Annie It s a hard knock life for America s favorite orphan Everyone knows the story of the irrepressible Annie who lives at Miss Hannigan s orphanage until she beats the odds and finds a new life with the

  • Title: Annie
  • Author: Thomas Meehan
  • ISBN: 9500800659
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s a hard knock life for America s favorite orphan Everyone knows the story of the irrepressible Annie, who lives at Miss Hannigan s orphanage until she beats the odds and finds a new life with the benevolent and wealthy Daddy Warbucks Annie has enchanted millions of readers from her original comic strip appearance to the hit Broadway musical Now, with a Tony nominateIt s a hard knock life for America s favorite orphan Everyone knows the story of the irrepressible Annie, who lives at Miss Hannigan s orphanage until she beats the odds and finds a new life with the benevolent and wealthy Daddy Warbucks Annie has enchanted millions of readers from her original comic strip appearance to the hit Broadway musical Now, with a Tony nominated revival playing on Broadway, Puffin is reissuing this novelization of the classic story, with a new introduction by Tony and Emmy Award winning author Thomas Meehan This is an adaptation that delves even deeper into Annie s story, as she lives on the streets during the Great Depression, finds Sandy the dog, and encounters characters both familiar and new.

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    The sun'll come out, tomorrow So ya gotta hang on 'til tomorrowCome what mayTomorrow! Tomorrow!I love ya! Tomorrow!You're always a day a wayMembaca tentang kisah Annie, bagi saya seperti sedang berkelana dengan mesin waktu yang membawa kembali ke masa kecil di mana film ini sering diputar di televisi terutama saat libur sekolah. Bercerita tentang Annie, seorang gadis kecil yang ditinggalkan di sebuah panti asuhan dengan secarik surat tentang bayi mungil ini: informasi tentang tanggal lahirnya, d [...]

    I'm angry! I'm angry that I did not find this book until today, at 17 years of age. This book could have easily become one of my all time favorite children's books. I'm sorry that I missed that chance, but glad that I have caught up.Annie is a heartwarming story of an orphaned 12 year old girl who wishes to find her parents, who left her at the orphanage with a note and half of a locket to identify her. Through a series of hard knocks in life, she grows up to be a strong, optimistic young girl. [...]

    seperti kebanyakan buku anak2 lainnya, langsung tersedot masuk kedalam cerita di paragraf pertama hhhhhmenikmati banget bacanya, dibawa kesel, sedih, marah, dan merasakan perjuangan Anniebtw kubelum tau ini udah diangkat ke film *ga apdet kkknilai plusnya karena nambahin masa2 ketika US lagi dilanda 'depresi' di zaman presiden Roosevelt, jadi gambaran kemiskinan dll nya terasa sekaliklo dibaca waktu SD / SMP mungkin bintangnya lebih heuheu

    4.5 starsI grew up with the Albert Finney film, the songs, and my first understanding of the Depression era came from it. Only recently did I discover that the writer of the 'book' of the musical, Thomas Meehan, also wrote a book. I think I have this right - the musical and the film came first, the book came after, though it doesn't feel like a 'novelisation', even though some lines (and song lyrics) do feel artificially inserted in.Annie is the only child at the New York orphanage to cling to a [...]

    Mr. Meehan’s book has definitely captured the “aw shucks” quality of the Annie musical; there’s nary a trace of 20th-century sophistication or cynicism about it. Written in a facile, naïve fashion, this novel retains all the witless exuberance of a composition by a fifth-grader. The prose is exuberant but awkward, sometimes making the mistake of telling rather than showing.In spite of the inept nature of the writing, the novel does manage to do more than recount its musical origins. It [...]

    (Note that the movie I watched was the original Annie made in 1982)If a burning question you have is, “Was the book-to-movie for Annie a skilled adaptation?”, my answer would be a “Definitely!”The first piece of evidence to show this is noting the characters. In the book, the author portrays Annie as tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside. She is showed in the movie in the same fashion. After reading this piece of evidence, you know that this is a good adaptation. If Annie was not [...]

    This is one very special story with one very special ending. And that song. That song that my daughter has been singing to while watching parts of the musical "Annie" on YouTube, will be stuck in my head (again) for a long time.Annie: The sun’ll come out, tomorrow, so you gotta hang on till tomorrowe what may. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow you’re only a day awayyyyyyy.I've always known it, the song, but not the actual story, not till now. This is one emotional, heartfelt, beautiful [...]

