The Underwood See

The Underwood See

The Underwood See Eight months ago during the depths of a snowy winter Alaric and Naia Underwood switched realities Then in June as floodwaters surrounded their two versions of the house called Withern Rise they me

  • Title: The Underwood See
  • Author: Michael Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9780060724849
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eight months ago, during the depths of a snowy winter, Alaric and Naia Underwood switched realities Then in June, as floodwaters surrounded their two versions of the house called Withern Rise, they met again, and tragedy struck It s autumn now, and Naia is feeling haunted She s seeing things that shouldn t be there, and an unseen hand draws her into a tangled forest, whEight months ago, during the depths of a snowy winter, Alaric and Naia Underwood switched realities Then in June, as floodwaters surrounded their two versions of the house called Withern Rise, they met again, and tragedy struck It s autumn now, and Naia is feeling haunted She s seeing things that shouldn t be there, and an unseen hand draws her into a tangled forest, where she meets an Alaric who lives like a savage Here, in this dying reality, are the answers to so many questionsf she can only reach the man who calls himself Aldous U Life changing resolutions are in the air in the worlds of the Underwood See.

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    There are moments when you realize your whole life could have been different if just one seemingly insignificant thing had changed at a precise moment in your personal history. This trilogy takes that idea and expands it across generations. I loved this series involving parallel universes and time travel. I was totally enraptured with the idea that a tree, witnessing one generation after the next, could be the key to pass between alternate realities. What happens when you meddle with those other [...]

    Four months after the tragedy at Withern Rise, the family tree is dying and Alaric and Naia have resigned themselves to never seeing each other again. That is until Naia receives a mysterious letter for Aldous U telling her of another way to travel the worlds. Something is happening. Something that will change Naia and Alaric’s lives forever.The final book in the Aldous Lexicon trilogy. Many of the questions are answered and a conclusion is brought about, but there are places where the answer [...]

    DNF on page 1.It says that I have to read the first two books in the series before attempting this one.Maybe I'm being a little hasty on my DNF but I'm in that mood. :PAlso that dedication, guise, THAT DEDICATION. I can't. I'm sure this is a great book/great series, and it caught my eye at the library today, but

    Michael Lawrence fantastically ends the trilogy with this book. He explains just enough of the reality mystery to satisfy, but leaves enough unexplained and vague to muse over after the book is different. Once you realize a lot of what is happening, though, a lot of the book falls into place. I just wish he could have better handled the death of a character from the second book better, though.

    This book was such a freaking letdown. I really liked the first two books in the series but hated most this final installment. The details of how the multiple realities worked was left vague previously but in this book the author tries to explain how everything works, only none of it makes any sense! The plot is also pretty muddled, I guessed all the twists, and the story doesn't have the same cohesive feel as the previous books. Its also got a number of unpleasant scenes that seemed to have no [...]

    A dismal end to an otherwise-mediocre series. How do you explain the death of one of your main characters in a previous book? Many Worlds theory: he's not the same one as the one you're following now! You just thought he was. Couple that with the most squick-inducing dedication I've ever read (just a shade away from "To Mom and Dad--thanks for gettin' it on and conceiving me"), and, well, at least it's not a forgettable book. Pass the brain bleach, please.

    The first two novels in this series meant a lot to me when I read them upon release years ago. Between my local bookshop not stocking it and eventually moving on to different interests I never actually read the final book in this trilogy. I recently decided to reread the first two and bought a copy of the third so I could finally find out how it all ended. The first two pleasantly surprised me. A Crack In The Line has its faults, but I could see why I was drawn to it years ago. Compared to other [...]

    Review of the Withern Rise Trilogy:Overall, I thought these books were very good and a definite cut above the standard young adult fare. These are the first works I've read by Lawrence, and on the evidence of these books I would definitely read more by this author. The plot of the trilogy is generally engaging, but also more complex to follow than other YA books, especially in the third novel. However, in my opinion, the parallel realities are done well enough that it does not get confusing, alt [...]

    The final and in my opinion the best of the Withern Rise Trilogy. Honeslty I think he could have shortened the other two and molded them into this one as one long novel.At any rate, while it pretends to have the slow pace of the other novels, it's many many realities and their explinations makes it an exciting read. Of cours to understand most of it I would strongly advise reading the first two.I had only few small qualms. There is an almost rape in it, which I think the charecter should be a li [...]

    Personally, i loved the series. I've read from other reviews on the series that it was a little bit "too confusing" but that was one of my favorite things about the book. It made me think more than other books. Yes, ill admit there are slow parts. i would skim every now and then when there wasn't much going on, which worked out just fine for me. The reason why i give this closing book in the series 5 stars is because of the way everything comes around full-circle and gives you closure in a way t [...]

