Who's That Girl?

Who's That Girl?

Who s That Girl At age thirty one American Charlotte Merryweather has spent ten years in London pursuing personal and professional perfection Yet her present day success heading her own PR company owning a gorgeous

  • Title: Who's That Girl?
  • Author: Alexandra Potter
  • ISBN: 9780340954119
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • At age thirty one, American Charlotte Merryweather has spent ten years in London pursuing personal and professional perfection Yet her present day success heading her own PR company, owning a gorgeous apartment, planning a future with her devoted boyfriend only heightens the shock of a visit from the past Lottie, Charlotte s twenty one year old self, drives onto theAt age thirty one, American Charlotte Merryweather has spent ten years in London pursuing personal and professional perfection Yet her present day success heading her own PR company, owning a gorgeous apartment, planning a future with her devoted boyfriend only heightens the shock of a visit from the past Lottie, Charlotte s twenty one year old self, drives onto the scene at the wheel of a rusty, orange Volkswagen Beetle identical to Charlotte s first UK ride Charlotte pursues a friendship aimed to bestow upon Lottie a decade of wisdom Yet Charlotte s prosperous polish proves a pale substitute for Lottie s innate, youthful graces openness, passion, and kindness Will the student become the teacher in this witty turnabout

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    Who's That Girl? By Alexandra PotterAs I felt before with Alexandra Potter’s books, I think she picks great ideas and then doesn’t develop them enough.The great idea here was: what if you could travel back in time and advise yourself not to make the same mistakes you did?The poor development was: 1. The first 30% of the book was utter B.O.R.E.D.O.M.E.! You have to force yourself through it. I mean, if I buy a book about travelling back in time I can’t wait for it to happen! She makes you w [...]

    Simply amazing. A magical story that makes you reflect and ponder what you are doing in life and if you are really happy in what you are doing now?Charlotte Merryweather is 31, successful, owns a PR agency, has her own apartment, dresses in designer wears, has a boyfriend and a very very busy and hectic lifestyle.But, is she happy?Out of the sudden, while out driving, she saw a girl who looks like her, 10 yrs ago.And chance upon a guy whom she did not notice 10yrs ago.What happened next is simpl [...]

    Intriguing premise, not well executedd tedious.This could have been a great story if the author had actually committed to what she was setting out to create, but she didn't seem to know how to actually do that.If the story is about going back in time to help yourself make other decisions, then the characters should do that and as an author you should do that and not have it that she can't actually change anything. Other wise you've wasted not only the character's time, but also mine and I'm not [...]

    Reading the back of the book, I admit I was already excited at the idea of this story. I was thinking a little too much along the lines of "being Erica" (goggle it if you don’t know it as if you enjoyed this book you will enjoy the TV series) and perhaps even a little sci-fi-ish.? (I said ish). I know it’s a chick-lit but come-on, it’s time travel all mixed into the pot!I thought Charlotte was a little dumb at times, I doubted she was made of the hard stuff a women needs to have to survive [...]

    This book is utterly boring!! The going back in time is barely explored I expected some general end-line moral about how you shouldn't change your past because it would change who you are, BUT some things she should have changed!! By not changing it, and by mentioning what she didn't change, the author added sadness to an already dreadful book.Plus i felt like the biggest part of the book was about her job, B.O.R.I.N.G.Disappointing.

    The character tries to stop herself doing the mistakes she did when she was younger (Now that she knows it was wrong!) but she can't stop it. It is how it was supposed to happen.I didn't understand the end. Did she dream of herself when she was 21 because of the medicines or what?It has a happy ending, but it seems to me that something is missing.Overall impressions: something is missing.

    I got about a 1/3 of the way through the book, but it is just boring. The premise is reasonably intersting, but the writing is just dull. I wouldn't recommend it, but maybe someone else would enjoy it.

    ''OK, so I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm relaxed as such, but who is these days? I run a company. I have a mortgage, and responsibilities, and lines round my eyes to take care of. I mean, it's not like I'm twenty-one any more.And thank goodness.''Okay,this was such a fun book.Like all Alexandra's characters,Charlotte(one of my favourite names,btw)is sooo relatable and lovable.She might be a PR manager,but she's not as serious as her title say she is.She changed a lot since her twenties-she ta [...]

    "I'm fine, but I've grown up.“ To be frank, I was attracted by the sentence on the cover at first sight.      Then, I couldn't help reflectingwhat if?      To most people, Charlotte Merryweather is a successful thirty-something modern girl, who is running her own PR company and having a therotically perfect boyfriend. She used to think her life was perfect in all respects unitl she bumped into her younger self. Lottie, actually the younger Charlotte 10 years apart, lived a tota [...]

    Why I decided to read this book? I was looking through the library for a new book I would read, I saw the title and it reminded me of a well-known song so I thought I would grab it and read the synopsis. The synopsis made me want to read the book even more.What category on the bingo board this book completes? The category this book completes is a book with a female main character. I find it really interesting reading books about other females. It gives me an insight on how other females live and [...]

    this was just okay. i was intrigued by the concept ("what if you could go back in time & stop your 21-year-old self from making the mistakes you regret?"), but the writing dragged a little & the story execution failed to live up to its promisearlotte merryweather is soon to be 32 years old & seems to have it all: cute apartment, great job running her own PR firm, super-helpful assistant named beatrice, fun & sassy best friend with two adorable little kids, & trustworthy boyfr [...]