    Ending-nya maniiiissss~~~Bahagia sekali membacanya~~~Sempet nangis-nangis terharu pas bagian akhirnya Annie diadopsi.Oh, baca ini semacam baca Oliver Twist dicampur Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Bagi saya pribadi sih.

    doslivrosumpouco.wordpressyoutube/watch?v=Q663XEssa história foi escrita em 1972 e é um musical famoso e premiado da Broadway. No começo do livro tem um texto do autor explicando como ele criou a história para o musical e depois como a transformou em um livro… é muito legal!O livro conta a história de Annie, uma menina de 11 anos que vive em um orfanato e espera seus pais virem buscá-la. Isso porque ela foi deixada com “metade de um medalhão de prata pendurado no pescoço. Um bilhete [...]

    Ο Τόμας Μίχαν έχει γράψει ένα από τα αγαπημένα μου μιούζικαλ. Αναφέρομαι στο Hairspray, το οποίο δυστυχώς έχω δει μόνο στην κινηματογραφική του μεταφορά. Όμως, το γνωστότερο ίσως έργο του είναι το μιούζικαλ Annie.Ποτέ δε μου άρεσε να έρχομαι σε επαφή με ιστορίες που διαθέτουν το γν [...]

    Una historia que estaba leyendo mi hermana de 13 años que me dio curiosidad. Sabía que la película se estrenaba en diciembre, y quería leerla.Me fascinó. El optimismo de Annie fue lo que más me desconcertó de la historia, no podía creer cómo siempre miraba hacia adelante a pesar de lo mal que la estaba pasando. La vida le fue muy dura, como también lo injustas que le fueron las personas que la rodeaban. Deja una enseñanza mmuuuy linda, sobre todo porque consigue lo que se plantea y te [...]

    Book title AnnieAuthor thomes meehanAnnie is a little girl. She is a orphan since 1933. Her own battle is Mrs. Hanngin. she owns the hudsion orphanage she hates kids all her life but she loves her job . she did not know her parents are she thinks her parents died in a fire. Then she spend Christmas the richest man in the world. The sectary miss grace frewell she went to the orphanage by herself the broad of orphans sent her to mrs hanngin place to get anniee ending is very sweet and sad a bout h [...]

    Thomas Meehan gives young people a behind the scenes look at a Broadway musical classic "Annie". Adults get to learn a few things too. Meehan originally wrote the libretto or book for the show that wowed the world in the '70's with Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin's music and lyrics. This is the actual book, a novelization of how Meehan originally envisioned Annie's journey from the orphanage to a New York City mansion. Meehan admits it was way too long for the stage, too complicated and too l [...]

    I must be honest, I actually liked this book more than I did the movie. The book adds a lot of depth to the story of Annie, with scenes that were not in the movie but added much more realness to Annie's story, including her time with some hobos (made hobos by the Great Depression), a spelling bee at her school, and her time working in a cafe for room and board.All of the main characters are in here - the orphan warden, Daddy Warbucks, and Annie herself, but other characters also liven up the plo [...]

    "I love you Daddy Warbucks!" And how I loved the film adaptation from the 80's, but this fully fleshed out, more comprehensive story of Annie is a dream read for those who fell in love with the red-headed orphan years ago. More in depth characters and background story, such a delightfully engrossing read!

    I love this book and the character with all my heart. If I ever had a daughter, I want her to be just like Annie. *adds to favorites* What a good way to end the day. What a good read.

    Untuk edisi Indonesia ini, saya harus akui covernya jauh-jauh lebih bagus dari tipe cover luar negeri yang simpel. Meski anjingnya kurang besar, kalau dilihat dari penggambaran di novel.Novel ini adalah jenis novel yang menggembirakan, tidak ribet dan kita sudah pasti akan mendapatkan happy ending. Kisahnya sebagaimana kisah anak panti yang menderita, namun semangat positif, kemudian ketemu orang kaya yang baik hati dan membantu menemukan ibunya. Kebetulan orang kaya itu adalah orang yang memili [...]

    No spoilers included!It was a good book but once reading for a second time i understood it and was able to catch tiny mistake and pace myself rather than not reading it at my desired speed.

