Soldier Boys

Soldier Boys

Soldier Boys Spencer Morgan and Dieter Hedrick are on opposite sides of the war and fighting for the same thing At the age of fifteen Dieter s blind devotion gets him promoted from Hitler Youth into the German ar

  • Title: Soldier Boys
  • Author: Dean Hughes Kim McGillivray
  • ISBN: 9780689860218
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spencer Morgan and Dieter Hedrick are on opposite sides of the war and fighting for the same thing At the age of fifteen, Dieter s blind devotion gets him promoted from Hitler Youth into the German army Dieter s determined to prove his allegiance and bravery all costs Spence, just sixteen, drops out of his Utah high school to begin training as a paratrooper He s seenSpencer Morgan and Dieter Hedrick are on opposite sides of the war and fighting for the same thing At the age of fifteen, Dieter s blind devotion gets him promoted from Hitler Youth into the German army Dieter s determined to prove his allegiance and bravery all costs Spence, just sixteen, drops out of his Utah high school to begin training as a paratrooper He s seen how boys who weren t much in high school can come home heroes, and Spence wants to prove to his friends and family that he really can be something Their worst fear was that the war would end too soon that they wouldn t get the chance to prove themselves But when they finally see the action they were hoping for, it s like nothing they could have ever imagined.

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      466 Dean Hughes Kim McGillivray
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    This book was one of the best I’ve read. Today I was planning on reading only a chapter, but I ended up finishing it instead. The ending was so amazing and shocking that it actually made me cry! It makes one wonder if there are more books similar to this, either fiction or nonfiction. Stories like this showcase our history, and people should read about it. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, it should still be a relevant topic for books. I highly recommend this book!

    This was a really good book. It was annoying I couldn't read ahead because it was the in class reading. I definately say anyone that likes world war 2 book that this is a good book showing the sides of the germans and the american through 2 different people.

    This book was great! It was about two young boys in World War II, German Dieter Hendrick and American Spence Morgan. They both join their armies because they want the chance to prove themselves on the battlefield. They both think that the war will end to soon and they wont get their chance. But what they don't realize is what happens on the battlefield.

    This was a pretty good book. I liked how it was about two soldiers and their time in war. I also liked how they were on different sides of the war so it talked in different perspectives. Another thing I like was how they were both fighting each other or they were against each other, but still helped each other out. I liked this book because it shows bravery, kindness, sadness, happiness, and so much more. I thing if you like war you would like this book. This is what I thought about Soldier boys [...]

    First go all it is such a bad book in my opinion , the book would be good for people that like historical fiction (not me). Overall the book is confusing if you are like me you didn't understand that the 2 main characters were on the opposite side. It was really daunting to read because of the german word that are in it. I would have never picked this book up and i suggested if you don't like historical don't choose this book. There are other book s and I don't think i am going to read them.

    This book is about 2 people, named Spencer, and Dieter. Spencer wants to go in the war but his dad doesn't want him to yet. Dieter is already preparing for the war. This book is one of the best historical fiction books i've ever read. I would recommend this book to almost anyone.

    I really enjoyed this book. It is definitely one of the saddest books I have ever read. I like how the author wrote the book so you would know that Spencer and Dieter would eventually meet but you didn't know how they would meet. I like how she had them meet but did not tell you so you had to make an inference that the German soldier Spencer was helping was Dieter. I did not expect them to meet like that and I definitely did not expect Spencer to sacrifice himself for Dieter. Like other reviewer [...]

    This book had a really profound effect on me. Spencer demonstrated what it means to be a true Christian. The fact that a 16 year old boy is willing to show such humanity towards his "enemy" is very touching. I cried when I read the last page. Spencer started out as an innocent young boy who wanted to become an illustrious and famous soldier to impress a girl. He died as a much more remarkable hero - the type that doesn't win every honor that the army has to offer, the type that doesn't get remem [...]

    This is my favorite book this whole year! The whole book was centered around to teenagers that join the army during World War 2. Dieter is one of the boys, and he is a German. And Spence is the other boy and he is American. The conflict is the trails they face and how meet while fighting. What happens when they meet, it's so unpredictable. Dieter is injured, and crying for help, on the bottom of a hill. The Americans hear him, but because he's German, they order their men to leave Dieter to die. [...]

    I don't think I've ever read a more heartbreaking story in my life. This book was absolutely beautiful, following the tale of two young boys (one 15 and German, and the other 16 and American) who are on opposite sides during WWII. I enjoyed every minute of this amazing novel and Dean Hughs truly captures the essence of war and its effect on people. the ending was something I never would have expected and the way he wrote it had me sobbing my heart out - and I rarely ever cry when reading. It was [...]

