The Money Illusion

The Money Illusion

The Money Illusion Kessinger Publishing is the place to find hundreds of thousands of rare and hard to find books with something of interest for everyone

  • Title: The Money Illusion
  • Author: Irving Fisher
  • ISBN: 9780548124260
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kessinger Publishing is the place to find hundreds of thousands of rare and hard to find books with something of interest for everyone

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      365 Irving Fisher
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    This quick read was written by Irving Fisher in the 1920's prior to the Crash.Intended to inform the public about the danger of thinking that a dollar is something fixed, this book describes inflation and deflation in a clear, understandable way. Fisher was not a gold bug and writes, quite rightly, that there is no magic in gold, it fluctuates in value like anything else.The only way to properly assess value is to price a selection of commonly purchased items to create an index that can be track [...]

    good: shows that sometimes having more money is an illusion as the prices of goods rise even higherd: provides the grounds for the theories of stabilizing the price level, which are most to blame for our current situation world-wide

    Irving Fisher, atormentado pela indiferença dos seus contemporâneos, escreveu este manifesto científico sobre a Moeda e sua natureza. Os cidadãos, as empresas e os próprios Estado gerem o presente e preparam o futuro com base numa mercadoria, a que chamam Moeda, que tanto pode ser areia como pode ser ouro, dependendo de caprichos cíclicos aparentemente insondáveis. Noventa anos depois, uma obra que se mantém atual no mundo dos Bancos Centrais e suas impressoras.

    Very revealing book.ough some on of the discussions regarding the gold bullion and the gold standard seem to be outdated, it remains a problem for readers to find out how the monetary system has evolved in the last ~100 years. Now most of the countries have adopted a fiat currency. I really need to fill the gap (through some economic history books) between the transformation from Fisher's era to our current era.

    Must have been an impactful book when it was released. Some of the lessons do not seem relevant anymore, but has a good basic analysis of inflation and deflation. Recommended for everyone that proposes a return to a gold standard.

    what gives this book (which is based on lectures given in the summer of 1927 before the Geneva school of International Studies) the taste it has is Irvings linguistic strengths, knowledge and good faithually books about economics are very dry, language of the numbers, a lifeless emotionless books that talks about a dry subject for those who are not intrigued by economics, but somehow, Irving Fisher managed to make this book a one of a kind, I can say that this is a great literature amazingly wri [...]

    This book represents Fisher's seminal work on money and his recognition as the father of the economic school of Monetarism. In "The Money Illusion" he lays out the nature of money in a modern society and speaks to the false security of gold or any other standard to the "value" of money. He explains clearly the effects of deflation and inflation on currencies and emphasizes the importance of government and their monetary authorities in acting to stabilize their effects through responsible governa [...]

    Irving Fisher may be better remembered for some highly mistaken predictions of good times just before the market crash in 1929. Yet his was a life that well demonstrated the economist's caution: If you make predictions, be certain they outlive you. Irving Fisher despite all the derision he suffered was a shrewd analyst of how money disguises how money as a denominator of value conceals the important reality of economic life.Not great reading as lectures seldom are. This small pamphlet-like book, [...]

    An old classic with the most simplest of explanation into the very complex matters of: inflation, deflation, falling store of value as it pertains to money. It might be old but very, very useful.

    This started out so basic that I considered quitting. He gets more technical as the text progresses. I think this would be most interesting for people interested in the history of monetary theory. So, I enjoyed it, but I can't think of anyone off the top of my head to whom I would recommend it.

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