    Mais um livro lido com minha pequena leitora Isabela, a danadinha terminou na minha frente e o mais fofo não me deu spoiler rsrsMamães esse livro é lindinho, pude aproveitar a oportunidade pra mostrar pra minha filha como devemos dar valor as "pequenas coisas", como é importante a amizade, ser solidário Annie é exemplo de força, esperança e amor.Em muitos momentos fiquei com coração apertado, em outros meu coração transbordava de alegria, terminei o livro emocionada, mesmo com a simp [...]

    Menurutku jika kalian bisa memikirkan hal-hal baik saja yang akan datang esok hari, dan bukannya hal-hal buruk yang terjadi hari ini, kalian akan mulai mendatangkan hal-hal baik itu.Annie adalah seorang anak perempuan yatim piatu. Ia ditinggal di depan pintu panti asuhan pada suatu malam tahun baru saat usianya masih berumur 2 bulan. Dalam pesan yang diletakkan bersamanya, tertulis bahwa suatu saat orang tuanya akan mengambil lagi Annie dari panti asuhan tersebut. Sayangnya, ia tidak pernah dije [...]

    Judul: AnniePenulis: Thomas MeehanPenerjemah: Ambhita DhyaningrumPenerbit: Gramedia Pustaka UtamaTebal: 232 HalamanTerbit: September, 2016Novel klasik ini bercerita mengenai Annie, gadis 12 tahun yang tinggal di panti St. Mark’s Place, New York. Ia tinggal bersama belasan gadis cilik lainnya di panti yang dibina Miss Hannigan yang galak dan licik. Annie memiliki tekad untuk bertemu orangtuanya. Hal ini disebabkan orangtua Annie yang meninggalkan pesan saat ia kecil.Sebelas tahun berlalu semenj [...]

    I thought this book was pretty good. It was about a little girl named Annie who is an orphan and had to live with a mean lady named Mrs. Hannigan until one day she was invited to go to a man named Mr. Warbuck's HUGE house. Over time the two of them really bonded and at the end Mr War bucks ended up adopting Annie because she never really found her real parents which is pretty sad.I would probably recommend this book to girls who like the movie Annie. My favorite character in the book was pepper, [...]

    This is my fourth book and I have decided to read something more easy. This book is quite a quick read and I went through it in a very short amount o time. This book is mostly adventure but it is very realistic most of the time. This book is not very long 302 pages and is not hard at all.The story begins with this little orphan Annie and her dream to find her parents even though they are already dead. She lives in an orphanage with some other girls and their crazy headmistress Miss Hannigan. She [...]

    The book I read is called Annie. The author is Thomas Meehan. Annie was originally a comic in the 90s then into a book, and then into a play. And now it is a movie. Thomas Meehan mostly writes plays. Such as Hairspray, The Producers, Spaceballs etc. The genre of this book is Fiction and the sub-genre is Historical Fiction since it was placed in the 1930s. This book is about an orphan who tries to find her parents but in the end finds out that parents died. And on the way to finding that out, she [...]

    I can connect to this book in many ways. One way is because on page 15 Miss Hannigan hit's the orphans with a paddle if they don't do what they're told. I can connect with this because when my mom was a child, she, her sisters and her brother got hit by there parents with a spoon when they disobeyed them. Another way I can connect with this is because my Aunt Maureen hit my cousin Catherine with a wooden spoon when she did wrong. These are two ways I can connect to the book Annie.

    Sebelumnya selalu suka genre middle-grade. Tapi, untuk cerita yang satu ini, aku merasa agak sedikit sulit untuk menyukai. Ceritanya manis. Tapi plot mudah ditebak dan beberapa bagian terkesan klise. Selain itu, alur terasa sedikit "sesak". Tapi menurutku buku ini mengisahkan cerita yang cukup menyenangkan.P.s.; Such a page-turner book. And I finished this book just for 3 hours. Maybe it's not just my cup of tea.

    O-emji! baca buku ini bari muter ulang film jadul yg q inget secara samar2 di kepala. Kalo ngga salah yg jd Mr. Warbucks itu aktor gaek Kojek itu. Masih lupa2 inget hihihi daaan gw mewek lg pas di akhir2 cerita. Jd inget kalo aq jg anak yatim. Meskipun ngga bisa di bilang anak lg tp aq jg udh ngga punya bapak lg hiks Mungkin buku ini akan lebih menarik buat orang2 se-angkatan q! kalo yg dibawah pasti cuma menganggap ini cerita jadul bagus biasa hehehe

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