One Big Damn Puzzler

One Big Damn Puzzler

One Big Damn Puzzler On a remote South Pacific island paradise an elderly tribesman is translating Hamlet into local Pidgin English Much to his annoyance his struggles with the Bard are interrupted by the arrival of an

  • Title: One Big Damn Puzzler
  • Author: JohnHarding
  • ISBN: 9780552999809
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • On a remote South Pacific island paradise, an elderly tribesman is translating Hamlet into local Pidgin English Much to his annoyance, his struggles with the Bard are interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected visitor William Hardt is a young American lawyer, he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and he has come to help And from that moment on, nothing will ever be theOn a remote South Pacific island paradise, an elderly tribesman is translating Hamlet into local Pidgin English Much to his annoyance, his struggles with the Bard are interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected visitor William Hardt is a young American lawyer, he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and he has come to help And from that moment on, nothing will ever be the same For what and who he finds there will challenge both his and our values and our ideas about love, life and even death.Bursting with good things, from the islanders themselves with their curious logic, strange notions about sex and addictive rendering of English to moments of aching sadness as much as life affirming farce, this exuberantly original novel confirms John Harding as one of contemporary fiction s most entertaining and observant chroniclers of the human condition.

    One Big Damn Puzzler John Harding Bcher Fremdsprachig Whlen Sie die Abteilung aus, in der Sie suchen mchten. One Big Damn Puzzler English Edition eBook Kindle Shop Whlen Sie die Abteilung aus, in der Sie suchen mchten. One Big Damn Puzzler Hrbuch Download John Harding On a remote South Pacific island, the struggles of an elderly tribesman to translate Hamlet into local pidgin English are interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected visitor. One Big Damn Puzzler by John Harding One Big Damn Puzzler book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers On an island paradise somewhere in the South Pacific, Managua One Big Damn Puzzler ebook jetzt bei Weltbild als Download eBook Shop One Big Damn Puzzler von John Harding als Download Jetzt eBook herunterladen bequem mit Ihrem Tablet oder eBook Reader lesen. Review One Big Damn Puzzler by John Harding One Big Damn Puzzler by John Harding pp, Doubleday, . John Harding holds the unusual distinction of having opened his literary account with the word toilet. one big damn family YouTube Category Music Song wine pon it Artist munga Album Banner Riddim Licensed to YouTube by zojakworldwide on behalf of Caspa Hotwire EMI Music One Big Damn Puzzler by John Harding Thanet Our deep dive into the tribe s habits are anchored somewhat by William Hardt, an American lawyer who visits the island in the opening chapter. Download PDF One Big Damn Puzzler Free ONE BIG DAMN PUZZLER Download One Big Damn Puzzler ebook PDF or Read Online books in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi Format Click Download or Read Online button to ONE BIG DAMN One Big Damn Puzzler P.S Paperback One Big Damn Puzzler P.S John Harding on FREE shipping on qualifying offers On an island paradise somewhere in the South Pacific, Managua the only native who can read or write is busily translating Hamlet into pidgin English when a plane interrupts his noble work Strapping on his false leg

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    I've been reading a lot of tales set on islands lately -- fiction, memoir, history -- this is strictly coincidence, other than perhaps a subconscious desire to isolate myself. I picked this up entirely at random, I swear, and once again I'm on an isolated South Pacific island with a strange cast of characters, an unusual (and fictional) societal structure, and a wearingly sympathetic narrator. As in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (no fault here, OBDP came first) and a couple o [...]

    The description intrigued me: on a South Pacific island, the one man who can read and write is translating "Hamlet" into the island's patois, a blend of native words and scrambled present-tense English. "Is be or is not be, is be one big damn puzzler." Unfortunately, this idea is subordinated to less compelling characters. Lawyer William Hardt comes to the island in an effort to win reparations for the islanders who lost loved ones and limbs to the land mines left behind by the U.S. military. Wi [...]

    I am a Shakespeare nerd. So, this is required reading, to all the negative reviews, I will admit, it twists and turns and has many tangents, sub-plots and other basic deterrents from cohesion. I don't know who said it, but sometimes ,"I find the digression more interesting than the point." the best is that the two main points involve an island marred with amputee from undetonated land mines receiving insurance checks, and a translation and subsequent play of Hamlet for the islanders. Agreed that [...]