    I've read many trilogies in which the final volume did not live up to the promise of the earlier books in the series. The Underwood See was a marvellous and refreshing change. It didn't have the emotional impact of the two previous books but that was a good thing, since Lawrence had to tie up so many threads to produce a satisfying resolution. I am in awe - absolute awe - of his characterisation. Because his plot revolves around so many alternate universes, quite often a variant character of one [...]

    I was unimpressed by this conclusion to the trilogy. The second book felt like the natural termination of the story in books one and two, with the result that this book felt unnecessary. It was also far more confusing than the previous books, and there were so many universes to keep straight that it felt as though I was reading a Choose Your Own Adventure cover to cover. There was also a whole Lord of the Flies knockoff that seemed totally unnecessary. I think the main reason to read this book i [...]

    Honestly this series had so much promise, the concept was genius and though it got boring from time to time the overall theme and the intrigue of the whole mystery kept you hooked, that is of course until this book came along. The ending to this series was so unsatisfying it almost made me wish I hadn't read the other two books in the first place. What an absolute let down, I mean I'm sure the author was trying to be wistful and make some statement about how not everything is connected and comes [...]

    This review was originally published on my blog on 5th March 2015. You can find it here.This is the third and final book in the Withern Rise trilogy and I waited a long time to read it. Fortunately I thought it was a very interesting read that definitely got me thinking. This is a book that can get confusing if you’re not careful but one that I ultimately thought was very entertaining. It was addictive, fast-paced and fairly emotional too. It was a fantastic way to finish this trilogy.

    I just can't force myself to read this anymore. It is too negative and confusing and hopeless. It makes no sense and I have no urge to find out how it ends. It's just too horrible. Two teens, two moms. One mom dies, leaving a son motherless. He manages to get his mom back at the expense of the other teen. Then he dies and the mom has no child and the daughter has no mom. And the boy died saving the life of a child whose death he was responsible for. It's pointless and hopeless and cruel. There i [...]

    what a weird weird series. i tore through these second two after realizing that book one was just the first of a trilogy but i'm not sure what i got out of it. i don't think the internal logic of the whole many-realities situation was quite sound even after pages and pages of exposition i don't really believe that anyone knew the actual rules of the realities merging/convergingat said, i appreciate the concept and there are some really great little moments here, and the books read REALLY quickly [...]

    I read this series a few years back and enjoyed them. I loved the first because it was this shiny new idea that I had only half thought about before. The second added in yet another twist and this one added yet another! I rather enjoyed it but man was it confusing! half the time you don't know which character you're following. That said I think it's a fascinating topic and I loved the references to the classics in it (LotF).

    Significantly darker and with higher stakes than the first two books. A little too expository for my tastes, and with some questionable plot point decisions/character actions (which made me wonder "Why is this included? What's the point?") but many of my questions were answered. I was quite pleased with one final character revelation in the last, like, 3 pages since the story wasn't focused on that aspect of the character!

    Initial thoughts after reading (found in a notebook): HORRIBLE! This book didn't work out at all - too grotesque. I didn't like the crude ideas or things that were put in for NO REASON at all that made the book truly REVOLTING! (e.i. almost rape, gruesome murders, and language) Not a happy ending - totally worthless way to end a trilogy that I thought would be good.

    I'm so glad I read until the end! While parts were slow, and there were a lot of things to keep track of, the end was amazing! I loved the resolution, and I had to take a second to fully absorb what happened just to let it sink in.If you are considering quitting this book, read until the end! It's worth it!

    *spoiler* i thinkanyways. I liked this book, up until Alaric died. Ok? I couldn't take that. The series got more and more hooking as it went by and this book was surly intersting. But at the same time this was the most gruesome, with almost everyone dying and such.

    Another interesting book in the Withern Rise trilogy. This one tries to wrap up the series and does an OK job. It is somewhat confusing. There are more attempts to explain the different realities and some very different realities are explored.

    This is the third book in the Withern Rise series. Very interesting twist on the alternate world/time travel plot.

    This book (sort of) ties the whole seies together. Don't read the books out of order please! They won't make ANY sense!!!But this really is an amazing series

    I enjoyed this book as the ending of a three-part series. Though it was a bit confusing at times I still wanted to see what happened in the end. I would love to see this series as a movie.

    An odd conclusion, but overall a satisfying trilogy."Many individuals with the same initials can lead to much injustice."

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