Blue-Eyed Devil

Blue-Eyed Devil

Blue Eyed Devil Western Novel The continuation of the Appaloosa and Brimstone novels of Cole and Hitch

  • Title: Blue-Eyed Devil
  • Author: Robert B. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780399156489
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Western Novel The continuation of the Appaloosa and Brimstone novels of Cole and Hitch.

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    Robert B. Parker writes like the kid who constantly shows up at art class without any of his own supplies – he relies on you to supply the pigments and pencils for color and shading. And that’s a good thing. In his sparse, economical way of writing, Parker more releases a story than tells it. It is left to our imaginations to dress and refine characters and settings. While this could lead to discontinuities and jarring transformations in the hands of a lesser writer, Parker’s narrative in [...]

    I'm a big fan of Robert B. Parker's early Virgil & Everett westerns (APPALOOSA,RESOLUTION, etc.) but the latest, BLUE EYED DEVIL, is Parker at his worst. For starters, it's hardly a book at all, more like a long short story fattened up with large fonts, three-page chapters, and lots of white space. Professional gun hands Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch return to Appaloosa, the setting for the first (and best) book in the series and spend most of their time sitting on one porch or another sippi [...]

    Howdy.spits into spittoon y'all ready fer another good action yarn based on the mythology of the American west. This herewell, these here books are built purty heavily on the mythology of the gunfighter. The stranger who rides inputs everything a'right with his six-gunen rides awayually into the sunset.Virgil Cole is that character (as is Everett Hitch). These are really well written westerns with filled out characters and actually well thought out plots. I like them.The actual model for the wal [...]

    I am grateful that this is Parker's LAST BOOK (barring the discovery of some unknown manuscript!) First, the good-- Parker does manage to capture the FEEL of the Old West and old west tough guys. It isn't a lot different from his Spenser novels, but he's got it down pat. Virgil and Everett are FANTASTIC characters, tough as nails, and have more brass than Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday. Everett's 8 gauge shotgun is an impressive street howitzer and adds to the reader's understanding of these two gun [...]

    This is not a novel, though it pretends to be. Books in most novel series were once fairly independent from each other. Readers could join the series anywhere. Either the past did not matter, or if it did, the author would tell readers what they needed to know to understand the present. This seems to have changed.In this book, perhaps best described as the later chapters of a serial despite the words “a novel,” on the cover, we meet a number of established characters. Parker does not bother [...]

    I am so disappointedat the series has ended! I started reading this on a whim, as I don't even like westerns a little bit. However I got several Parker rec's and somehow ended up bringing this series homed loved it. I found out during this time that Parker had died as well, I wished I had discovered him sooner.Hitch & Cole return to the begining by heading back to Appaloossa. Along the way they protect some wronged people and of course make some powerful enimies along the way. I enjoyed Teag [...]

    Blue-Eyed devil (Robert B. Parker)Western/Suspense. I normally do not read this genre, but I saw the name Robert B. Parker and had to try it. I did like the story but i think i will stick to Parker in his suspense novels. There were quite a few characters and the story got a bit confusing. To me it seemed a bit predictable. Maybe if I had read the other two previous novels in this series, I may have enjoyed it more. Being a die hard Parker fan, I will try his other two in the Virgil Cole/Everett [...]

    This is the fourth, and last, installment in the western series of novels featuring gunslingers Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, written by Robert B. Parker. Parker, who wrote dozens of novels since 1973 until his death at age 77, tended to produce frequent, at least annual, installments in his various series of books, of which Cole/Hitch is the newest franchise. His Spenser detective series of books is his most famous. His Jesse Stone detective series is also very popular, thanks at least in part [...]

    Sometimes whan an author has churned-out as many books as the beloved late Robert B. Parker has written, we're a bit skeptical to crack-open the newest book fearing disappointment. Fortunately Parker's fans can rest easy. His new book BLUE-EYED DEVIL is a fun, quick-paced entertaining read. Those who have read the Virgil Cole/Everett Hitch series will recognize the book's setting——the old western town of Appaloosa. Once again Parker brings the characters alive with lots of old Wild West acti [...]

    I laughed my way through the four Hitch and Cole novels, including this one. Parker simply took the Spenser / Hawk formula and moved it into the old west. Hitch is Hawk, although he's the narrator, unlike the Spenser novels; Cole is Spenser; and Allie is the dreadful Susan Silverman. Yes, there are some slight differences, but the formula is the same: The macho code of honor; terse, four word sentences that express all kinds of subtext; and a completely undeserving woman whom the protagonist is [...]

    I am not usually a fan of traditional western novels but I do enjoy Parker's Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch series. If you have read the earlier novels in the series, this is more of the same - a good western story that moves along quickly with bad guys you love to hate and an engaging dialog between Cole and Hitch. I love the relationship that Cole and Hitch have and that's what really makes these books work for me. This time the boys are back in the Town of Appaloosa and the new lawman, Amos Ca [...]