    More like 2 1/2 stars. The seed of the plot had a lot of potential, and the British humor had me laughing aloud a few times, but on the whole, I found the book rather scattered. The plot wanders around quite a bit without a lot of forward momentum, and spends a lot of time on tangents concentrating on the main character's OCD. This was funny at times, but got a little old. I also thought the characters on a whole were rather cartoonish -- the Americans are either boorish or clueless, the one Bri [...]

    It's not that I like everything I read--I'm just adding my faves. The title of this one is a pidgin English translation of Shakespeare's "that is the question." If you've ever read the essay "Shakespeare in the Bush" you've already got a leg up on this book. The Anglo-Saxon bard meets a tutti fruitti world; an obsessive-compulsive American lawyer lands on a Pacific Island where not only the rules but also the whole playing board are different.

    One Big Damn Puzzler. The title says it all doesn’t? It’s got mod all over it. You know you are in for a circus of eccentric characters with some sort of bad government or evil billionaire or organization that secretly rules everyone’s lives hidden away at the center of the storyline and by the end of the novel Aunt Betty’s goat has been reunited with his childhood friend chicken (who barks) and Dimitri the bus driver/Greek immigrant has had his musical based on the life of Woodrow Wilso [...]

    This is kind of book my brother would love. It really reflects the authors engagement with the idea of (and the possibilities of) fiction. Some people call this "magical realism". I don't really know what to call it, except "that writing style that Sam really likes." I could tell from the first paragraph that it would be a really inventive and fantastical read, and I was not dissapointed. I doubt that you could write a novel with a character who is translating shakespeare into pidgin-english, an [...]

    I was reading this book right before Zoe was born. Actually I went into labor before I could finish it and we had to return it to the library. About a month after she was born, we went back to the library and my Kustav Klimt bookmark was still inside the book so I checked it out and finished the book. It was one of those books that make you laugh out loud. The characters are so interesting and different. I highly recommend this book. It about this man who happens to have a hilarious case of OCD [...]

    What a fab story! The setting of a remote island provides a whole host of amazing characters whom I have grown to love deeply. The best part of the novel is the fantastic people that William encounters. The only thing that lowers my opinion of the book is the parts about William's life off the island. I find myself with little to no interest in him. I'd rather hear more about Managua's Shakespeare translation or Purnu's magic spells than William's OCD or Lucy's childhood. The Americans/British i [...]

    An enjoyable book on so many levels. If you like books that make you laugh out loud, you'll probably enjoy this one. But it's not a light-hearted romp. It deals with the human condition, challenges stereotypes, mocks conventional wisdom(and just about everything else, including itself), and even creates a new world and its own language. The book is set on a fictitious South Pacific island that is unspoiled by the modern world--until one well-meaning, misguided American arrives to "help." The boo [...]

    After reading some reviews I'm confused and may have to reread this book , I read it quite a few years ago and liked it a lot , I think I liked it for the imagery , culture , human interactions , and for the pure love of reading and being sucked into another world , iv read reviews that mention that the author is anti America and anti military etc etc but for god sakes so what , it dosnt make the book any less or more relevant , pointing fingers at someone being anti , or opposed to your persona [...]

    He reminds me of Kingsley Amis-lite. I actually liked it much more than I thought I would-- but the end got a little schmeary for me. There is pidgin in it, which my postcolonially trained self was ready to dislike and find incredibly offensive. But it wasn't offensive at all, and was very fun to read. The ending, though, just didn't do it for me.

    Caution: I gave this three stars even though I didn't finish reading it. It's as if the author spends 2/3 of the book developing all of these charactersd then doesn't know what to do with them, so he goes somewhere else. That being said, it's worth reading.

    I'd say this might be closer to a 3.5 stars, but overall really enjoyed getting to read through the perspective of someone with OCD and definitely think it captured some of the struggles those with meal disorders go through, and how we can better understand them!

    Kind of interesting. Worthwhile. Bit slow at the beginning. More Midsummer Nights Dream than Hamlet though.

    This book has so many problems, but they pale into insignificance against the terrible, terrible theatre etiquette of the main character. Hanging is too good, etc.

    16CD 19hour audio book narrated by Peter Brooke.See how it goes.Finished or rather got tired by CD 6. Lots of good ideas but too slow and other books to read or listen too.

