Borderline The killings on Isle Royale have left Anna drained and haunted her memories of her time with the wolf study group forever marred by the carnage on the island Diagnosed with post traumatic stress diso

  • Title: Borderline
  • Author: Nevada Barr
  • ISBN: 9780399155697
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The killings on Isle Royale have left Anna drained and haunted, her memories of her time with the wolf study group forever marred by the carnage on the island.Diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, she is on administrative leave, per her superintendent s urging Anna wonders if the leave might not be permanent, either by her own choice or that of the National ParkThe killings on Isle Royale have left Anna drained and haunted, her memories of her time with the wolf study group forever marred by the carnage on the island.Diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, she is on administrative leave, per her superintendent s urging Anna wonders if the leave might not be permanent, either by her own choice or that of the National Park Service The one bright spot in Anna s life is Paul, her husband of less than a year Hoping the warmth and the adventure of a raft trip in Big Bend National Park will lift her spirits, Paul takes Anna to southwest Texas, where the sun is hot and the Rio Grande is running high The sheer beauty of the Chihuahuan Desert and the power of the river work their magic until the raft is lost in the rapids and a young college student falls overboard, resulting in an even grisly discovery Caught in a strainer between two boulders and dead than alive, is a pregnant woman, hair and arms tangled in the downed branches Instead of the soul soothing experience they d longed for, Anna and Paul find themselves sucked into a labyrinth of intrigue that leads from the Mexican desert to the steps of the Governor s Mansion in Austin, Texas.

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    To a certain extent, when you commit to a series like this you're suspending disbelief. The protagonist has to last throughout the whole series. Therefore she will survive dozens of shootings, stabbings, bludgeonings. In situations where anyone else would die of dehydration, exhaustion, exposure, starvation, drowning, broken bones from falls, this protagonist will live to see other days. Many, many other days. Your protagonist would be able to accidentally drink a vial of an Ebola victim's infec [...]

    2.5 starsBummerI don't know if I've outgrown my enjoyment of the Anna Pigeon series or if this new one is just a clunker. I've always liked these because they take place in national parks. They're all easy reads, but this one went beyond "easy" into the category of trite and utterly implausible. There's so much she could have done with the rich backdrop of Big Bend National Park, but this plot is so terribly thin and disappointing. I gave an extra half star because Nevada Barr has very deep insi [...]

    Tucked away on a wilderness retreat for a weekend, cozied up in a rocking chair by the fireplace, I opened the cover of the review copy I had received of Nevada Barr’s newest novel in the Anna Pigeon series, Borderline. One of the best things about receiving review copies of books in the mail, frequently unrequested, is that I end up reading books I would never consider on a bookstore wander. This would be one of those. The cover illustration is a little too cheesy for me (rushing river rapids [...]

    I really wanted to like this book. I'd saved it for a quiet evening, fully expecting to embrace a new (for me) author.For the most part, I enjoy books that feature returning protagonists; there's something quite comfortable about following the exploits of well-known and loved characters. When it works (see P.D. James, Martha Grimes, Elizabeth George), the latest installment is an event to celebrate.Sadly, it was clear from the beginning that this was the latest in a long line of stories about An [...]

    This book tried to make “Deliverance” look like water ride at Disney. Set on the Rio Grande, Borderline centers around an unbelievable and unlikeable character named Anna Pigeon who is on administrative leave from her job in the police department for a stress disorder.In search for some R & R, Anna and her husband sign up for a river raft tour down the river and before you know it, she spots starving longhorn cow on the mountain which prompts her to trail up the unsafe passage, lure the [...]

    I always feel disloyal if I feel lukewarm about the latest installment of a mystery series I've followed for a long time. The author has done her best, the writing is good, the setting is the same one we know and love, what's not to like? This one started off with a (literal) bang: rafters on the Rio Grande lose their guide and some of their party to a shooter. I confess, I read series mysteries more to follow the characters through their lives and for the setting than for the plot, and I'm not [...]

    **Spoiler Alert**Being my first Nevada Barr book this did not disappoint. I am also pleasantly surprised of this because this is the 15th book in this series! I can tell Ms. Barr has compassion for the land and animals. I loved the ending. It made me smile. Judith and Darden had me guessing until the end. I was very surprised at how everything turned out but was glad that Helena went to her home where she found love.

