SIX: A Men of The Strip Anthology

SIX: A Men of The Strip Anthology

SIX A Men of The Strip Anthology Have you ever wondered what life is like after the stage lights go out The men of SIX each take you on a wild ride you ll never forget From sex appeal to trauma to baby mama drama these boys have it

  • Title: SIX: A Men of The Strip Anthology
  • Author: Marie Skye Dee Garcia Alice La Roux Derek Adam Janine Infante Bosco Shelley Springfield
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: None
  • Have you ever wondered what life is like after the stage lights go out The men of SIX each take you on a wild ride you ll never forget.From sex appeal, to trauma, to baby mama drama,these boys have it all in spades and then some.Are you ready to take ladies night to the next level

    • Unlimited [Paranormal Book] ↠ SIX: A Men of The Strip Anthology - by Marie Skye Dee Garcia Alice La Roux Derek Adam Janine Infante Bosco Shelley Springfield ↠
      490 Marie Skye Dee Garcia Alice La Roux Derek Adam Janine Infante Bosco Shelley Springfield
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      Posted by:Marie Skye Dee Garcia Alice La Roux Derek Adam Janine Infante Bosco Shelley Springfield
      Published :2020-01-19T17:29:27+00:00

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    Well, I just read one of the stories in this anthology and if it is any indication of how good this is going to be, then you need to get this book. Holy Hotness! I read Dare by Marie Skye and loved it. It's a story about Darius and how he works at Six. But is that all he does? He meets Danielle and sparks fly! Can their relationship last? If you want the answer, then read this book!

    5 SMOKING hot starsKeep your local fire department on watch while reading this-because you seriously will need them to put out six mini fires while your kindle bursts into flames at the sheer hotness that is each and every story. SIX, gives us everything we’ve prayed to Santa for this year. If we could pick six authors to create an anthology, hotter than all others, it would be Alice LaRoux, Dee Garcia, Derek Adam, Janine Infante Bosco, Marie Skye, and Shelly Springfield. I’m still reeling f [...]

    Just finished Dare by Marie Skye and if the rest of this collection is anywhere near as hot prepare yourself to call in sick because you won't be getting any sleep! I'd love a rewrite of Magic Mike (which while it was very pretty to watch it would have been better off sans script) now if Marie could do a whole new version featuring Dare and his crew it'd be the sexiest thing ever written! While I started out thinking this would be all about one thing then it quickly took me into a different scen [...]

    What can I say I read all of the novellas and thought they were brilliant! Apart from Dee Garcia the other authors are all new to me and I look forward to reading more of their work.In this Anthology there is something for everyone, from best friend’s sister to HEAs, oh and lots of hot sex scenes so make sure your smoke detectors are working.I can’t even pick a favourite, each of the stories are unique and focus on one dancer/stripper who work at the same bar yet still incorporate all the ch [...]

    Wowjust wow!Wowjust wow. Every story is amazing! Some will grip your heart but they all will have you panting because these men are HOT AF!!!

    Big D by Shelley SpringfieldI only read one novel from here and I have to say hott damn I wanted more by the end. I was so mesmerized by this story I was hooked right from page one. With the way the words flowed off the pages I had no idea how this story was going to turn out. It was short and fast right to the point and I loved every minute of it. This was my first time reading something that Shelley wrote on her own and she hit ever nail on the head perfectly. Although it was short once the en [...]

    this is a fab read I was in love with Alice la Roux her work in it stood out the most and I would highly recommend reading this book and I would look out in the future for more anthology.Sin was a fab read and I was drawn in the moment I started to read it, was draw in and couldn't put it down and read in a an hour so well written.

    This was a fab novella that i couldn't put down. I love an alpha male and this book gave me that! Sin had his eyes on sofia and was not backing down!This makes magic mike look like disney and i loved it!This book left you wanting more and more! Easily a 5* read

    I had the honor of reading Big D from Six and let me tell you, OMG! It was amazing and soooooo hot! I cannot wait to meet the rest of the men!!!

