Chitra - A Play in One Act

Chitra - A Play in One Act

Chitra A Play in One Act This antiquarian book contains Tagore Rabindranath s play Chitra It is a play in one act that adapts the story from the Mahabharata This particular tale revolves around the character Chitrangada

  • Title: Chitra - A Play in One Act
  • Author: Rabindranath Tagore
  • ISBN: 9781406730821
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • This antiquarian book contains Tagore Rabindranath s 1892 play, Chitra It is a play in one act that adapts the story from the Mahabharata This particular tale revolves around the character Chitrangada a female soldier who attempts to get the attention of Arjuna Chitra has been performed in many countries around the world and has been used as the basis for a varietThis antiquarian book contains Tagore Rabindranath s 1892 play, Chitra It is a play in one act that adapts the story from the Mahabharata This particular tale revolves around the character Chitrangada a female soldier who attempts to get the attention of Arjuna Chitra has been performed in many countries around the world and has been used as the basis for a variety of different mediums and formats, including dance Rabindranath Tagore 1861 1941 , was a Bengali polymath who was pivotal in the reshaping of Bengali literature and music This antiquarian book is being republished now in an affordable, modern, high quality edition, complete with a specially commissioned new biography of the author Many antiquarian books such as this are increasingly hard to come by and expensive, and it is with this in mind that we are republishing this book now in an affordable, modern, high quality edition It comes complete with a specially commissioned biography of the author.

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      184 Rabindranath Tagore
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    "Spurious fame spreads from tongue to tongue like the fog of the early dawn before the sun rises." --Chitra by Rabindranath TagoreToo True!

    ছোট্ট আবেগ বল আর যাই বল, উনার মত ভাল বর্ননা আর কেউ দিতে পারে না

    A nice play based on the story of Arjuna and Chitrangada from Mahabharata. Princess Chitrangada, who was a warrior and was always brought up like a boy, falls in love with Arjuna but he, unaware of her true identity, rejects her for she was too ordinary and lacked feminine beauty. She then asks Madana and Vasanta (Gods of love and youth) to bless her with perfect beauty of a woman. Being granted this wish, she succeeds in wooing Arjuna but as the time passed; she felt that her body has become he [...]

    A story of love's longing, of love's desperation, love's foolishness and finally, love's truth and dignity. No one tells it better than Tagore. Chitrangada, the beautiful daughter of Chitravahana, the King of Manipur, has been raised like a prince. She is strong and accomplished instead of feminine and retiring. She is renowned for her virtues of loyalty, strength and fearlessness rather than her looks. The plain girl however falls in love - with Arjuna no less - and wishes more than anything el [...]

    The play, “Chitra” is a short play taken from the “Mahabharata.” Chitra is a great warrior and a woman, but has been raised as a boy because her father, the king, had no male heir. The gods Madana and Vasanta give her a chance to spend time with her love, Arjuna, despite the fact that he has taken a vow of celibacy. Arjuna is taken with her beauty, but becomes unhappy that Arjuna is moved to give up his vow of celibacy. She asks the gods to remove the false image of herself so that Arjun [...]

    I don't know, maybe it's just because I knew so litle about Indian literature or maybe this really is just a boring play with dull plot written in truly uninteresting, unentertaining way.

    The introductory statement in the Sanskrit version of the Mahabharata asserts that ‘The tree of the Bharata, inexhaustible to mankind as the clouds, shall be a source of livelihood to all distinguished poets.’ In hindsight, one realises the truth in such a prophetic statement made by Vyasa, given how the Mahabharata defines the Indian literary sphere. The Mahabharata, itself, has had multiple retellings and interpretations among Indian languages. In the course of his 12 year exile, the Panda [...]

    مقتطفات من مسرحية شيترا للكاتب طاغور ----------------- إني لاجهل حيل المرأة في قنص القلوب , ان ذراعي العبلتين لا تعرفان سوى عطف القوس , انا لم ارى سهام كيوبيد يوما , و لم ادر ما هو لعب العيون !- محال تعلم لعب كهذا , انه لا يلقن يا فتاتي , الا تعلمين بأن العيون لتجهل كيف ترمي سهامها , ولكن قل [...]