    I really enjoyed the first book of the series, but this installment felt very disjointed. Blue-Eyed Devil just wasn't up to par with the previous books in this series The action went from zero to ninety in the span of a sentence. I had to back up a couple of times to see if I'd missed some clue to the pending confrontation. It didn't help matters that the narrator was deadpan during these transitions, too. Despite the obvious problems, I really like Virgil and Everett. I was also thrilled to see [...]

    Blue Eyed Devil is a fast paced read its a story about two old lawmen versus the new lawman in town, except the new lawman has policemen, and wants to become president some day. so he is trying to get the other two too leave town . At times its a bit confusing especially when they mention New Orleans and Chicago, and than their is an indian raid on the town. sometimes its like the old west other times not e story line was easy to follow though. .

    This isn't a review of the book. Just my personal notes. I have read all of Robert B. Parker over the years, including the newer books post-death. I've said before that his estate did take care to secure multiple writers to take on the voice of Parker and his creations with success, although for me, there will always be that "something" missing. In looking at Good Reads, I realized most of what I had read wasn't showing because I read the books so long ago. At first I was going to skim the books [...]

    Even without reading the first three Virgil Cole & Everett Hitch books, this western is worth reading. Westerns are often so filled with cliches it makes them tire. This book has a fair number of Western cliches-prostitutes with morals, the best gunfighters who want to hang up their guns, violent Indians, folks running from their past. All of these cliches, however, work in this book. I liked it much more than I thought I would.

    Just the sort of plain speakin' western I was hoping it would be. Fantastic dialogue accompanied by an absolute minimum of descriptive fluff. Admittedly, the plot is a little bit 'much ado about nothing' but the characterization more than makes up for it.

    Great story enjoyed it completelyI love the continuation of characters in these books. This is the last one by Robert B Parker. I will try one by the new writer, one can always hope.

    The usual laconic Everett and Virgil do not disappoint in this third of the series. Low-key violence, with a heart. Good for a quick read.

    ReviewEverett and Virgil are the best duo in the western genre. Book has a great plot and storyline. Story also has a very good ending.

    I liked the book and found it was a fourth in a series. Unusual characters and I cannot wait to read the other three.

    I am a fan of Robert B. Parker books. This is the fourth of the Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch westerns. . If you enjoy westerns, this is a good book. It is easy reading.

    Blue-Eyed Devil, Robert B. Parker's final Western, is a little bit of a mixed bag. The fourth book featuring the team of Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, it's quite a bit better than its immediate predecessor, Brimstone, but not up to the level of either Appaloosa or Resolution.Cole and Hitch are back in the town of Appaloosa, to find that law-keeping there is a bit different than it used to be when it was just the pair of them. Now Appaloosa has a chief of police and twelve police officers, and t [...]

    I am going to miss Robert Parker, big time. This is, I believe, the last bok he wrote and was published posthumously.This book is deceptively short. It's themes of loyalty, integrity, honesty, love and friendship are brought to life through the dialogue of the various characters, mostly Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch.The style reminds me of Ernest Hemingway's six word novels. One review I read slammed it as a poor example of Western Literature. Problem is it's not Western Literature. It's a conte [...]

    Just read three of the Cole and Hitch series on the bounce. This is number four in the series and Cole and Hitch head back to the town of Appaloosa, where the first novel was set, with Allie and Laurel now in tow. When they were first there they were the law and policed the town by themselves. However Amos Callico is now the marshall and has twelve deputies to back him up. He also has ambitions far above his station and sees Cole and Hitch's return as a bit of a stumbling block to reaching highe [...]

    At one point in this short book, the fourth and presumably last in the late Robert Parker's Western series, itinerant gunmen and occasional law men Virgil and Hitch loosen their reins and let their horses amble home on the well worn path to Appaloosa. If Parker's word processor had reins, he probably did likewise, letting it select it route through the pages of "Virgil said," "I said," "Virgil said," "I said" dialogues from the previous books, with, perhaps, some exchanges borrowed from the Spen [...]

    I do love Robert Parker. I love his Spenser series and I love the Appaloosa series. But later in life his books got more and more formulaic. And somewhere along the way, he added a new part to the formula where all the old "manly" characters from past adventures come together despite their various and sundry pasts and histories together. It's a great formula and this book does a good job seeing it out. But I get a bit bored of it to be honest, reading the same plot and the same dialogues over an [...]

    It is with sadness that I read this book after the author passed away earlier this year.Virgil Cole and Everett Hatch return to Appaloosa where they had formerly enforced the law.Currently, the town is run by Amos Callico, an ambitious, corrupt chief of police, and his twelve lawmen. Callico is always looking for personal gain and his method of providing justice is to demand kick-backs from the businessmen and town residents.Virgil and Everett are hired to provide personal safety by Lamar Spec, [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first 3 books in the Cole and Hicks series of Westerns by Robert Parker, and this one was no exception. However, I must confess that I was a bit frustrated with this novel at first.In his first novel featuring the cool and stoic gunslinger Virgil Cole and his philosophical side kick Everett Hicks, Parker surprised me with a fresh approach to the standard Western genre.The description and dialogue were sparse and yet packed with meaning, much like the characters themselve [...]

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