    JaggerBy: Dee Garcia4 StarsThe Men of Six-The Hottest Male entertainment on the strip. This story focuses on Jagger. The super hot single dad who is battling with an Ex who feels as though what he does for a living is not worthy of seeing his daughter as much as he would like to.To fill his time, he uses the VIP room as much as possible. Granting wishes to the Birthday girls, Bachelorette parties, any reason to meet the desires of the women with open wallets. Nothing happens In the VIP room but [...]

    I only read Sinclair by Alice La Roux from this anthologyNow I don't read many erotica books, the ones I have read have all been tame compared to this one, after reading Sinclair I needed to take a cold shower.Sinclair is a hansom guy who works with 5 other guys in a strip club called SIX, he loves his job but he loves his women more. Every night after work he picks up a new girl and takes her back to her place - that's one of his rules, one he would never break again after gaining a stalker.Aft [...]

    Six, count'em SIX! Six amazing stories about six hot as sin strippers who are as tight as brothers. Each book in this anthology is about one of these hotties and the loves that enter their lives. But the men aren't only sexy and able to produce melting panties, but there is more to their stories, each one has something that is an issue for them. Each story will have your emotions all over the place, but you can rest assure that you will run through all of them at one point. The stories are well [...]

    Six - Men of the Strip Anthology. A definite 5 Bell alarm for the hotness of this anthology. Each story is built around a sexy alpha male stripper. The six guys who are the showstoppers at the hottest club on the strip, lorded over by their matriarch Betty. These guys are a tight knit group, having each other’s back through all sorts of situations but at the core, they are definitely a family. Each author turns their hand to telling one individuals own short, hot and super sexy romantic attach [...]

    Dare: SIX: A Men of the Strip AnthologyWow I need to find my own SIX to hang out !!Darius is a hot n sexy Teachers aid has been hooking up with a stunning chick for the last 2 weeks and when he takes over for the class for the Teacher his world flips upside down. This is a quick read as per being in the Anthology but is packed with loads of surprises, steamy scenes and a love story. I hope Marie makes this into a full length book as it would be great to know more about Darius and Danielle while [...]

    Six Hot StoriesI truly enjoyed this book. I mean, why wouldn't I when it's about 6 sexy strippers?' But each story showed a different side to these men. They all have different goals in life and how their jobs help to obtain them. I loved how while each story was short, it left you wanting more. The characters had depth and charisma and were totally hot, of course! And I liked how each story somewhat intertwined with each other. I highly recommend reading this awesome book of Hotness!

    Talk about sexy! Everything about this book screams yes, yes, and yes! A group of sexy alpha men works at a successful strip club and you get to peek into the life of each one. How can you possibly go wrong? You can’t – trust me. One of my favorite stories was about Sinclair (Sin for short – how hot is that?) and Sofia by Alice La Roux. I loved Sin’s character. He starts out as a cocky bad boy, and it only gets better with each page. The ending had me grinning from ear to ear.

    Reading only one story of the whole anthology leaves me wanting to read the rest of the story. And read it I did. Dare by Marie Skye was short but did not disappoint. There was so much content in such a short story. I was left itching for more and cannot wait to see what this author has in stored for us next.

    I really enjoyed this anthology.The stories are short and naughty, and really leave you wanting MORE!!!Each author writes a shortie about one of the guys who work as strippersI think August was my favourite

    Loved this book!This Anthology follows 6 male strippers that are closer than blood brothers. these stories are amazing at merging with each other that leaves the reader desperate for more. I really hope these authors continue this series into full length novels

    I only read one of the stories in this Anthology but I definitely want to read the rest if they are all as good as Marie Skye's. Dare was great, loved him, loved that it wasn't your typical love story, a few speed bumps along the way that you would not see coming and wouldn't expect but they all make sense and work in this story. It is a hot quick read that will leave you wanting more.

    Decent read. Kinda loved this book. It was just the thing I needed, a light easy read. Fell in love with Jagger. I really want an epilogue now of what they are all up to.

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