    A book club read. Lots of mixed feelings about this book. It was certainly very funny, I laughed a lot. I questioned myself sometimes about where the line was between clever humour drawn from the human condition, with its varieties and miseries, and something else, less comfortable to me. Having said that, I loved the characters, and felt on the whole they were taken very seriously and kindly, even as they were drawn so humorously, they gave me both laughter and tears. I particularly loved the i [...]

    I read this book on a whim, without knowing anything about it, when it came out around four years ago. I was 18 years old, and I had just graduated high school. To be honest, I really don't remember it that well. What I do remember, however, is really loving it at the time. I thought it was really clever, and amusing, and that it was culturally relevant and touched on some genuinely important issues in modern society. I remember that the narrative includes the events of 9/11, and I remember thin [...]

    I love Lucy’s role in this book – as the ethnographer who comes with an inquisitive mind to study the culture of this less technologically developed people. She has little tidbits throughout from her unpublished manuscript describing the traditions of these people. What is fascinating to me is that a large part of this is based on fact by the well-respected Bronislaw Malinowski, anthropologist, who was deserted in the Pacific for years and filled his days by studying the people while he was [...]

    This was a great book to read over a few rainy days as it's quite big and the narrative flows beautifully. Nice to read uninterrupted! It's a very well told story, of an unusual nature. It's set on a small Pacific Island where the native people have had brief contact with the outside world but have maintained a firm grasp of their indigenous ways.Americans came by after the war, used the island as a weapons testing site and left it full of land mines.The British came later to build resorts for c [...]

    Last Christmas I gave the John Harding novel “One Big Damn Puzzler” to my wife as a Santa gift. She read it and told me I had to read it, for its laughs and oddities, and its anti-American (or, really, anti-modern world) slant, and because so many of the scenes had stuck with her. This last week I read the 200K-word book, and my wife was spot on: this novel has so many odd adventures, characters, and themes inside, that I shall remember it, and its “idea” of life vs. art vs. existential [...]

    I really liked this book. I grabbed it off the shelf at the library not having any clue what I was getting into but it just stuck out to me. Not that the cover is anything fantastic. At the start the book really opens you up to having dozens of questions with no real answers in site. More questions then any other books that I have read. There were so many questions that at times it was distracting and I found myself not reading but pondering the questions that I had and if I was ever going to ge [...]

    This sweeping epic started slow. Perhaps that's because I only started reading it based on the intriguing premise of a South Pacific islander translating Hamlet into Pidgin English. That subplot quickly became inadequate motivation and my momentum lagged. However, after ploughing through seventy-some chapters, I can honestly say that I quite enjoyed this novel. Harding has created a compelling story that intertwines pagan sexual mores with American foreign policy, OCD with magic. And public defe [...]

    It seems like every book I read these days is a 3 and this one is no exception.i could only muster 2. I think that Harding put every idea he had in his head into this book resulting in wayyyyy too much filler.Generally speaking I liked it but it was a little long and the end was predictable. There are cliches galore but the ideas of culture and the impacts of colonization are air apparent in this book.This is the story of a male attorney riddled with OCD who goes to an nameless island in the Sou [...]

    This book is incredible! It explores the lifestyle of an isolated society, the "civilized" reaction to it, and their influence on each other. It is funny, sad, and most of all thought-provoking. Like any imagined society, the reasoning is not perfect and the ending especially is exaggerated, but it gets its point across. Harding's writing style is engaging and enjoyable. There are a few unnecessarily crass moments, but it doesn't diminish the book and my reaction is probably more an indication o [...]

    I read reluctantly for the first 100-150 pp put off by the crudeness of some of the situations, and the Sad Sack nature of the handsome OCD-plagued protagonist, William. An idealistic and naive American lawyer, William has been sent by his non-profit employer to gain just compensation for a matrilineal tribe living on an island that was heavily mined by the US military years before. On the island, William meets a slew of interesting people, an Englishwoman who is studying island society, a coupl [...]

    This was a book I started late one night, in order to say to my book group that I at least tried. At first it struck me as verging on imperialism, and hated it. I seemed to then turn off the part of my brain that thinks that within every book is the answer to an essay question. I thought: I'm just going to enjoy the story. Thing is, I didn't. I didn't like the narrator and the story wasn't one I'd usually read. I kept thinking 'What's the point, what are you trying to say? It also seemed that Ha [...]

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