If You Come Softly

If You Come Softly

If You Come Softly A heartbreaking contemporary romance from a three time Newbery Honor winning authorJeremiah feels good inside his own skin That is when he s in his own Brooklyn neighborhood But now he s going to be

  • Title: If You Come Softly
  • Author: Jacqueline Woodson
  • ISBN: 9780142415221
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • A heartbreaking contemporary romance from a three time Newbery Honor winning authorJeremiah feels good inside his own skin That is, when he s in his own Brooklyn neighborhood But now he s going to be attending a fancy prep school in Manhattan, and black teenage boys don t exactly fit in there So it s a surprise when he meets Ellie the first week of school In one frozenA heartbreaking contemporary romance from a three time Newbery Honor winning authorJeremiah feels good inside his own skin That is, when he s in his own Brooklyn neighborhood But now he s going to be attending a fancy prep school in Manhattan, and black teenage boys don t exactly fit in there So it s a surprise when he meets Ellie the first week of school In one frozen moment their eyes lock and after that they know they fit together even though she s Jewish and he s black Their worlds are so different, but to them that s not what matters Too bad the rest of the world has to get in their way Reviewers have called Coretta Scott King Award winning author Jacqueline Woodson s work exceptional Publishers Weekly and wrenchingly honest School Library Journal , and have said it offers a perspective on racism and elitism rarely found in fiction for this age group Publishers Weekly In If You Come Softly, she delivers a powerful story of interracial love that leaves readers wondering why and if only.

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    I met Jacqueline Woodson at the 2015 LA Times Festival of Books (I ushered her author speaking engagement) and was so impressed by her that I had to purchase some of her books, this being one of them. She autographed this with the perfect inscription: "To Diane With Love". Not only did that show her genuineness, but that is also exactly what this book is all about.Ellie, white, Jewish; meets Jerimiah, ("Miah"), black, in high school, both 15 years old, by literally running into each other. Their [...]

    if you come softlyas the wind within the tressyou may hear what i hearsee what sorrow seesd if you come i will be silentnor speak harsh words to youi will not ask you why, now.or how, or what you do.we shall sit here softlybeneath two different yearsand the rich earth between usshall drink our tears.-177bi-racial city romancerical, simple, sweet, and as such, heartbreaking.

    This story has been done before: a forbidden romance between two young people. Society won't accept their love and only a tragedy can bring everyone together. Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. It is a plot that has become cliche, but there is something special about If You Come Softly.The book is about Elisha, a white Jewish girl, and Miah, an African-American boy, both living in New York City. For them, it is love at first sight. They click instantly and share everything with eachother, eve [...]

    Jacqueline Woodson never fails to amaze me. This book was only 180 pages and I felt so attached to the two main characters. She’s able to evoke such emotion. So elegant and so heartbreaking. This book left me in tears.

    Ellie and Jeremiah fall in love at first sight. The fact that he's black and she's white doesn't matter to them, but it's all everyone else can see.[return][return]This had some good stuff going on. I particularly liked the chapters in Jeremiah's POV and his observations about the worldat's pretty much all that saved it from being a run-of-the-mill teen issue book. As it is, it didn't save it enough for me. [return][return]There's a lot of stuff labelled YA that I read and wonder why it was labe [...]

    A quiet, beautifully etched portrait of a first love that is shattered by the racism, If You Come Softly traces the relationship of two teens whose lives intertwine for a short but life-changing time. Ellie is Jewish and white. Jeremiah is black. Both are from well-to-do families where it's sometimes hard to be yourself, and both are new students at Percy Academy. It was Jeremiah's father, a well-known African American filmmaker, who wanted Jeremiah to attend a private school. Jeremiah doesn't l [...]

    What a thrilling love story. The images come easily, the characters come softly. I felt like I got to know Ellie and Jeremiah as individuals, separate at first, and was well on my way to knowing more about them together. One thing that confused me about this book was that there were two parts. I didn't understand the reason behind bothering with 'parts' at all. The chapters in this book, the vivid seasonal imagery and scents, and the basketball season's progression all worked seamlessly together [...]

