Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves

Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves

Cassette From My Ex Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves An art form combining the skills of a DJ with the intimacy of a letter a good mixtape was the ultimate audio valentine Today when the iPod and playlists reign supreme the cassette has been rendered

  • Title: Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves
  • Author: Jason Bitner
  • ISBN: 9780312565527
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An art form combining the skills of a DJ with the intimacy of a letter, a good mixtape was the ultimate audio valentine Today, when the iPod and playlists reign supreme, the cassette has been rendered obsolete, and the art of crafting these sonic calling cards has been relegated to back of the closet, thirty something nostalgia Now, thanks to Jason Bitner, we can reliveAn art form combining the skills of a DJ with the intimacy of a letter, a good mixtape was the ultimate audio valentine Today, when the iPod and playlists reign supreme, the cassette has been rendered obsolete, and the art of crafting these sonic calling cards has been relegated to back of the closet, thirty something nostalgia Now, thanks to Jason Bitner, we can relive our lost youth and lost loves In Cassette from My Ex, sixty noted writers and musicians wax poetic about their own experiences with these charming artifacts and the relationships that inspired them Contributors include Maxim editor Joe Levy Author Rick Moody Former Rolling Stone writer and MTV2 veejay Jancee Dunn The Magnetic Fields Claudia GonsonStories range from the irreverently sweet, such as the doomed love affair between a Deadhead and a Goth, to the touching, such as the heartbreaking discovery of a former love passing away Everyone will find a story or a song to relate to Just hit play.

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    DO NOT BUY/READ THIS BOOK IF YOU ARE OCD about your music collection. After picking it up out of the bargain bin, I ended up staying up til 2am on a work night, giddily figuring out which songs I had in my music collection and which re-discovered "lost loves" i needed to acquire by download or used hardcopy. An amazing read, but definitely the basis for a compulsion! a week and more down the road and I am STILL using this book as a reference to find music and songs, whether I'm downloading them [...]

    So yeah. If you know me, you know I love mix tapes. Not mix cds, though I've grown to like them pretty okay over since, say 2004. I was a late-comer and a late-leaver to the mix-tape game, and it's true, they are far superior to CDs. Mostly, I didn't like this book. Here's why. It's compiled by those Found dudes, and I like that concept in theory, but in practice it gets kind of tedious. As this book did. The vignette authors by and large weren't very good writers and I was reading it all at a c [...]

    This was just a wonderful book. Short little vignettes that show just how much a mixtape once meant. Being a child of the late 80s, I just barely caught the tail end of the mixtape world, and by the time I was really old enough to swap one that would have any meaning, the format had moved to mix CDs. Now, in an era of playlists and file sharing, it's so refreshing to read a book about the art of the mixtape - not just the song selection, but the presentation, the inside jokes, the art, everythin [...]

    Hit or miss stories, but overall and interesting and memory-inducing read. While I've always been an avid mix maker, I never had friends (especially girlfriends) who were as interested in music as I was. I remember making mixes for myself and various events. In gym class, for example, we could make tapes to be played during stretching. I'll never forget making that tape because I had to be very careful in bleeping out any cuss words which I accomplished by quickly hitting and releasing the pause [...]

    Honestly I started getting a superiority complex while reading this book. I just felt that every mix tape I ever made or received was way better than anything in this book. I guess that is the nostalgia speaking which is the only reason this book even gets three stars - its simply because of the nostalgia. The format was interesting and I enjoyed the concept but it did get a bit tedious after a while and I didn't know anything about most of the writers. I enjoyed my own trip down memory lane whi [...]

    I really thought I was going to like this book more considering my love for making mix tapes. It is a compilation of cassette-tape-related memoirs from different writers. About half way through the book I just got kind of bored with reading everyone's only slightly varied versions of the same angst-y, teenage relationships that played out on tapes.

    I like the design even more than the text (although many of the essays were very amusing). Beautiful book.

