Landmark: The Inside Story of America's New Health-Care Law and What It Means for Us All

Landmark: The Inside Story of America's New Health-Care Law and What It Means for Us All

Landmark The Inside Story of America s New Health Care Law and What It Means for Us All The Washington Post s must read guide to health care reform traces how President Obama and the Democrats achieved this historic overhaul explains the legislation itself and shows how it will impact

  • Title: Landmark: The Inside Story of America's New Health-Care Law and What It Means for Us All
  • Author: The Washington Post
  • ISBN: 9781410428998
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Washington Post s must read guide to health care reform traces how President Obama and the Democrats achieved this historic overhaul, explains the legislation itself, and shows how it will impact individual Americans.After a year long political war, in March 2010 President Obama and the Democratic leaders of Congress achieved a victory that has eluded lawmakers for sevThe Washington Post s must read guide to health care reform traces how President Obama and the Democrats achieved this historic overhaul, explains the legislation itself, and shows how it will impact individual Americans.After a year long political war, in March 2010 President Obama and the Democratic leaders of Congress achieved a victory that has eluded lawmakers for seventy five years an overhaul of America s health care system In this indispensable book, the staff of the Washington Post tells the story of health care reform and explains what it means for the American people.In the book s first section, the Washington Post s reporter embedded in the White House provides a behind the scenes narrative of how Obama and the Democrats pushed through health care reform in the face of nearly unanimous Republican opposition This section traces the tortured evolution of the legislation, showing how the Senate killed the public option, how the January 2010 victory of Republican senator Scott Brown left the Democrats scrambling, and how Democratic leaders ultimately negotiated among entrenched political factions including disillusioned Democrats to reach a compromise.What does this final package include The book s second section provides an accessible summary of the legislation that Obama signed into law in March 2010 In the third section, Washington Post writers answer the most pressing questions about the health care legislation s immediate impact Most importantly, how will the new bill affect individuals small business owners, uninsured Americans with pre existing conditions, and twenty somethings on their parents policies This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how this legislation came into being and what the new health care program means.

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    Had a detailed review of this, but when I went to save it I received the dreaded 504 error and the review was gone. So disheartening. Here goes another attempt.Found Landmark easy to read and nicely laid out. It is divided into three parts:Part I - How We Got There by Ceci ConnollyPresented a brief history of prior attempts to pass a health care reform, and what happened in both the House and Senate during the Barack Obama administration. Found this part informative as I only read or heard bits [...]

    I really liked this book and I will tell you why. It answered a ton of questions for me about how this "landmark" legislation is intended to work and how it may, or may not, affect me. The writing is very accessible although a basic understanding of insurance policy concepts such as cost sharing, deductibles, etc will be helpful as this understanding is assumed. The book itself focuses on explaining the details of the plan itself such as the individual mandate, insurance exchanges, etc. The appr [...]

    First of all, the contents of this book aren't actually 497 pages long. I guess the hardcopy version must have the full text of the act in it or something, but I read the Kindle version in a few days. I provides an excellent overview of the key battles that occurred in the crafting and enacting of the law, as well as the highlights of the law itself, all in a surprisingly compact package. I think this book is important for anyone to reach now, in these times when the actual implementation of the [...]

    First and foremost, while “Landmark” is over 250 pages, not all of it will be of interest to all audiences. If you’re not sure if you want to commit to reading 250 pages about the Affordable Care Act, that might be attractive, as the core of the book is succinct and very accessible. On the other hand, if you’ve been closely following the progress of the law and are looking for an in-depth exploration of its nuances, you may be left wanting more.Specifically, the book is divided up into t [...]

    Whether you are in favor of America’s new health care law or not, it's coming, and already taking affect in some regards. This is one of the most historic pieces of domestic legislation America has ever had, and it affects every citizen, so every citizen needs to read it. The book begins with a short history of how health care was handled, or lack thereof, by almost every president of the 20th century. It began with Teddy Roosevelt, after his 2 terms as a Republican president, who first propos [...]