    This book was recommended by Justine Larbalestier who wrote "Liar" in her recommendations for books "like" Liar. Um, I don't know what planet anyone who saw any similarities between these two books is from, beyond both being set in NYC. Seriously, that's all I can come up with, other than the race of one of the characters.If You Come Softly is the most trite, simplistic love story about the love between a Jewish girl and a black boy - that perfect star crossed love that they both feel the moment [...]

    This book was listed as a LGBTQ novel, but the book didn't really deal with any LGBTQ issues. The story is about a relationship between an interracial couple, Ellie and Jeramiah, at a wealthy private school; about how their relationship progresses, and how they deal with the outside world's response to their love.I thought the book painted a beautiful picture of two people who had a deep connection. From the moment they first see each other, Ellie and Miah are atracted to one another. The more t [...]

    "If You Come Softly" is a story of unrequited love between Jeremiah, a fifteen-year-old African American and Ellie, who is Jewish. Both are transferring from other areas. Jeremiah, a basketball player, has just begun going to a preparatory school (Percy Academy) in New York. He and the other few African American boys are not widely accepted because of the color of their skin, and Jeremiah unexpectedly meets Ellie. They become inseparable from that day forth but are reluctant to tell their parent [...]

    I've been reading Woodson's books and truly do not understand how she has accumulated so many awards. Yes, her books deal with race and cultural differences. But I find most of them extremely short, to the point of not exploring the subjects in depth. I also find her endings very distressing. If you are black, you seem to have a tragic ending where there is no real indication about a future for the other characters.In this book, which in fact does have a sequel, there is an interracial couple. T [...]

    i LOVED this book! This book had emotions everywhere. The feelings Miah and Elle had for each other told the story of true love. Miah was Black, Elle was white, that didn't stop them from loving one another. The detail in this book was Phenomonal! The best detail it had was one Miah was running through the park with his basketball, he was thinking of Elle, basketball, his family, school, the snow twirled all around him, and then the moment he gets shot you hold your breath. I never wanted to put [...]

    AMAZING. Jacqueline Woodson is an EXTREMELY talented author who chooses the perfect words to string together. And not only is it beautifully written, but she actually incorporates all sorts of social issues going on now into it (recent shootings in N.Y. and such), and a beautiful romance. This book shows the true strength of love, and how it has no boundaries, as well as the power of judgement. Even with out much plot, Woodson still makes it interesting. A must read!

    Even though I've read this novel several times before, it has been years. I knew what was coming but still I felt all the feels. Her writing is just too beautiful and too real not to feel something. A must read for adults!!

    Don't read the description of this book (it has spoilers). Just read the book. Read it while you're at home, in one sitting, when you have someone to hug afterwards, like I did. It was published in 1998 and feels even more relevant today. Jacqueline Woodson is brilliant.

    Jacqueline Woodson's books are so thoughtful and insightful. This book is no different; the ending left me gasping and in tears. Recommend for both adults and kids, middle school and older.

    Could you love someone with a different skin color? Set in Manhattan during the late 90s, Elisha Eisen and Jeremiah Roselind aim to challenge this question that plagues the mindset of society. The two fifteen-year-olds, with their own hidden struggles, stumble upon each other in the hallway of a new school and begin a journey of trials and tribulations that alters the opinions of everyone around them. Jacqueline Woodson portrays an intriguing love story plotline, while subtly advocating for issu [...]

    "If You Come Softly" is an easy read that can entertain any age. Jacqueline Woodson displays multiple themes throughout the piece about love, family, and discrimination struggles that people often face. Sometimes in life, people find love and don’t seize it in the moment because they are too focused on all that is going wrong. Jeremiah and Ellie fall in love at first sight and seem to do the opposite of just that. The story is based in New York City about two privileged teenagers attending Per [...]

    I loved how this book "If You Come Softly" by Jacqueline Woodson was so romantic and exciting! It reminded me of the movie "Titanic" about how a young boy Miah and girl Ellie met and fell in love. Except here they are both 15 years old and meet in high school, and their differences always want to stop them from being together. Their love keeps them together throughout the story and they never give up.