    I recently saw a news piece on how cassette tapes are making a bit of a comeback and are quite popular amongs music lovers. And not only are they popular with nostalgic with Generation X, who have fond memories of creating their own cassette tapes. They are also gaining popularity amongst teens and twenty-somethings. Inspired by this new found tidbit, I just had to post the following review I published for an old blog of mine.Co-creator of Found magazine Jason Bitner was cleaning out his basemen [...]

    I found a receipt inside my copy from Borders dated 3/24/10 which shows that A. M. Mullen bought this book in Peoria IL (they had the full name listed which I find pretty invasive for a receipt but what the heck do I know)Sadly--this little tidbit was about as interesting as the book.I loved making mix-tapes, having a bunch of favorite songs on one tape--the ones you listened to when your day needed a pick-up, the ones you made to take to work or for the bus ride to help psych yourself up for th [...]

    I really enjoyed reading and browsing through this book and it made me nostalgic for the days that my friends and I would trade mix tapes. I remember pouring over my records and CDs looking for the perfect songs to complete each mix tape. I remember listening to and analyzing the possible hidden meaning in the songs on a tape made for me by a crush. This book is full of personal stories involving the making of or receiving of a mix tape. Some are sad and painful to read, while others are full of [...]

    As with any compilation of stories by different authors, some tales were better told than other. I enjoyed this book, overall, but there was a sense of same-ness to it all - all the relationships are of a certain age and generation (the one that exchanged mix tapes), the relationships are all hetero, and, of course, they all end in break-up. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had set the book down between stories, rather than read them one right after the other - the same-ness might not h [...]

    This book is put together by one of the editors of Found magazine and I recognized a few of the contributors. It's a nostalgic, of course, and I liked the stories and the feel of the book, reminding me of so many of the 'zine-y books that came out in the early 2000s. I love making mixed tapes and I've been on the receiving end of some pretty fantastic ones so I'm giving it a half star bump on nostalgia grounds. 3.5 stars.

    Each story in this book seems to ring true to the reader.nt everyone still have that one or 100 cassettte tapes they stilll play? and when they play them arent they magically transported to that amazing time in their life when music meant much more thatn a video on tv or a flashy show of who won what award? classic

    What a great concept- each writer wrote a brief story about a mix tape received from a lost love. Really took me back as some of the stories overlapped my college years. So thankful to the people who turned me on to new music over the years.

    Mini-essays about past loves and the music that went with them.I don't think I ever made a mixtape for a love interest, and I'm 99% sure I never received a mixtape from a love interest. I've made and received mixtapes and mix CDs for/from friends and people I didn't know, but never as part of a romantic situation. I obviously missed out on good times. Still, as someone who loves music, loves sharing music, and is anally retentive about getting mixes *just right*, I thought this was a charming bo [...]

    Cassette from my Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves, edited by Jason Bitner (finished 3/12/15): Given my obsession with (and passion for) the mix tape (now CD), I loved this book. I had (have) the ability to follow a theme/keep a flow. I possess an overflowing library of tunes. I walk the thin line between obsessive-compulsive and creative. My only regret is that no one thought to ask me to submit a story (or three). I only recognized a few names from the Table of Contents but, reading bi [...]

    Go here for full review with links: iheartdaily/2009/10/caThe mixtape was a major art form of the 80s and 90s -- you'd make one for your best friends and longtime crushes, painstakingly choosing every song and then putting them in the right order. Don't even get me started on how much effort went into naming each side and decorating the case. Well, all good art movements deserve a tribute book, and now the mixtape has one: Cassette From My Ex (St. Martin's, $23) is a collection of stories and so [...]

    I fell in love with this book the instant I picked it up. I had been sitting in Shakespeare & Co. for hours, leafing through cover after cover, searching for an epic book to take home with me from this most wonderful of bookstores. I knew this was it before I'd finished the first page.I started making cassette recordings as a kid in the '90s, with my siblings and a couple friends. I didn't know then that it would turn into a lifelong obsession with creating and giving mix tapes. The tapes ha [...]

    This book hit the spot because I read it while transferring my music from an old computer to a new one. The result was that I felt encouraged to rediscover songs from my own past, as well as create a couple new mixes.Each story in the book is only a couple pages. So yes, it can be tedious to read specifics about when a couple met and what they shared in common, but the stories are so short that I didn't mind. Each has a touch of humor and a clear pull of nostalgia.I grew up at the very end of th [...]

