The Strange Files of Fremont Jones

The Strange Files of Fremont Jones

The Strange Files of Fremont Jones Set in turn of the century San Francisco whose foggy gaslit streets still echo with the sounds of horsedrawn carriages as well as the clang of cablecar bells The Strange Files of Fremont Jones intr

  • Title: The Strange Files of Fremont Jones
  • Author: Dianne Day
  • ISBN: 9780553569216
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in turn of the century San Francisco, whose foggy, gaslit streets still echo with the sounds of horsedrawn carriages as well as the clang of cablecar bells, The Strange Files of Fremont Jones introduces a plucky, independent heroine who might well be the natural ancestor of those modern private eyes Kinsey Millhone and Kat Colorado When proper Bostonian and WellesleySet in turn of the century San Francisco, whose foggy, gaslit streets still echo with the sounds of horsedrawn carriages as well as the clang of cablecar bells, The Strange Files of Fremont Jones introduces a plucky, independent heroine who might well be the natural ancestor of those modern private eyes Kinsey Millhone and Kat Colorado When proper Bostonian and Wellesley graduate Fremont nee Caroline Jones buys a train ticket to San Francisco to escape her stepmother s meddlesome matchmaking and embark on a career as an independent type writer, she surely knows she is headed for adventure Well brought up young ladies simply didn t do that sort of thing in 1905 But she soon discovers that her new career may involve excitement than she bargained for Certainly she had never intended to become so personally embroiled in the lives of her clients First there is Justin Cameron, the dashingly handsome and somewhat feckless young lawyer, whose charm almost sweeps Fremont off her feet and lands her in mortal danger Then there is the strangely disturbed and wildly frightened Edgar Allan Partridge, whose phantasmagoric autobiographical manuscript sends her on a mission of discovery up the California coast And finally there is the elegant and deferential Li Wong, whose untimely death is linked to the paper Fremont typed for him, the content of which she cannot recall With a setting and period meticulously observed, and a feisty, feminist protagonist, The Strange Files of Fremont Jones provides entertainment and intrigue for modernists and history lovers alike.

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      160 Dianne Day
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    The cover and references to Poe and Lovecraft led me to expect a supernatural element which is not, as it turns, present. The base plot is the story of a young, well-off Bostonian woman who moves to San Francisco seeking independence and opens a typing agency. Due to the backgrounds of clients who come randomly to her business she is presented with opportunities to involve herself is goings-on that don't concern her. This is a first-person narration and how much you like it may depend in part on [...]

    The author bio of Dianne Day states "is the author of nine novels of romantic suspense" and at times it shows. More than one scene contained the "purple prose & heaving bosoms" one might expect to find in a romance novel. There is plenty in this novel to still warrent a read, if you are a fan of historical mystery. There were interesting historical details throughout and some education on treatment of the Chinese people who were living in California at the beginning of the 1900s. This is a f [...]

    The Strange Files of Fremont Jones was an enjoyable, and sometimes hilarious read. A great mystery that didn't take itself too seriously, and honestly, I just can't resist a good story with a witty female protagonist and a tall distinguished older gentleman in it.

    The first lesson any author should learn is what genre of book he/she is writing. Dianne Day didn't quiiiiite have that figured out. The Strange Files of Fremont Jones starts off as a coming-of-age story of a young woman in 1905 then morphs into a potential mystery before taking on supernatural elements of weird Poe-esque formatting until settling in for a single sex scene that could have come out of any trashy dime-store romance novel. Not cool and I'd like to hope, not her best effort!Because [...]

    I agree with the synopsis of Day's File of Fremont Jones here on GoodReads in that it compares Jones to Grafton's Kinsey Millhone. The characters certainly have a very similar vibe and I think fans of Grafton's Alphabet Series would enjoy Jones. I do think I will end up reading through the series eventually but there were some pretty big disappointments in this opener. I really wanted more depth from Jones - as well as a bit more maturity/common sense. Both the main character and the majority of [...]

    The Strange Files of Fremont Jones is set in San Francisco in 1905. Caroline Fremont Jones is a thoroughly modern miss whose father has no real idea how to control her or make her confirm to society’s expectations of how women should act. She has now finished her college education and is at a bit of a loss on what to do next. Her father married a woman that Caroline dislikes and her new stepmother believes that marriage is all that a woman requires and has just the nephew in mind for Caroline. [...]

