Three Down the Aisle

Three Down the Aisle

Three Down the Aisle Melanie D Anglelo seeks solace from heartbreak at Rose Cottage her grandmother s home on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay There she finds new love with Stefan Mikelewski and his six year old daughter

  • Title: Three Down the Aisle
  • Author: Sherryl Woods
  • ISBN: 9780373246632
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Mass Paper Back
  • Melanie D Anglelo seeks solace from heartbreak at Rose Cottage, her grandmother s home on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay There she finds new love with Stefan Mikelewski and his six year old daughter.

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      115 Sherryl Woods
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    This book dissapointed me quite a lot. I expected something like A Summer in Sonoma, but got plain, boring romance instead. There was basically no plot, no plot twist, no nothing. Just two people complaining all the time how they can't be together because they afraid they'll get dumped again. And Mike's friends were relly annoying, as well.Howeover the ending seemed quite sweet to me.

    After a relationship-gone-wrong, Melanie D'Angelo is convinced by her three sisters to quit her job and "heal" at their grandmother's home, Rose Cottage. She leaves Boston and heads to the small community of Irvington, Virginia, with plans to fix up Grandma's old house. Her best intentions are to forget about the recent past and regroup.Run-down and neglected, the 'Lindsey' cottage was a long-time dream of Stefan Mikelewski, aka Mike. It was a house he once tried to buy but the out-of-state owne [...]

    I thought that this was a super cute and sweet romance. I loved how Mike and Melanie became friends before lovers. They were really sweet together. I also love how Melanie was with Mike's daughter Jessie. It's a pretty short read, so the romance is quick. But I didn't mind, I actually found it quite believable. I definitely recommend this one. I look forward to the rest of the series.

    While this definitely isn't the sort of book I usually gravitate towards, I found it to be readable enough to hold my interest. I was annoyed with both Mike and Melanie, the hero and heroine, at different intervals (which seems to be a common occurance with me when it comes to romance novels) but ultimately it was enjoyable enough to prompt me to pick up the second in the series.

    Having spent a week up to my ears in my last paper for my class, I wanted a break. I knew Woods would give me what I want: romance with a little humor. I got exactly that. I don't think I could have picked another book to read that was so different than my research project. Now back to my paper.

    When I procrastinate it is with fluff. Usually I like her books but this one? No real twists or much of a plot. A couple of holes too - like an attempt to start a plot that never got picked up and finished. Oy. At least it was a fast read.

    Can you ever go wrong with a Sherryl Woods story?! This is a sweet story involving heartbreak, drug destroying a Family, a young girl alone with her father. In steps another broken closed off hearted person and you have a love story!

    It was a fast and fun read. I can't wait to read the next one in the series. It was fun to get a glimpse of the other sisters personalities. Sherryl woods is one of my favorite authors.

    Great Sherryl Woods delivers the goods every single time.A interesting and simply amazing story.This one grabs you from the first page to the last.

    Author: Sherryl WoodsFirst published: 2005Length: ~2720 kindle locationsSetting: Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. Contemporary.Sex: Infrequent. Not overly explicit,Hero: Garden landscaper and single father,Heroine: Recently graduated from marketing, doing reception work while waiting for a job opening.Trigger: His ex (and mother of his child) took drugs throughout pregnancy and afterwards.Trigger: Her er boyfriend turned out to be married with children. He was also a colleague who promised better job r [...]

    Eu gosto das histórias mais humanas da Sherryl Woods. Gosto quando o casal tem tempo de se conhecer e se apaixonar. Esse negócio dos casais de conhecer pela manhã e pela tarde já ser o amor eterno da vida do outro não faz o meu tipo.Melanie passou por uma decepção muito grande ao se apaixonar por um cretino no trabalho e para superar o caso ela decide pedir as contas e ir para antigo chalé da avó, que aliás, está caindo aos pedaços.Mike, como bom paisagista, sempre achou um crime que [...]

    FofinhoOi gente, quem me acompanha por aqui sabe que eu tenho uma queda imensa pelos livros da Sherryl Woods, são aqueles romances fofinhos com alguma lição e sempre um final que nos faz suspirar, seja ele feliz ou não! Esse é o primeiro de uma série de quatro livros, então podem esperar, assim como os Devaney’s uma resenha para cada um!Então nesse livro Melaine depois de descobrir que quase casou com um homem já casado (oi?) precisa de um tempo para organizar a vida e suas irmãs a c [...]

    I really loved this book. Rose Cottage was the home of the D’Angelo sisters’ grandmother. When the grandmother was alive, the house showed the love that Grandma Lindsey had for it. The garden was loving and welcoming. Since grandma passed away, the house wasn’t visited very often, thus no one was there to love it like she did. Melanie comes for a visit/vacation and the magic of Rose Cottage begins.

    This was a very interesting love story! You knew it was going to have a HEA but the fun was getting there. The hero had some very real issues and his background was more real to life and believable then the heroine who I feel had blown her issues out of context. I was rolling my eyes everytime her issue was mentioned, It was like, "get over it". I will continue the series because of the other sisters, whom I would like to read their stories.

    This is a very goood book. One minute your laughing at the sisterly affection and ribbing, the next you're shaking your head at their antics, or sitting up in your seat, mentally asking yourself, "What's going to happen next?"

    I was a bit disappointed, because I thought Sherryl writes like Nora Roberts and Susan Mallery, but she did not. She kept saying the same thing over and over. The book isn't too bad, but I gave it two stars .

    09/08/05 #157TITLE/AUTHOR: THREE DOWN THE AISLE by Sherryl WOodsRATING: 4/BGENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Romance, 2005, 234 pgsCOMMENTS: 1st in the Rose Cottage quartet featuringthe D'Angelo sisters. Sweet story focusing on Melanie.

    Very enjoyable. Predictable but believable. Heartwarming fun late night reading. The descriptive writing transports the reader to a lovely place. Read it and enjoy it I did. Happily ever after is always a good ending.

    A very pleasant story - I just thought that it ended too soon. Would have liked to have seen more interaction between the six-year-old and Melanie. I found that to be interesting how she was able to handle the little girl. Would recommend to those who enjoy a nice and easy going romance.

    This is a fun series about sisters. I totally enjoyed it being Hispanic & this about an Italian family I could totally relate.

    This was a happy feel-good love story. I really enjoyed that the story show-cased all four sisters. It love the idea that you can be independent, as well as a tightly knit family.

    This is my first Rose Cottage book and I really enjoyed it. The problems that the characters faced were so real and the reader can relate to them easily.

    Great bookKept my interest. Had a few unexpected turns of events. Would recommend this book for all to read especially anyone liking good romance books.

    Typical Sherryl Woods. Enjoyable fast read. They didn't thoroughly explain why the 2 characters were so attracted to each other, though.

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