    Hmmm Absolutely in love with the idea of this book (hence why I purchased it), but was ultimately a bit disappointed.The quality of writing of many of the contributors left a bit to be desired for my tastes, too many of the stories were too similar (which could be a statement about mix tape culture more than the book or authors, I suppose), and there seemed to be too little analysis of lyrical content and why the playlists were what they wereStill, for someone who is more than a little voyeurist [...]

    From Flavorwire: Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves is a wonderful, nostalgic, charmingly obsessive ode to the mixtape — in particular, to mixtapes made by ex-lovers. Jason Bitner, co-creator of FOUND magazine, conceived of the project while cleaning out his basement, where he found an old mixtape given to him by his first girlfriend in the dark ages of 1991. Inspired by the nature of the tape as a time capsule (and as the “perfect vehicle for expressing love”), he [...]

    I am ALL about reminiscent teenage love stories, especially with music involved. And as an avid mix maker - From tapes and CDs for myself and my friends since childhood to now excessively making playlists - This book is perfect for me. Just a super cute concept in general! There are a few real good stories in here. (My favorite part is knowing a song or two, or three, that an author had put on their tape, and going, "oh man, really good choice")Overall an excellent flip-through book for nostalgi [...]

    My first comment about this book is, “Where was I when they were writing it? I have received a treasure trove of mix tapes, have lovingly made just as many, and have great stories to go with each of them. In college, they were serious business in my circle of friends. I have at least one of each category listed in the different types of mixes. So I enjoyed this book cover to cover. I liked seeing the actual tapes, as some of the cassettes were the same brands that my mixes are on. Truly it is [...]

    Great concept and format. The highlights of this book are the mixtape track listings themselves, along with the photos and scans of the notes that went along with them. The vignettes weren't particularly well-written, unfortunately; I would have liked to see more authors and musicians with whom I was familiar, and all of the narratives were heteronormative, as far as I could see. (I also skipped the stories towards the end and just read the mixtape listings). Apparently I'd better reconsider bef [...]

    A brilliant nostalgia-fest extolling the virtues of the nearly-lost art of the mixed tape. The quality of the essays is wildly uneven, but it hardly matters - the point of the stories and carefully recreated playlists is to stimulate memories of your own mixed-tape moments, and this collection more than does its job. Complete with do and don't lists on every aspect of mix making, Cassette from my Ex is a blast from the past that makes you laugh, cry, and maybe even hum along.

    Digno para haberse editado por Taschen. Uno puede pensar mucho sobre este libro pero la verdad las historias son sosas y a veces los cassettes (mix tapes) no son los protagonistas. Relatos de una cultura distinta (American Way of life) en donde es difícil poder sentirse identificado. Lo que más me gustó de este libro son los tips y datos que dan sobre este precioso formato: Compact Cassette. Algo muy rescatable obvio son las fotografías de maxell, TDK y sony, aunque faltaron ampex y memorex. [...]

    this is a very special read. i used to make mix tapes all of the time, especially for girlfriends. this collection of essays hits some of the same notes as "high fidelity" but in more of an autobiographical nature of course. some stories really stand out, especially when they speak of heartbreak. if you love music and lists, and mix tapes, i highly recommend this book.

    fun concept, but not very innovative. really enjoyed the first 100 pages but it was too predictable. would have enjoyed a more thorough explanation from 6-8 of the authors, instead of new, quick stories every 3 pagesever, i still really appreciate the sentiment: mix tapes are special and memorable. and so is love!

    The mixed tape is a lost art. It was fun to revisit it in these short essays. They were mostly about lost loves but there were a few about friends, family, and muses mixed in. It inspired me to dig in the vaults of my mixes. The book even included snapshots of the cassette and the artwork on the case, which made the experience even more enjoyable.

    It was ok. A little bit too pedestrian. It's nice knowing that (semi-) famous people suffered the same drama and humiliation that most of us experienced when we were young. Ahh, nostalgia. Feeling so old now

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