    It was a good book but hard to understand the peoples different stories until you get farther in the book, but over all it wasn't a bad book.

    i think that the book was good. The beginning was a little slow but once i got into the middle of the book it got really good really fast. The end of the book was a plot twist.

    When one reads a war book, it's always nice if the book is in first person. It gives the reader a hope that the narrator will survive the horrible events that you know will unfold. Unfortunately this book is in third person. Actually, it's two third person stories interwoven. One, that of Dieter, a young German boy swept up into the Hitler Youth, and the other of Spencer, a young Mormon boy, who quits high school in order to enlist in the paratroopers. Both boys come to see behind the glamour of [...]

    (The beginning of this book made me nervous as it started out quite slow. However, after about 40 or 50 pages, I started to notice my interest level changing and my desire to put the book down became less and less).This is such a great dual-perspective story about a boy named Spence and a boy named Dieter. As the story progresses, you come to care greatly for both of the characters, even when you want to shake some sense into Dieter.Dean Hughes did an incredible job weaving a tale that ultimatel [...]

    What I learned from this book is to never give up and to quote from this book" It is okay to pass out, just never stop on purpose.So run until you drop."

    I thought it was a pretty good book! I liked how it kinda explained to you what the men had to go through before and during the war. I didn't like it at times because I thought it was kinda graphic when the kids or the men got shot and it explained how they looked after the shot. I was surprised and kinda disappointed on how the book ended but other then that it was a good book!

    Overall I thought the book was pretty good. I like how in one chapter it was about one character, and in the next chapter, it was about another character. I thought the book used quite a bit of detail and I think it was written very well. That is until the end. The way the book ended made me very disappointed. It happened way to fast and when I was reading it, it felt like the author was rushing to finish it quickly so they shortened it. Even with the ending, the rest of the story was written we [...]

    I really liked this book. I liked how it switched from person to person, but at times it was kind of confusing. Usually I stay away from historical fiction but it was still really good

    Soldier Boys, a fictional book was written by Dean Hughes, This book is actually awesome although the cover of it looks boring, but because my friend suggested it to me and I also like reading about war and fiction books so I picked it up. In my opinion, it wasn’t a good book in the first time I read me feel that I was staying in the war. By the way, this story talks about 2 young men came from 2 other countries which were an enemy in the World War II, they are America and Germany. Spence Morg [...]

    I liked the book, I think part of it is that I am interested in WWII. I think that it was one of the better historical fiction books that I have read. I would recommend it to any who likes historical fiction or WWII, or history in general.

    Do you like the military? Would you like to hear it from two different sides? The novel Soldier Boys by Dean Hughes should be your next reading adventure. It fits into the genre of historical fiction, young adult fiction, and biographical fiction. It is a tragic and compassionate type of novel. The novel takes place in Germany, then in Utah during the time of World War I. The author did a great job explaining the difference between the military in Germany and the military in the United States of [...]

    After finishing "Soldier Boys," by Dean Hughes, I was rather disappointed. This book did not really stand out to me, it just seemed like your average historical fiction novel about World War Two.At first, this book seemed like it was going to be very exciting. One of the main characters, Spencer, wanted to join the army and was trying to convince his dad to sign his papers. When Spencer's dad did sign the papers, he went to a military training camp in Georgia. At this point, Spencer's part of th [...]

    Soldier Boys was a very good book and it was really interesting to see World War 2 from the view of a young American boy, and a young German boy. This book is about two young boys, one from America named Spence, and one from Germany named Dieter, that both wanted to do their part in the war to help their country. Everyone learns about World War 2 in school and from your parents, how horrible it was and how so many died, but they never tell you what it was like from the perspective of the people. [...]

    I really enjoyed this book because it showed and talked about what it was like to fight in WWII. Especially for young boys like Spencer Morgan who is a American and Dieter Hedrick Who is a German. I felt kind of amazed how the adults of our country or any other would allow young children like these two boys to fight in one of the most deadliest wars ever were they will witness many horrible things. I like the fact that these two young boys decided to go to war and fight for their country and for [...]

    This book is about two boys who want to fight in World War II. Spencer wants to fight in the American side and he wants to prove to his dad that he will not give up on something he want to do. The other boy is named Dieter and he wants to kill all of the Americans in this story. The author made you hooked from the book when the fighting starts to happen. The author knows his World War II fatcs really well. You can tell that this author studys a lot on this subject. The author makes you care abou [...]

    I think the book was actually targeted more to a younger crowd (maybe middle school) so it lacked the depth that you see in more adult novels. But overall I liked it because I often find that war books intended for older audiences confuse me with technical talk that I find hard to follow, where this book kept things relatively simple. It focuses on the individual (though short) war experiences of two boys on opposite sides, and I liked what happened at the end of the book when they meet. While I [...]

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