My Bones And My Flute

My Bones And My Flute

My Bones And My Flute None

  • Title: My Bones And My Flute
  • Author: Edgar Mittelholzer
  • ISBN: 9780582785526
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
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      494 Edgar Mittelholzer
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      Posted by:Edgar Mittelholzer
      Published :2020-01-03T20:12:50+00:00

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    Another one that hits the high notes of my own shrieks of delight, My Bones and My Flute follows the story of the Nevinson family in 1930s British Guyana. Along with the chronicler of this story, Milton Woodsley, one by one the Nevinsons fall victim to an old curse that threatens to lead them to their doom. The first symptom they notice is eerie flute music that no one else can hear, but this is only a prelude to the horrors of what's coming next. I've posted about this bookhere at my reading jo [...]

    I first read this book in the '70's and was totally enthralled with the ghostly tale. I enjoyed it so much that I went to great lengths to find another copy. This time round I have read it sporadically and thus, disappointingly, have lost the excitement it first created. It is, however a wonderful book, well worth reading.

    Was on my reading list in the 11th grade. Scariest book I've ever read - without a doubt! Those teachers have no idea how many 11th graders they traumatized!

    This is one of the best ghost story novels I've read since Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House or Susan Hill's The Woman in Black. Set in the jungles of Dutch Guyana during the 1930s, Mittelhozer's only horror novel makes the most of the scare potential of that setting, as four people who have come in contact with a cursed manuscript are haunted by the approaching sound of a ghostly flute, and struggle to both come up with a solution to their inevitable demise and maintain their day to [...]

    This was a wonderfully written tale. It was published in 1955 and the male author 's chauvinism showed through pretty heavily at times. I had quite a few chuckles in these spots, which I am sure was not intended by the author as this is billed as a horror.

    What a great book! For years I wanted to read it but never knew anyone that owned a copy, until my friend Maria graciously offered to lend me hers. I definitely wasnt disappointed! Creepy, spooky ghost story that I was careful not to read too close to my bedtime hehehe.

    This is a wonderful caribbean mystery story, at certain times you actually feel as though you're on that ferry going up the river, hearing the sounds of that mysterious flute.

    First west indian horror book that i read. It was beautifully written and it captivated the reader from start to finish.

    Discovered this book in my University library, it had only been borrowed once before in the many years it had been on the shelf. I could not put it down, the mystery of the flute had bewitched me as it did the protagonist. Mittelhozer is now on my top 5 favourite authors list. I'm proud to share roots with this phenomenal writer.

    Read this at about 12/13 years and remember being totally spooked out (at least partially because it's set in my hometown) but not much else about the story. So re-read and the dialogue is stilted at times, with casual misogyny and racism added in but for some reason it still filled me with a tenseness. I'm an avid horror/suspense reader so I'm surprised this relatively tame tale could move me but it did and I have to recommend!

    "My Bones and My Flute" is another proof that Edgar Mittelholzer was a versatile writer. Why? Well, he wrote all kinds of books, including this ghost story."My Bones and My Flute" is the story of the Nevinson Family and Milton Woodsley, who are determined to solve the mistery of Jan Pieter Voorman. He was an occult-dabbling, Dutch plantation owner from colonial times, and his flute still produces a melody that only a few chosen ones can hear even two hundred years after his death. Set in the Guy [...]

    "The air began to thump", 16 October 2015This review is from: My Bones and My Flute: A Ghost Story in the Old-Fashioned Manner (Caribbean Modern Classics) (Paperback)This review is from: My Bones and My Flute: A Ghost Story in the Old-Fashioned Manner (Caribbean Modern Classics) (Paperback)When Milton Woodsley, a young artist and enthusiast for old Guyana, is invited on a trip by businessman friend Mr Nevinson, he thinks it's to do a commissioned painting. But as they travel into the Berbice Jun [...]

    Intense. Vivid scenery. Suffocating darkness. Fright nights then days. Loved it. Not in-your-face spooky but enough to unnerve any reader with an overactive imagination. Readers may want to savor this novel for its beautiful descriptive passages. It's not just a ghost story. It's a tale about humanity. Loved how Mittelholzer stripped the main character down to the bare bones. Layered with complexities. Displaying some disturbing thoughts on death, women, race and life. SPOILER:Found the writing [...]

    I read it several years ago and narrated the story to my younger brother and we were both chilled to the bones!

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