    Kniha ma zaujala už len anotáciou na prebale. Keď som začala čítať, naozaj ma zaujala ešte viac a od príbehu som sa len ťažko odtŕhala. Jediné, čo mi trochu vadilo bolo, že autorka mohla trochu viac objasniť, čo sa stalo a ako sa vlastne dostala do obdobia pred desiatimi rokmi. Päť hviezdičiek má u mňa zaslúžene :)

    My first Alexandra Potter book was Going La La and after that I read Be Careful What You Wish For. I’ve also read Me & Mr Darcy but can’t really remember it. Who’s That Girl? is more in the Me & Mr Darcy vein that the other two as both main characters see – apparently – someone from long ago – Mr Darcy in Me & Mr Darcy and Charlotte see’s her twenty-one-year-old self Lottie.I enjoyed the book in as much as it was an easy, told-in-first-person read and didn’t seem the [...]

    This is some kind of time travel story. I really really like it. It's bizarre, witty and funny. If I were in Charlotte's shoes, I would also follow my younger self out of curiosity. And if meeting a younger version of me means I will be able to correct some mistakes, I would do it in a heartbeat. I have no regrets in life but like most of us, if we were given another chance to makes things better, I would gladly take it. I too have what if's but I don't wallow in them. It's when I get nostalgic [...]

    This is the second book that I read written by Alexandra Potter(The first is Me and Mr.Darcy, pretty boring to be honest!!) and I am SURPRISED how much I'm fond of it despite they are from the same author -.-Most fantasy book make their characters able to change what they've done wrong during time travel, however Charlotte/Lottie(I prefer Lottie actually) didn't succed instead she understands the fact that maybe after 10 years, the moment to start with Mr.Barman right is finally right. Being abl [...]

    Imagine if one day, you had the opportunity to meet your younger self? What would you tell this person? Would you have any specific advice for them? This is exactly what happened to Charlotte Merryweather, a successful public relations executive in London. At age 31, she has her own PR firm, a stylish wardrobe, a personal trainer and what would seem like the perfect boyfriend for the perfect life. Underneath it all, is a stressed out executive who at the bottom of her heart, wonders if she's mad [...]

    Genuinely the worst book I have ever read. You can accurately predict the entire plot after a few chapters, it's hideously cliched in every way, dialogue, plot, structure, characters. Don't even get me started on Oliver, the guy Charlotte (who talks to herself every other sentence using her own name encase you forgot what it was) inexplicably hates on sight and in an amazing plot twist, ends up falling in love with him after two minutes. Charlotte even tells her boyfriend when they break up 'its [...]

    Up against other chick lit, this book isn't great. The potential is there, but the execution was off. And all because of the time travelling. It was just too unbelievable. Other than that I really enjoyed it.The plot is good, the characters well done (in terms of chick lit remember) and the ending was too fraught. It followed the same lines of those that have come before. I see why they added the time travel element - it's the point of difference. But it just hasn't worked. The premise is good - [...]

    I liked this book.It raised some interesting questions, ok it's daft how she gets to time travel to meet her younger self but come on how many of us would love to do that? Or loathe to do that, but either way you probably have feelings about that.The interesting point is there is a young girl - she doesn't have much - but she has the freedom that comes with not having much.Then you have the older, more regal self who has all the things you think an adult should have, or nearly - she's not quite [...]

    I wished the time-travel changing-the-past theme was more developed. In the end the book should have been mostly about that, instead I felt it was not explored enough. Also some bits are a bit boring.Other then that, it was a cute romantic comedy and I love a bit of magic mixed in.

    The main theme is not explored, she talks more about her job (it felt like 70% of the book was about her PR agency), she doesn't fix the only thing she should have fixed from her past. And the pace is slow as hell!

    It took me a while to finish this one but that's not a reflection on the book but more on my life. The book is a bit of hard work early in with how annoying, to borderline dislikeable Charlotte is. However when she meets Lottie this changes and the story develops some depth. By the end of the book I have grown quite attached to the characters, maybe that's because I identify with midlife crisis situation, which is pretty much what this story is. It was overall quite a nice read and I've given it [...]

    I liked this book. The premise is great, the execution okay. I thought it would have been much better had the difference been 20 years (I mean, 10 years isn't very long at all). I also found some parts a bit slow and tedious, and it was a bit predictable. The only bit that wasn't predictable (at the end, sort of a twist but more a revelation) was skimmed over. But overall it was good fun. I was 21 myself in 1997 so I loved the 90's references. The characters were all likeable (although Charlotte [...]

    I wasn't sure on it for a little while because I connected so little with the character and the plot slowed a little in the middle but the ending was so satisfying that my over all opinion of this book is a positive one. A lot of lessons to be learnt from this book!

    Spent ages reading this book as I just couldn’t get my head around it. Some ideas were so so good yet some were so poor and odd. I think it could have been a brilliant book if some ideas were broadened

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