Friend of My Youth: Stories

Friend of My Youth: Stories

Friend of My Youth Stories In these ten short stories Alice Munro conveys the mysteries at the heart of all human experience with an art and compassion that make FRIEND OF MY YOUTH a genuine literary event

  • Title: Friend of My Youth: Stories
  • Author: Alice Munro
  • ISBN: 9780679729570
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • In these ten short stories Alice Munro conveys the mysteries at the heart of all human experience with an art and compassion that make FRIEND OF MY YOUTH a genuine literary event.

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    Coming back to Alice Munro - she speaks to me in an entirely new way, now. Stories of adult daughters and mothers and sickness and grief; infidelities and eccentricities; stories of aging - the "sardonic droop of defeat" (Differently, p. 218). Stories of women's friendships. Stories of how life happens to people, and what they become when it does. All perfectly realized, quiet and wise, perfectly told and told completely. Captured into a form over which Munro exerts complete control, making it a [...]

    Wow, what a ride.Disquieting. Merciless. Thought-provoking.Two sisters, one man. Much misery.Men and women and their ascribed roles moving from generation to generation and leaving track on their children. Changing the pattern requires an effort that not all women are ready to make. Do we get any choice at making effective decisions about what our life is going to be like?Religion, society and fear become the worst enemies towards emancipation. There is no time to hesitate, because life releases [...]

    Munro never disappoints. These are all wonderful stories. Though, plot-wise, my life is nothing like the stories here, I am left wondering after each story how Munro knows my inner life so well. Her grasp of human nature, her evocation of the world of her characters, all of it is astounding. The more I read of Munro, the more I am convinced of her genius.

    فن القصة القصيرة من الفنون الأدبية التى أشعر تجاهها بالذنب , فن عظيم يُبذل فيه جهد كبير ولكن لا يجد قبوله الذى يليق به عند جمهور الأدب.المهم : هذا عمل لأديبة وُصفت فيما وُصفت ب تشيكوف العصر وأنها أحدثت ثورة فى بناء القصة القصيرة . أديبة حازت نوبل للآداب لعام 2013 .لطالما كان أجمل [...]

    Small town southern Ontario settings, ordinary people going about nothing more spectacular than living, loving, working, dying; but Alice Munro turns the seemingly mundane into glowing, jewel-like tales that reveal the ‘shameless, marvellous, shattering absurdity’ of life. Each story leaves you faintly breathless, full of wonder at how she can so smoothly pull back the curtain, reveal the essence, the core of being. What I particularly loved in this, her seventh collection, first published i [...]

    ’Amistad de juventud’ es un colección de diez relatos que bien pueden considerarse pequeñas novelas. Por las páginas de estas diez historias, transitan mujeres que rememoran su pasado y a las que vamos conociendo a través de sus sueños y deseos, así como de las decisiones que las han perfilado en lo que son en la actualidad. Una mujer que sueña con su madre muerta; una maestra que se ha de hospedar por un tiempo en casa de unos cameronianos; la aventura de una mujer casada; el viaje e [...]

    "Un uomo può minare alla radice la tua vita per un tempo non prevedibile, e poi un bel giorno: finito. Da non credere". (Dal racconto 'Parrucca')Una donna sta pranzando con suo marito in un ristorante della British Columbia e nel locale scorge un tale che assomiglia a un uomo di cui era stata innamorata. Un fatto tutto suo, iniziato e finito nei pensieri. E tornando a casa, tra file di larici in auto e poi sul traghetto per Prince Rupert, si sente scollata, proprio così, dice, scollata da suo [...]

    I have a new best friend. Best of all, she has written a lot of books. Not only were these great short stories but there was that bit of carry over here and there that let me construct the locale, the town, the lake, the salt mine beneath. Lake Huron is mentioned. But the clue finally came up about a road, that let me know what bit of Ontario I was visiting. And I've been there. Not for long, but I have been there; the extra reward that comes from good short stories.

    Kinda boring. Well-written, but each tale of domesticity and humdrum-ity fell flat for me after the first two stories. Just too much husbands and wives and domestic ho-hum. I understand there's plenty under the surface there, but I GOT BORED, YO. I actually stopped reading with 100 pages left. Onward!

    This lady stuns me in so many ways. She offers lessons in subtlety. Yes, brilliance can be quiet. Munro takes the past and modernizes it, rereads it with a more savvy and uncertain lens, with paradox. Themes of female sexuality, of desire, of deception (self and other), of (dis)connection, of still-present pasts, permeate this collection. No one escapes his/her history or historical contexts; individuals’ lives do not play out in a vacuum; generations are different, but it’s still complicate [...]

    أحببت أسلوبها، افكار قصصها، شخصياتها (كل القصص تدور حول نساء في فترات مختلفة من العمر وفي علاقات عاطفية مختلفة، الأخت الزوجة العشيقة الام) وترسم علاقات المرأة مع المرأة. تغوص في التفاصيل لملامح المكان والشخصية لكن تقريبا في كل قصة تترك مساحة فارغة لتمتلأ بخيال القاريء.اقتبا [...]

    3 tähteä ei suinkaan ole keskinkertainen vaan parempi kuin hyvä. Tämän kirjan kohdalla kiinnostava. Ne nuoruudenystävät - niistähän meillä kaikilla riittää tarinoita!Lisäksi novellien rakenne. Nyt oli erityisen hyvä. Hienot siirtymät nyt-hetkestä nuoruuteen. Ja takaisin.Nuoruudenystävät olivat tosi hyvää kirjaseuraa. Ei mitään elämää suurempaa, mutta jos lisää löytyisi lukisin.