    If you come softly was about Jeremiah, he was an African American. He transferred to Percy Academy because his parents thought he would have more opportunities at that school. Jeremiah and Ellie both switched to Percy that year. They accidentally bumped into each other, that's the way they met. They liked each other but Ellie didn't see him around school so she thought he moved. Eventually they had a class together and they just started talking. Ellie talked to Anne (her lesbian sister) about Je [...]

    Before I'd even finished reading this book, I'd gone onto the online catalogs of my public libraries (I belong to two) to find other Jacqueline Woodson books. It turns out that if I want any more I'll have to get them on inter-library loan, which will cost a couple of dollars each time. But I don't care. This book has been more than enough to convince me that I want to read other books by her. (And then when I read what Show Way was about, well that was the first one to go on the request list.)I [...]

    The first 160 pages of the book move pretty slowly. And then there's a huge surprise at the end that comes out of nowhere. It was a quick, easy read.

    I first heard about Jacqueline Woodson last year. One of the great things about following a ton of YA authors on Twitter is that when one of them gets an award, everyone goes crazy. In 2014, Jacqueline Woodson won the National Book Award for her most recent novel, Brown Girl Dreaming. I was eager to read the book that everyone has been talking about, but I'm trying not to buy too many books until my income gets a little more stable (something I'm still failing epically at, since I've bought nine [...]

    If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson is a fictional romance. Jeremiah and Ellie meet at Percy, a prep school in New York City where they are both attending for their first year. When they bump into each other in the hallway, they find themselves wondering more about one another. They fall in love having to face the fact that Jeremiah is black and Ellie is white. They are an interracial couple but they don’t let other people’s comments get in their way of being together. Ellie does not ha [...]

    Jamie PoormanAPA Citation: Woodson, J. (1998). If you come softly. New York, NY: G. P. Putnam’s Sons.Genre: MulticulturalFormat: Print (hardcover, 181 pages)Selection Process: School Library Journal review, Elisha (Ellie) and Jeremiah (Miah) couldn’t appear more different from one another - she an upper-middle class white Jewish girl and he a tall, thin, curly haired African American boy - but they are more alike that anyone knows. Both fifteen year old sophomores in their first semester at [...]

    I REALLY liked this book. I started reading it yesterday, and I finished today. It was so clear and understanding. It shows me a lot of how people think and how it feels to be the victim of a stereotype. Ellie and Jerimiah are sophmores in a private school called Percy. Jerimiah is black, and Ellie is white, but that doesn't seem to matter. Since they both first saw each other they knew that they were meant to be together. Througout the story there are people who judge their reliatonship, like t [...]

    I picked up this book because my library didn't have a copy of Woodson's newer work "Brown Girl Dreaming" and I am incredibly glad that I did. It's a book filled with emotional richness and realism in the way teenagers love and process. In full disclosure this book moved me to tears at least twice. The first was about mid-way through the book and the second was full on snot-running-from-nose-can't-catch-breath crying at the end. Woodson uses emotions and characters thoughts like paint to craft t [...]

    If You Come Softly is a love story. Jeremiah and Ellie are both new transfer students at Percy Academy. Jeremiah is an African American basketball player from Brooklyn. His father is a famous movie director and author. His parents are divorced. Ellie is the daughter of a white, Jewish doctor. She lives with her parents in a wealthy neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her mother has abandoned her twice in the past so Ellie still feels anger and mistrust toward her mother. Jeremiah a [...]

    JACQUELINE WOODSONIf You Come Softly depicts a love story between black Jeremiah and white Ellie in Manhattan, NY. Even though the book takes place in the 1990s, Jeremiah and Ellie experience racial tendencies against their relationship. Family and friends alike disdain of the match, but Jeremiah and Ellie love each other enough to ignore other people's comments. Also during the novel, Ellie struggles with her relationship with her mother, and Jeremiah has a rough time with his father relationsh [...]

    Not a perfect book by any means, but definitely one that gets you thinking and moves you. My heart clenched and stomach dropped at respective parts.My favorite parts:“I’ll meet you out front,” I said, kissing my finger and touching it to his face.He grabbed my hand and kissed it. “Four-thirty—Ellie Eisen heads to Brooklyn.”Just, SWOOOON. This kind of stuff makes me want to fall in love!“The train was loud and crowded. Miah had to lean into me to speak. He smiled and touched my chee [...]

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