    Two and a half stars is charitable for what is obviously a first novel. Day has some good ideas that could have borne more development than the "gothic" bit. The ending was rushed, going more for Twilight Zone last-scene effect a than satisfying finish. I got very tired indeed of the interpolations of Edgar/Peregrine's supposed stories, which led me to wonder if Ms Day had tried her hand at that particular genre without success. I know wealthy girls were supposedly kept wrapped in cotton wool in [...]

    THE STRANGE FILES OF FREMONT JONES - OkayDay, Dianne - 1st in seriesBrave, resourceful, adventurous Fremont (nee Caroline) Jones is a woman ahead of her time. Hungry for independence, she's traded in her conventional life in Boston for a career as a "type-writer" in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. But Fremont soon discovers that her clients aren't always what they appear to be, and that in doing her job she's transcribing her way into a wealth of mystery—and mortal danger.Dashing lawyer Jus [...]

    I am a big fan of Molly Murphy and the Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen Rhys Bowen as well as The Blackbird Sisters by Nancy Martin. Nancy Martin I was excited to start another female detective novel set in a specific historical time. The Boston connection was perfect for me as a New Englander. There certainly were some twists to this story. The plot line intrigued my thirst for American history and introduced me to the world of the American Asian culture in California at the turn of the centu [...]

    Caroline Fremont Jones is an engaging character you can relate to and understand her motives well. She is making her way in the world against odds and convention. She uses both her brain and her heart, it's easy to feel respect her and root for her. I definitely want to read more about her. The supporting characters are all well developed and you have a strong feeling they will show up throughout the series. There is a bit of romance along with the suspense. It's a fun read with a lot of researc [...]

    Fremont Jones series is just good reading and meant to be very enjoyable as a character. She is the early independent thinking woman and she is resourceful and fun. She strikes out on her own and learns early the "school of hard knocks" but she is persistent and you will find yourself getting involved with her latest challenge and cheering her on and then sometimes it will touch you just for a moment when she is so alone and loses faith in herself. If you loved Nancy Drew (those of you who remem [...]

    I ended up reading this simply because it was on the shelf and I wanted something to read while staying at the in-laws' house. It's a mystery novel set in the early 1900's (I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of San Francisco in that era) about a young woman going against the grain by being out on her own, making a life, and not running away from trouble. I'm sure it's targeted more to women, but I ended up enjoying it anyway and even read some of the later books in the series as well. It's [...]

    First in a historical mystery series set in San Francisco during the early 1900's. I liked the main character, though I doubt if she was historically appropriate, but the various plot elements were just OK and there was a bit too much romance.

    So much fun, set at the perfect time and in one of my favorite places, San Fransisco. I love Fremont. What a woman!

    A charming, compelling voice gets this novel off to a zippy start. Once under way, though, I began to suspect that her narrator's voice and a few plot ideas were all Dianne Day had planned. In 1905, rebellious bluestocking Caroline Fremont Jones flees Boston for San Francisco, drops "Caroline," and sets up as a typist. Excellent premise! However . . . Another reviewer has compared Day to Sue Grafton; I agree in that both authors meander and vamp, as if they're not sure which way to steer their n [...]

    Caroline Fremont Jones leaves her father's house in Boston when he goes off on his honeymoon with his new wife who has plans to marry off Caroline to her nephew. Having graduated from Wellesley College and not interested in being a society matron, Caroline moves to San Francisco in March 1905 and sets up a typewriting service and drop the Caroline, becoming Fremont Jones. Her typing jobs bring an assortment of characters from a young lawyer unable to afford a secretary, to a skeletal figure writ [...]

    I enjoyed this story a lot. Having just read another book where the author dragged out the story (was she being paid by the word?) I appreciated the intelligence of this one where the story was able to jump ahead and leave out the boring details because she had before mentioned what she was about to do.I found the story itself to be quite original, the heroine was strong and courageous yet still feminine. I normally don't care for Gothic tales, which were included here as a book she was typing f [...]

