.

    I did expect a little higher level of writing than GM gave. Loved the history part but felt the story was choppy. A very quick read.

    Christian series, from pre-Revoultionary America on. Recommended by a co-worker. Follows a family, similar to the Eve's Daughers idea, but over many books, not just one.

    This book is a real page turner, or in my case, a real ear puller. I checked out the audio book from our online library and I can't put it down! Very thrilling and historical too :)

    A wonderful historical fiction book that really delves into the lives of the American colonists during the War for Independence.

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