    This is a balanced introduction to "the first comprehensive health-care overhaul in the history of the United States". I picked this book up from the library because I am working toward a Masters in Health Information Management. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is going to significantly alter the way my industry operates. I wanted to understand better the goals and policies behind this transition. The book did not disappoint. Three sections cover the story of the bill's pa [...]

    Having been fed up, frustrated, and extremely angry many times at the state of health care in this country, I whole-heartedly cheered the attempts by Democrats to enact some kind of change for our system. Change is obviously needed -- we spend nearly 3 times what other industrialized countries spend (in terms of both dollars and as a percentage of GDP), yet our health care ranks barely in the mediocre range by almost any form of measurement imaginable. So, what are we getting that those other co [...]

    I don't know if many authors hope their book will be 'convenient', but that's precisely what this book is. Out of personal and professional interest I followed health reform very closely and arguably didn't need this book but, as versions of the bill changed so often it became hard to keep track of what was shifting in and out and, turns out, there were a few elements I missed.Backing up a moment, the bill passed and no matter where one places oneself politically, I think it is now no longer acc [...]

    Much of this book is written in that namby-pamby journalistic style - "many economists believe" "many physicians think" - and remains resolutely unbiased and nonideological, as you would expect from the WaPo. Questions like why America's healthcare system is so radically different from others around the world to begin with go mostly unanswered (and unasked) - which is mostly fair, as that isn't intended to be the book's focus. Issues like why the public option was perceived to be such political [...]

    This book contains the history of the attempts to implement national health care, it's numerous failures and it's finally passing. It also includes the actual changes in the status quo health care law. These changes to the law amount to the whole of about 60 pages. While the bill in itself was 1,000 plus.It also says how it will affect usince implemented. Both the good and the bad. The majority of the law is noncontroversial. Updating, Medicaid and healthcare fraud laws, increasing funding for t [...]

    I think the information contained in the book is valuable, but the topic doesn't lend itself to an interesting presentation. The Health Care Law, or ObamaCare as it's refered to in many circles, is a huge bill with many confusing provisions. Claims and counterclaims have been made by Democrats and Republicans, so it's hard to know what the truth is. Even many Democrats who voted for the bill aren't "selling" the benefits to the public, and one poll I've seen indicates that over half of the Repub [...]

    A detailed, organized examination of "Obamacare." The book has three sections. The first is devoted to the political history of health care, outlining the struggles of previous administrations and congress members in reforming our impaired system. This research continues up to Stupak's defiance, Pelosi's compromises, and Emanuel's strategy to get this legislation through the Senate. The second part focuses on the new policies and regulations set by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. [...]

    I'm currently working on a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration, because of this I am very interested in the medical industry, and where is it headed. The Healthcare Bill is very complex, and very confusing, very few people fully understand it, and all in contains. Sadly enough, some of the people who should understand and no the new law (those studying Healthcare Administration) don't even fully understand it. I wanted to understand it better, so I read this, and now I do. "Landmark" [...]

    This book was assembled from the reporting of the leading reporters at the Washington Post that covered the health care reform debate. It offers a fascinating look at the intense deal-making that went in within the House and Senate over a two year period leading up to the vote. To get the bill signed into law, Democratic leaders had to make countless sacrifices and compromises and I wish that some of those were fleshed out a little more.For example, moderate "Blue Dog" democrats insisted on some [...]

    Once again, I find myself wishing that Good Reads let us award half stars. I appreciated "Landmark" for what it is: a quick, easy to read summary of the health care reform bill of 2010. It's quick, a very concise account of the politics and the policy, and is generally easy to follow. However, it is SO concerned with being absolutely objective that I was left to wonder "so what" quite frequently.I didn't want a partisan account of health care reform, which is why I picked up "Landmark," but I wa [...]

    Great read! I think the authors tried their best to stay as neutral as possible, but I did feel as if they were a LITTLE skewed to the pro side. If you want an explanation of how ACA affects different people (from patients to employers to physicians and more), then this is a great book. It's broken up into three sections: a policy/lobbying section that illustrates how the law even passed (very House of Cards-esque and definitely recommend, though you don't need to read it to understand the law), [...]

    an interesting collection of analytic pieces and a copy of the law in question. some of the articles stand out as fresh: the description of the republican origin of the idea of universal healthcare was esp interesting. many of the other articles provided a clearer picture of the already published material on how the bill became a law. a large portion of the book focus on how the democrats succeed in getting the law passed, which is bound to rub opponents the wrong way. but on the whole, a fairly [...]