    This story was creepy but not really scary. It did keep my interest though and when I wasn´t reading I was wondering about what would happen. I´m glad I finally read it since I´ve had his book on my to-be-read list for a really long time. Fremont Jones reminds me a lot of myself, strong-willed and different. I love that she left her home to support herself and decided not to be married. She wanted to be her own person without the limits of societies ideals. I can´t wait to see what happens a [...]

    I rate this brain ok a 3.5. There much I like - Fremont, who matures in this novel, San Francisco in 1906, good mix of good/bad guys and not knowing which is which (although its obvious quickly), and enough suspense to keep me reading. But, it was a bit too macabre and a sex scene - really? Not what I would expect in a suspense/mystery book. But, I will continue with this series and see how it goes.

    I'm a bit torn on how to review this book. There were things I liked about it, but there were also things that really didn't work for me, or felt odd and out of place with the rest of the book. I decided to go with the three stars, because overall, I did enjoy the book enough to finish it.Fremont is a spunky, independent character, and I liked that she determinedly made a life for herself on her own terms, in spite of living at a time when this was difficult for women. She is intelligent and tho [...]

    This was my introduction to author Dianne Day. What a wonderful way to meet an author - through a book I thoroughly enjoyed. Imagine my disappointment to learn she died 5 years ago. However, there are more books in this series, and I look forward to more adventures with Fremont Jones, a gutsy lady for her time.

    If you like San Francisco, spirited heroines, mysterious suiters, and the Edwardian era, this is the book for you. It's a light read--fun and quick, just the thing for a rainy day. I will admit that parts of it got me a little spooked, and I learned not to stay up too late reading this. In the end, it was a lovely book, and I've already ordered the second in the series.

    This is the second Fremont Jones mysteries I've read and I really enjoy them. I admire Fremont Jones for adventuring across the nation to start out on her own.

    This was amazing! I actually read the sequel to this, Fire and Fog, a few months earlier. That was unintentional.I found Fire & Fog in the library's withdrawn pile, and it looked GOOD. And it WAS!!I knew it was the second in a series, so I made it a point to finally read the first Fremont book! It did not disappoint. It was a real page turner, and I would have finished it sooner than I did. But I was also reading two other books to get through the holidays, and I purposely slowed down near t [...]

    Set in San Francisco in the early 20th century, The Strange Files of Fremont Jones is about a modern woman who abandons her wealthy Boston home to seek her own life. She has vowed never to marry, so when her father and his new wife are on their honeymoon, she leaves for San Francisco and starts a typing business. Things are going well, and she becomes involved with her new friends: a young lawyer named Justin Cameron, her curious landlady, Mrs O'Leary, and a mysterious neighbor, Michael Archer. [...]

    This, the first in the Fremont Jones series, is a historical mystery set in San Francisco previous to the great earthquake of 1906.Fremont Jones is an independent young woman from Boston, who, in order to escape her intrefering step-mother, establlishes her own typing business in far-away San Francisco.When handsome lawyer Justin Cameron hires her, he causes her pulse to quicken and her head to whirl, creating a confusing mix of emotions.Eccentric writer Edgar Allen Partridge hires her to type a [...]

    And strange they were indeed. Assuming from the title that the Fremont Jones series was a mystery series I plowed on to find an interesting independent woman of the early 1900's determined to make a living for herself and stumbling somewhat into various mysteries. Leaving her family home in Boston, Fremont Jones (Formerly Caroline Jones) begins a typing service oh the west coast in San Francisco and almost immediately finds herself in too deep when presented with a manuscript from mysterious aut [...]

    I liked this book and think the series has potential (we'll see after the second one). The atmosphere is well built, the characters are fine and the tension between the two main characters (Michael and Fremont) builds up nicely and logically (some contemporary thrillers just throw the main characters in a sexual frenzy right after they've met which is ok but can also get boring or lame after a while or after reading some such books). Of course, you know how these two will end up, but still it is [...]

    Caroline Fremont Jones, aka Fremont Jones, is her own woman during the time women had only the rights bestowed her by her father or husband. Fremont Jones leaves her father’s home with a college degree and a small amount of money left her by her mother in hand because she has a non-compatible relationship with her stepmother who disapproves of Fremont because she refuses to wear a corset and behave as women of the day are expected to behave. Freemont moves to San Francisco and opens a letter t [...]

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