The Sleep of Reason: James Bulger Case

The Sleep of Reason: James Bulger Case

The Sleep of Reason James Bulger Case Friday February Two outwardly unremarkable ten year old boys Robert Thompson and Jon Venables began their day playing truant and ended it running an errand for a local video shop In between

  • Title: The Sleep of Reason: James Bulger Case
  • Author: David James Smith
  • ISBN: 9780099363415
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • Friday, February 12 1993 Two outwardly unremarkable ten year old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, began their day playing truant and ended it running an errand for a local video shop In between they abducted and killed the toddler James Bulger The Sleep of Reason is the harrowing, sensitive, definitive account of this terrible crime and its consequences.In a neFriday, February 12 1993 Two outwardly unremarkable ten year old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, began their day playing truant and ended it running an errand for a local video shop In between they abducted and killed the toddler James Bulger The Sleep of Reason is the harrowing, sensitive, definitive account of this terrible crime and its consequences.In a new Preface which considers the re arrest of Jon Venables in February 2010 David James Smith writes It is as true now as it was then that the murder has never really been explained and the motive for the crime remains a mystery This book, the result of considerable research and a painstaking, sometimes distressing assembly of the facts, was my attempt to offer some insight and understanding Surprisingly evocative, even moving immensely valuable Times Dramatic and disturbing Anita Brookner, Observer Compelling and compassionate Times Educational Supplement

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    FOUR CHILDREN, TWO CRIMESTwo crimes have hypnotised the British public in the last 20 years above all others, the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in May 2007 (this made actual headlines only this past week) and the murder of James Bulger in February 1993. It’s not hard to see why. They represent parents’ worst nightmare : that if you turn your back for a moment your children will be stolen away and murdered. We’re horribly well acquainted with the idea that adults may well want to abduct [...]

    This book is disturbing and very very sad. It also made me angry remembering the press and other morons saying that the boys should be locked up forever. The author does a brilliant job of showing that Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were victims too. I have always believed that.It always reminded me of a Hammer Horror film-crowds of peasants, with their pitchforks and flaming torches, baying for blood.Crimes like this are caused by poverty and abuse. The answer is to stop that happening-not to [...]

    This is not bedtime reading. It took me over a month to get through simply because it's not the right thing to read if one is in any kind of low mood.I remember the headlines at the time, the "MONSTERS" the "DEVILS" who killed a young child. No one seemed to set the tragedy of James Bulger's death against the fact that these criminals (who "should be hanged") were just 10 years old. No one seemed to question what would make two young children abduct and murder a toddler - they were painted as pu [...]

    I am really in two minds about this book. For me, as a person who has done a fair amount of research into the case, i found the first half of the book informative but nothing that i didn't already know. The second half did reveal a fair amount of information that i did not know.There seems to be a leaning towards both Venables and Thompson in this book, with very little attention paid to the Bulgers. While this is a interesting stance to take, and i particularly enjoyed his reasoning behind why [...]

    Parts of this book are a very difficult read but this is only to be expected. It is so well written and gives a really good insight in to not only what happened on the day but how the 2 boys were interviewed by the police and consequently convicted.

    Two seemingly innocent ten years in Britain abduct a little boy from a shopping mall and kill him. It's really quite hard to wrap your head around how two young boys could do something like this.

    David Smith has clearly spent a lot of time on this case and he does an admirable job of delving beyond the trite 'demon,' 'monster,' 'beyond evil' trope that is thrown around by the gutter press.Clearly recognising that there is a strong need to explain, not excuse or justify, but to figure why this dreadful crime took place, Smith has covered all bases. He gives a very detailed explanation of events of that day, unfortunately this explanation cant follow the boys too closely once they reach th [...]

    Whoa, that was a harrowing read. I'm glad the writer decided to attach the extra chapter with his own thoughts, mainly because while reading my mind kept returning to how the "sleep of reason" alluded to in the title had so far only been connected to the passage from Rousseau that precedes the book and refers to young children supposedly not having developed independent thought yet. I couldn't help thinking about these boys and their behaviour being a product of a whole complex vicious circle of [...]

    Excellent. No moralising or easy judgements made. The author points out in his first chapter that instances of children killing children (and adults) are far more common than most would be prepared to believe, and provides a couple dozen examples as proof. The scenes, in the first half of the book, where the boys are being interrogated are verbatim, but presented in such a way they read like high suspense.

    A very interesting read. The author presents Jon Venables and Robert Thompson to be victims in this book and has disregarded the Bulgers. The tariff of 15 years would have been the correct one. James wasn't just murdered, he was tortured over many hours. No sympathy for those 'evil' boys!

    Utterly heartbreaking story. One that has always stuck in my mind over the decades!! Deep detail in this book, things that I had not known before!! Great read.

    Very interesting in-depth but obviously harrowing account of the murder of little James Bulger and the trial of the the 2 boys who abducted and murdered him.

    Well written and engrossingI have been following this case for years and yearned for answers to the difficult questions: Why did they do it? How do you prosecute children humanely for an inhumane act? What life lessons are there in this case? The author does an amazing job of showing the many sides with dignity and precision. It is a well written and engrossing read start to finish.

    I was born in Liverpool in 1990 and, as such, I do not differ greatly from James Bulger insofar as age nor geography.Growing up, I heard his name a lot. Members of our family would say things like "Don't run off - you don't want to end up like Jamie Bulger". I was always intrigued as he was practically a household name and eventually I summoned up the courage to ask my mum exactly who James Bulger was and what happened to him.She gave me some of the details but, it seems mixed in with this, ther [...]

    I found this book extremely interesting and thought provoking. I feel that it leaned towards trying to show veneables and Thompson as victims I know the author showed that background,upbringing and poverty were all factors in what happened but it doesn't distract from the fact that these two boys were evil and that from them meeting to what happened to poor James can't all be blamed upon external factors Unfortunately sometimes people including children can be just 'bad'

    This book is extremely well executed & well written. The factual content surrounding the abduction and murder of James Bulger is disturbing to read. What interested me was the author's perspective, portraying Venables & Thompson as victims. The author provides thorough explanations and I have to agree with most of his analysis and opinionbut not all of it. I will refrain from adding my personal views and judgements, out of respect for all of the families and everyone involved.

    I read this book as part of my uni course. I have to admit that I could not put the book down as it gave me so much detail that I did not know. Although I read the book to assist in a discussion forum on the James Bulger murder, the book also helped gain knowledge and understanding into the background of the murderers and their families.

    Such a sad or horrendous book! It is so hard to grasp or to accept that kids as young as this (10) can kill someone! Especially a 2yo!!After reading this book I went online to see what else I could find out about these two that were convicted and I found out that one of them actually was sent back to jail in 2007, I believe, for violating his parole. So scary!

    A harrowing read in places but sensitively handled. A must read for anyone interested more in why it may have happened rather than simply baying for blood. I studied this case in some detail at university but there was information in this book I had previously been unaware of.

    An objective yet sensitively written account of a harrowing case. I particularly liked the addition of the final chapter in which Smith pose his thoughts on the possible motives for the killing and factors driving the behaviour of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

    This book crushed me. It was an extremely thorough examination of the infamous Bulger case and providing lots (and I mean LOTS) more information than I expected. Wonderfully written and very detailed. Recommended.

    Extremely well writtenNot for faint hearted, it's truly heartbreakin but a must read, so extremely well written an easy to read book

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