    Reading this was a long time in coming. The story "Meneseteung" that I read five years ago in the Best American Stories of the 20th Century was actually the first Alice Munro that I had come across and then over the years countless people--mainly writers--have mentioned her as a favorite. This stands to reason: Munro is a writer's writer. She spins tales; she writes real stories. Yet they have a modernism and sophistication that transcends time, place, trends, gender everything. Her style remind [...]

    Ah, Alice! Kiitos jälleen kerran. Nuoruudenystävä on kokoelma neljännesvuosisadan takaa, mutta vasta nyt suomennettu. Hienoja tarinoita, joissa pääroolissa ovat menneisyyden ihmiset, erheet ja petokset.

    Anche quando non così vicina alla perfezione come suo solito, è sempre un piacere immenso leggere una raccolta di Alice Munro.Amica della mia giovinezza ★★★★Five Points ★★★★★Meneseteung ★★Stringimi forte, non lasciarmi più ★★★★Arance e mele ★★★★★Foto del ghiaccio ★★★★Bontà e clemenza ★★★Oh, a che giova ★★Diversamente ★★★Parrucca ★★★★Cit.

    Come in Nemico, amico, amante, anche qui i racconti più belli sono il primo, che dà il titolo alla raccolta, e l'ultimo, Parrucca. In realtà però si ha quasi l'impressione che i racconti abbiano tutti la stessa impronta. Donne e uomini che rivedono lo scorrere della propria vita e si guardano indietro senza rimpianti ma con una pacata tristezza. E narrando con perizia i ricordi, i tumulti degli animi di tempi passati, fa emergere che forse è meglio il presente, pur nella vecchiaia, pur nell [...]

    Kyl te tiette. Munro. Ja tähän monta sydäntä.Ei noussut omaksi lempparikseni, mutta vahvaa ja vakuuttavaa. Taattua Munroa.

    Generalmente non amo leggere racconti, preferisco il passo lungo del romanzo che mi dà la possibilità di affezionarmi alle storie narrate e ai personaggi. Alice Munro deve essere una di quelle eccezioni che conferma la regola. Avevo già letto Il sogno di mia madre e questa raccolta rafforza l'ottima impressione che mi aveva fatto anche l'altra.Alice Munro in poche pagine costruisce personaggi dalla profondità psicologica impressionante, mettendo a nudo gli aspetti più biechi e fastidiosi de [...]

    2.5 stars.After really liking Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage (my first brush with Alice Munro) I was curious to read more. That collection stories made me think it would be good to revisit in the future.This collection was pretty disappointing the last three stories I was rolling my eyes at the last sentence of each one. These felt As if the author was working through a checklist. a writer, a woman, and infidelity (real- or fantasized), a divorce, canada, glory days, a (fals [...]

    This book has been in my bookcase, unread, for over two decades and Ms. Munro's recent Nobel Prize win prompted me to finally open it. I found a collection of surprisingly earthy, sexual and sometimes disturbing —but believable—tales of the everyday lives of farm and small town residents in Ontario. Munro was pushing 60 when she wrote these stories but these are not the tea-cozy tales of an impending retiree. For the most part her language is incisive, astringent and rarely superfluous. Virt [...]

    I remember first reading Alice Munro a number of years ago and, quite apart from the long searching task of merits being enlarged and made single and countable, being just overwhelmed by the nearness of the reading experience in a way I hadn’t been before. Different collections, though, can do different things. Friend of My Youth, because of its careful lengths and its doubled permission to allow the mundane its earned enlargement, reproduces, or rather produces, that first-second nearness and [...]

    Alice Munro -- master of the short story, winner of the Nobel -- why did these stories leave me stone cold? Could it be that I'm not much into the politics of sex and how they play out between lovers, husbands and wives, and best friends? No. That's a theme with universal appeal. And the writing is seamless -- I have no issue there. The problem is, once you peel off the paper and ribbon, there's no soul underneath. These stories are written with a dispassionate eye that mostly skims the surface. [...]

    How is it possible I have been able to overlook Alice Munro for so long? Looking back, each story was equally strong and memorable which is hard to come by in in a collection of short stories. I have been meaning to read more collections, and part of me feels as if it was a mistake to begin with Munro because anything else may feel weak by comparison. Which Munro should I read next??

    Foto del ghiaccio“Si sentiva lanciata su un mare grigio e profondo, tempestoso e magnifico. L’amore.” Per la prima volta leggo una dichiarazione esplicita sull’amore secondo Alice Munro, o almeno secondo Georgia, una delle sue protagoniste. Non che finora l’avessi attesa, detesto la ricerca dell’aforisma nelle opere. Trovo che sia un’immagine molto bella e anche opportuna: le storie importanti smuovono il fondale dell’anima e ne modificano il paesaggio. Mi fa anche pensare ai lag [...]

    Ms. Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013. I had read her before then but now wish to consume way more of her (perfect?) work.

    WHen I first read Chekhov short stories I thought they were often profound. I then discovered Katherine Mansfield and thought that her stories opened the soul. Alice Munro paints her life enhancing tales on a small stage (usually Upper Ontario or British Columbia) during a specific period of time (usually between the 1930s to 1980s) and almost always from the view of a fem,ale protaganist. Yet within these parameters she explores the whole depth of human experience and emotions with a wisdom and [...]

    This is a book where every short story is so big and heavy that i needed two days break afterwards. The proze is amazing, there are even one sentence stories and novels. My favourite was Oranges and Apples.

    I found this collection of short stories while looking for Alice Munro's new collection, which was just released this month. The stories in Friend of My Youth were copyrighted in 1990. I have read many of the author's stories but I continue to be mesmerized by her ability to reveal her characters so well that you feel sure that each of the stories really happened. A critic might say that the stories lack artistic unity and fail to leave the reader with an overall impression or a central idea. It [...]

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