    شيترا : انت ارجونا ؟ارجونا : اجل ، انا الضيف الجائع الى الحب ، جاء يقرع بابك .شيترا / طاغورالادب الهندي / 70 صفحةتعتمد هذه المسرحية الغنائية على القصة المأخوذة عن " المهابهاراتا " فيما كان " أرجونا " يسعى في مضطربه ، استجابة لنذر له توقف في " مانيبور " وبصر ثمة بالحسناء " شيترانفادا " [...]

    This Play was written based on the following story:In the course of his wanderings and in fulfillment of a vow of self-punishment, Arjuna came to Manipur. There he saw Chitrangada; the daughter of Chitravahana; the king of the country. He asked the king for the hand of his daughter. Chitravahana asked him who he was, and learning that he was Arjuna the Pandara, told him that Prabhanjana; one of his relatives in the kingly line of Manipur, had long been childless. In order to obtain an heir, he p [...]

    This play is all about Chitra who's got a little problem. Now Chitra is a princess who, due to her father not having a son, is brought up rather manly so she isn't that attractive. Then she happens to see Arjuna in the forest, falls in love with him and asks her really cool 'friend' who happens to be a god, to physically change her for a while so Arjuna will notice her. All this transpires, but Chitra must remember that the change is temporary Does Arjuna find out???This play is well written, th [...]

    Bhupati consacre sa vie au journal anglophone qu'il a fondé. Il en délaisse sa femme, la belle et jeune Chârulatâ, et confie à son cousin Amal, étudiant qu'il héberge, le soin de la distraire A sa parution, au tout début du XXe siècle, Chârulatâ scandalise la bonne société bengalie. Aujourd'hui, on admire la critique des mœurs, la très subtile tension érotique et, plus singulièrement, les rapports ici clandestins entre séduction et littérature. Ironie et poésie donnent à cet [...]

    This play was written in a very lovely, poetic fashion, and the style is so unique that it's easy to recommend on that basis. It was nice to see the message that it's more important for a woman to be tough, smart, and well-rounded than beautiful in a text old enough to be in the public domain, too, even if this is from the 20th century. I felt like this play was a bit slow moving, though, and even if that was the point of the whole thing, it wasn't quite to my taste. However, I plan to read more [...]

    Not bad, but nothing special. I'm not sure if it's the translator's fault, or Tagore's, but the language was not as fresh as his other stuff (Gitanjali, The Gardener). The dramatic element was pretty slack; however I wouldn't want to judge it based on my mainly Western understanding of drama. Just to warn the reader that there is little in the way of drama as we know it. It struck me as a less good version of a Noh play.Yeah. So, I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone.

    preeeetty good, although radical feminists will not really like.At first it seems like a generic redo of a romance story from the epics, but its more than that. What I really loved about it was the language. Even in English it was subtle, sensuous and symbolic.Negatives: Linear, and highly predictable plot.

    "I am Chitra. No goddess to be worshiped, nor yet the object of common pity to be brushed aside like a moth with indifference. If you deign to keep me by your side in the path of danger and daring, if you allow me to share the great duties of your life, then you will know my true self."I admire Chitra so much!

    পূজা করি মোরে রাখিবে ঊর্ধ্বেসে নহি নহি,হেলা করি মোরে রাখিবে পিছেসে নহি নহি।যদি পার্শ্বে রাখ মোরেসংকটে সম্পদে,সম্মতি দাও যদি কঠিন ব্রতেসহায় হতে,পাবে তবে তুমি চিনিতে মোরে। - (চিত্রাঙ্গদা - রবী [...]

    I believe an old edition of this play was found in a used bookstore in SW Michigan during the summer I lived there with Martin and Fin, my little brother. I knew who Tagore was and wanted to sample him thanks to the influence of Michael Miley.

    قصة شعرية قصيرة ذات معانٍ جميلة، لمن يفهم طبيعة المرأة وتفكيرها وما قد يؤذيها.

    I loved this play. There are layers upon layers of depth here. I'd love to expand it into a movie someday. And there are so many true feminist comments that can be made about it.

    A superb story told by a master by way of a playThe Indian Noble prize winning author has created a beautiful and enchanting story and presented it as a play. Definitely a must read for every indian

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