    Technically, I didn't quite finish, and listened to the final chapters of part 2 at double speed. (Doubling Pam Ward's almost saccharine voice seemed to improve my enjoyment.) The staff of the Post did only a fair job of masking their cheer leading for the Obama administration. Now, a few years hence with the benefit of the intervening history, their protective language almost gives rise to smiles. I say almost, as there still seems no comprehensive means whereby to unwind the worst ravages of O [...]

    Since this is the iron fist that we now have to live under, I thought I'd mention this book again. I was required to read it for school. It is an easy read. And in case anyone is worried about right wing or left wing bias, it was written by allegedly non-partisan individuals. Believe that or not, but I think it was pretty neutral in its presentation. It explains the history of health care in America and how we got ourselves into the mess in which we currently find ourselves. Then it explains the [...]

    A good basic overview of the American Care Act in three steps: First, the story of how the law was passed (if you aren't celebrating, skip this part, it is not very informative and will just annoy you). Next, a very readable overview of what the law does and how it may play out (this is already slightly out of date). Last, the law re-written in simple English (each section is referenced so you can go to the Internet and read the actual language of any particular section which interests you). I h [...]

    Pretty amazing so far! Yes, parts are dry as dirt, but it really explains the ins and outs of the affordable care act. One interesting tidbit is many in the media and some professors say that ACA is insurance reform and not health care reform. Now I know if anyone makes that claim then they haven't done their homework. The ACA is a complex and lengthy tome that addresses public health concerns, provider incentives, health inequities and more. I am still reading it so I will post again.

    Landmark does a good job of presenting the changes that will come from the Affordable Care Act. After the first section it is very dry. There's no narrative after the "How We Got Here Section." It's respective in some spots but that's in part to allow you to skip/skim some sections that may be less relevant to you. Does it best to not be to political, acknowledging pro and cons of the ACA. The book is aimed to be educational on changes, not argue whether they are needed.

    Fairly comprehensive (albeit biased) summary of the development the Affordable Care Act, written like a breaking news narrative from the staff of the Washington Post. To say I felt accomplished after finishing this probably sounds pathetic to any of the many players involved in writing and implementing the actual law. But I did.Bonus points if you make it through the 60 page summary of the ACA at the end.

    Gave a decent review of the attempts to provide universal health care over the years starting with Franklin Roosevelt and why the Obama administration was able to get this version passed. It then drones through the rest of the book in reviewing what the law means and when different pieces took effect.

    I had to read this book for a class. Although normally I would not rate a book required for class as a 4, I actually found this book interesting and entertaining. It was interesting to read about the legislation process. I also feel more informed about the ACA. The book was written in a way that made it easy to read, it was not dry like most text books.

    The play-by-play of the process of passing the legislation at the beginning of the book was pretty interesting, and the description of the legislation that followed was pretty informative, but I was looking for something either a little more "behind the scenes" or with a more substantive analysis. Considering how quickly they got this published after final passage, it's pretty impressive.

    All the talking heads on TV say no one knows what's in the new health care bill. Posties go through it and try to lay it out in the simplest terms possible. And it's still confusing. The actual policies aren't the confusing part, it's the way in which they will be enforced. Good book to keep around as things progress with the implementation of this bill.

    Good book so far, explaining how Ms Pelosi and Mr Reid worked hard and made political deals. I'm hoping there is more information on the healthcare choices and insurance. I am only 2 hrs into the book.

    As decent an intro to the issue as can be produced. The law is complicated. I think after reading this I appreciate how complicated the reform is, yet I can't say I truly understand the new policy and its vastness. Granted, I get the basics. But

    The chapters devoted to explaining the law itself are very good. The authors are clear liberal apologists and the attempt to dramatize the political moves that supposedly occurred while creating the law was cheesy.

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