    Not since Firestorm have I been so immensed in Anna Pigeon life and the events that shape it. Winter study ( previous book) had some uncomfortable characters and events in it which affect Pigeon in her life to this day. She is on force leave by the National Park service to confort and deal with those events. She decides a vacation in Big Bend and acting like a tourist not a ranger is the best solution to dealing with these actions. Not long after the white water rafting trip begins trouble start [...]

    I think this has to be my favorite Nevada Barr book to date! I really enjoyed the last one (Winter Study), but this one beats that one, although they are very different.Winter Study was darker, more suspenseful, almost horrific. This book, although Anna is still recovering from the events from the previous book, is more life-affirming and uplifting. Not that there is no suspense--there is a goodly amount.At first, I was a little irritated that the chapters kept switching between the Mayor's stor [...]

    I love, love, love Nevada Barr and once again I was not disappointed by Borderline. Borderline is # 15 in her Anna Pigeon series. I read this book out of order in the series as a task for the summer seasonal challenge and evidently a lot as occured in the ones I skipped. This one finds Anna on leave from the park service and on vacation with her husband Paul rafting along the border of Big Bend National Park in Texas. On one side of the river is Mexico and other side is the USA. Just like in the [...]

    Maybe not the best of the Anna Pigeon stories, but only because Nevada has set a high bar for herself. Borderline starts with a different sort of Anna adventure, but soon satisfies the fan with all the Pigeony details. I highly recommend this book, but I also highly recommend the reader new to Anna Pigeon start at the beginning and read them all through. With the exception of maybe one (only because it is weak in comparison), I think the reader will very much enjoy the ride. My favorites so far [...]

    This could almost have been a five, but I thought we had to spend too much time away from Anna and her group with people we'll probably never see again. Lots of action with only a small respite in between for everyone but Anna who is too worried to relax.

    I had never read this author before, and now I'm glad that I have. I really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to going back and reading her other books.While Borderline is the 15th book in the Ann Pigeon series, I was able to read the book as a stand-alone book. I didn't feel like I was missing any information that would not allow me to enjoy this book. I am going to go back and read the first fourteen books.Anna Pigeon is a National Park Service Ranger who has been placed on adminstrat [...]

    Nevada Barr’s mysteries have a wonderful sense of melancholy that makes them particularly interesting compared to many other mystery series. It’s one of the few series that I’m not behind on and that I’ve now read all the published so far books.I’ve learned so much about various national parks (the main character is a national park ranger and each story takes place in a different national park) and this particular (Big Bend) park hadn’t been written about before and it’s a park I f [...]

    Nevada Barr does not disappoint! COTAINS SPOILERSA lot more angst/soul-searching than I'm used to in an Anna Pigeon novel but that was okay--although Anna just gets over it in the end for no clear reason and without any gradual progression of healing; suddenly she's just fine again.The story was great as usual. I love the part where Anna insists they stop to rescue the cow. I love the twins.I DON'T like having large portions of the novel focused on characters other than Anna, namely the governor [...]

    There are some series that I read because I have grown to like the characters, and they are entertaining, even though the plots all blend together, and one book is not really distinguishable from another. That is not the case at all with Nevada Barr. Anna Pigeon's life is one adventure into danger after another, and even though each time she has emerged alive, she is not without scars, both emotional and physical. In this book she is suffering from PTSD, as a response to her time spent at Isle R [...]

    This series by Nevada Barr is not one I regularly read but should because I always enjoy it. I came across this particular audiobook , 'Borderline' and I noticed that it was narrated by Barbara Rosenblat, who is one of my favorite performers so I couldn't resist listening.I have skipped around in this series. 'Borderline' is #15 and after I started listening I realized that it would have been better to have listened to #14 first. 'Borderline' picks up where the story ended in 'Winter Study' (#14 [...]

    Barr skillfully blends sticky border issues, marital strife and politics in her exciting 15th novel to feature National Park Service ranger Anna Pigeon. Anna, on leave because she's still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder suffered in 2008's Winter Study, takes a delayed honeymoon with her sheriff husband, a rafting trip in Texas's Big Bend National Park. The Rio Grande reveals a number of surprises, including a stranded cow and, more disturbingly, a dying pregnant woman caught in a s [...]

    I had seen this author's name before, but nothing about her books until recently and through a back way. This is #15 in a series on US Park Ranger Anna Pigeon. We had been watching reruns of Criminal Minds on TV (did not watch originally other than a few early in its run) and a recent one took place in Terlingua TX enpedia/wiki/Terlingu from season 5: criminalmindsfanwiki/p . I looked it up on google map and found it was west of where friends have been spending winters in their RV, so asked her [...]

    "The killings on Isle Royale have left Anna drained and haunted. Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder she is on administrative leave - possibly permanent - either by her own choice or that of the National Park Service.Anna and her husband Paul travel to southwest Texas hoping the warmth and the adventure of a raft trip in Big Bend National Park will lift her spirits.Instead of the soul-soothing experience they’d longed for, Anna and Paul find themselves pulled into a labyrinth of intr [...]

    I won this book in the giveaway and I wish I could give it a good review, but unforunately I did not like this book. I had high hopes for it because I've heard about Nevada Barr and her mystery series about Anna Pigeon. Borderline is the first book I have read by Nevada Barr.Overall, I did not like the writing, the character, and the plot. The writing was choppy at times, either full of the same vocabulary words (how many times did you see the word "abdicate"?) or a random difficult word to pro [...]

    I just finished listening to this audio book: this is a very tense read, and one that I found especially compelling, since there has been so much attention focused on the dangerous conditions near the border with Mexico. I have missed one or two books in the series and need to go back and fill in the gaps. However, Anna is newly married and on a vacation with her husband, after undergoing some trauma in her last assignment.Anna and Paul go on a river rafting trip, when something unexpected happe [...]

    Just who done it was obvious from the start, but that was the least of my problems with Borderline. I've been reading Anna Pigeon's adventures from the start (Blind Descent is probably my favorite, because it triggers my claustrophobia; I sweat along with Anna in the darkness, and the mystery seems that much more intense). I'm aware somewhere along the way Nevada Barr found Jesus. Or something supernatural, at any rate. And for the first time it really shows in Borderline. There's an odd mish-ma [...]

    I was a loyal follower of Anna Pigeon's experiences, from the time Barr first introduced her character. She's always been a dynamo of frenetic energy in one National Park or another, and each park has played a starring role in the telling of any given adventure. The Big Bend National Park stood up proud in this story of border tensions, marital discord, and racial disharmony. Maybe it's the fact that I went on a sabbatical of sorts, in that I got hooked on the Commissario Brunetti series, and al [...]

    Can’t Anna Pigeon get a break? The answer is an apparent no as Nevada Barr really puts the Park Ranger through another series of harrowing events. Anna, on administrative leave, decides to accompany her husband on a white water rafting trip. The river is on the BORDERLINE of Texas and Mexico. Through a series of misfortunes, Anna soon finds herself dodging bullets. It’s not necessary to have read other book in the series, but fans will Anna Pigeon’s progression. She’s becomes darker, cyn [...]

    Solid escapist reading featuring an admirable hero who has toughness, heart, and humor, the Park Ranger Anna Pigeon. In this tale, she is recovering from a past violent experience and joins a rafting expedition on the Rio Grand with her husband and some college students. In a remote canyon of Big Bend National Park, they encounter what appears to be a drowned pregnant Mexican woman and soon come under rifle fire from the cliffs above. Elsewhere in the park, the female mayor of Houston is attendi [...]

    In the 15th installment of Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon mystery series, Borderline, Anna returned to solve another mystical and wild adventure for this mystery. Shaken from her ordeal in Lake Superior, Anna was on administrative leave and diagnosed with PTSD, she went on a rafting trip with her new husband Paul in Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas. But when their raft was lost, it wasn't anything but peaceful and relaxing. A young college student fell overboard, and caught between two bould [...]

    Barr hides the sheer plot (as in thin, see-through, and not sheer like the canyon walls towering above the Rio Grande as the characters embark on a doomed rafting trip) with suspenseful action and peril, but all the bloody commotion and the one red herring can't hide the easy answer to the whodunit. Barr can craft exciting mysteries, but lately her M.O. seems to be to pound the living shit out of her Ranger main character, Anna Pigeon, while she stumbles toward the villain who has a twisted psyc [...]

    #15 in the Anna Pigeon series. Anna starts to phase out of her Park Ranger career.Ranger Anna Pigeon on leave after killing a murderer in self defense in Isle Royale is on a rafting adventure with husband Paul along the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park. They find a dying pregnant woman caught in flood debris and rescue her daughter by caesarian after she dies. A sniper kills two rafters and someone seems determined to kidnap the infant.

    The first book I've read in the Anna Pigeon series, and the start of my obsession with them. I am now attempting to find and read all of them in order. The settings of the books, of course, are what take them over the top for me. The mysteries and characters are also very good, however, the defining point that sets them apart is the settings.

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