Darkest Mercy

Darkest Mercy

Darkest Mercy NA

  • Title: Darkest Mercy
  • Author: Melissa Marr
  • ISBN: 9780007346158
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • NA

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      288 Melissa Marr
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      Posted by:Melissa Marr
      Published :2020-02-24T21:27:33+00:00

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    So after 5 books, hundreds of pages, and many years all comes down to an ultimatum. If Keenan had just issued one in Wicked Lovely, it would've saved a lot of time.

    Undoubtedly 5 Stars!!When I told you I wanted to try, I spoke the truth. When I turned away, it was for my former court, and when I tried to make another faery love me, it was for that court. I’ve lived my whole life trying to bring the Summer Court back to the strength it once was. In all those years, in centuries, I’ve only wished myself free of duty because of one reason. You…Darkest Mercy was the perfect series finale for Wicked Lovely. I am gushing right now because I loved this book [...]

    So. I've made it to the end of the story and I'm left with the feeling that Marr has a better story in her head that what actually appears on the page. While she might know what she means, she hasn't expressed it particularly well. Here's what I think: If you're going to continue to refer to a character's backstory, then at some point you have to tell me that backstory or the current story has no foundation. Also, if you're going to ramp off on these tangents(Devlin/Ani/Rae) they need to actuall [...]

    On the day I received my copy of Darkest Mercy, I was late. I'd just driven five and a half hours through one of the poorest regions in the United States after teaching most of the day on very little sleep. It was hot. I was frightened; I had never seen the kind of poverty I'd just driven through, solo, to get to a book signing in Jackson, Mississippi. I slid into a metal folding chair next to a man who looked at me funny. I didn't blame him. I had no idea what was going on and I probably needed [...]

    Not sure if I can review this book fully right now. It was good. Not great, wasn't expecting much more though on account of my familiarity with Marr's writing style. Some great moments, some annoying as hell moments, and then the conflict was over and the book kind of ended, and I don't have a PROBLEM with how it ended (it was very well crafted in a full circle kind of way), but I just couldn't really bring myself to feel anything for anyone. Okay, spoilers:(view spoiler)[So, Keenan gives up bei [...]

    This was an absolutely perfect ending to this unique series. Although I could have done without books 2 and 4. I hated 2 a lot because I find Irial to be a truly despicable character. And although I really enjoyed Devlin and Ani in book 4, they turned out to be mostly irrelevant to the larger story. I would have liked to see them again. This series was nearly perfect! It was dark without being too dark. There was no shortage of romance and swoon-worthy guys. I'll admit Keenan finally grew on me [...]

    WOW just wow! I know some authors don’t mind killing off certain characters but I have to say that Marr is fearless. I have been eagerly waiting for this last installment to Marr’s Lovely series and I am so so happy with the way things ended. The ride throughout this book is griping and painful but very necessary. The story takes off where the last ended, with War gaining strength and the other courts trying to find the strength to fight her. All hell breaks loose among the courts with all t [...]

    The characters in this series are lovable, real, and, at the same time, a little scary which is as it should be in the world of the fey. I loved the conclusion to the series. Everything ended in a very satisfactory way. Bananach was certainly frightening. Wanted to rip her wings off myself, but it's more likely I would have run in the other direction. I could feel the sunlight and the winter and the creepy dark things on my skin as I read.

    Actual Rating: 4.5 stars.All of the Faerie courts are in peril and both Keenan and Seth are missing. Devoid of the experience and advantages of the other faery monarchs, Aislinn is doing her best to rule and prepare for the impending War being incited by the malevolent Bananach. But without the Summer King and her newly turned faery lover at her side, how will she protect her already weakened court from destruction?Apparently I'd forgotten exactly how much I enjoy Melissa Marr's writing. She has [...]

    It’s fair to say that I had high expectations for this final installment. Over the course of four books and two short stories, I had become emotionally invested in the outcome of this series. Marr has created a fantastical world with extraordinary scope and creativity that I reveled in with zeal that could rival the Summer Court. I would lose myself in the writing, which I found sparse and yet poetic. And her characters, what can I say of these captivating characters? They made me feel! I’d [...]

    Darkest Mercy is the fifth and final book in Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely series.Each Wicked Lovely book tells it’s own story, and Darkest Mercy is the perfect conclusion.Each book is a story revolving around four faery courts: Winter, Summer, Dark, and High. The Winter and Summer Courts are the embodiment of their seasons, the Dark Court is surrounded by emotion, and the High Court is bound to provide order. Order and Discord take form in the High Queen, Sorcha, and her sister Bananach. But [...]

    Darkest Mercy was brilliant. I'm in awe! I have no other words to describe it other than it had everything you ever wished for an ending of a series! It was enthralling, full of emotions, it has characters that will surprise you and you will shed tears, but in the end you will close the book and have closure. It has the perfect balance between light and dark. I thank Mrs Marr from the bottom of my heart for this final piece of awesomeness! Ever since I started Wicked Lovely I was fascinated with [...]

    FINALLY I’M DONE WITH THIS SERIES! I forced myself to finish this book despite my not liking of the pairing. It was a good book though, can’t say that it’s bad because it was also good. just an OKAY for me though. BUT i’m so happy I’m done! it’s like one obligation crashed out from my list! haha. What can I say about the book? Well, it sure was full of MERCY. There was the usual conflicts and resolved. Bananach finally destroyed, and all the fae courts are in unity. With happy ending [...]

    I have been rereading this series this year to get to this final book which I hadn’t read yet. Oh heavens, I love these Fae. The rest of the books were 3 or 4 stars and mainly for nostalgia but this book came together beautifully. The motivations were true, the violence and passion these fairies should be feeling was present and the instalove and insta acceptance of other worldly beings or situations stopped. Everyone had a role to play and they did so fantastically! So good.

    Oh. My. Goddess!This book was amazing. I was able to read a borrowed copy the other day. It arrived in my mailbox Thursday, and I was up til 1:30 AM reading it. I could NOT put it down.This is one of my favorite series, so when I got the book I hugged it close for a while, and then ate dinner while looking at it longingly, and then I dove into the prologue. When it comes to series that I love so much and have such high expectations of, I'm always a bit nervous to read it. Will it live up to my e [...]

    Brace yourself. This one's gonna be a doozy. And it's gonna be mostly serious, because I am so ridiculously astounded and in love with the end of this series. I don't quite know what Melissa Marr's opinion of the tale of Humpty Dumpty may be, but she seems to be quite efficient in providing the push for that "great fall." The king's horses and the king's men stand absolutely NO CHANCE of quickly putting me back together again after this one.Ms. Marr is, if nothing else, a weaver of beautiful web [...]

    I have my sneaky friend Alicia to thank for slipping me her ARC of DARKEST MERCY--the final installment in Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series featuring the many wily courts of faerie. I've been looking forward to some desperately needed closure on this series for awhile now. I still remember running across Wicked Lovely what seems like so long ago and loving it. I fell even more in love with the darker Ink Exchange, which cemented my fascination with and unhealthy substantial interest in His Ub [...]

    Darkest Mercy was pretty much everything I thought it would be. Melissa Marr tied up all the loose ends from the previous novels in the series. I wasn't super thrilled to read this book because, as usual, Melissa Marr's writing style tends to throw me for a loop initially. But I quickly became enthralled in the story. I was excited to see that most of the book was full of startling revelations from all of our characters. It was definitely enough to keep me turning pages. In the final Wicked Love [...]

    I've delayed my review of Darkest Mercy for two days because I'm not sure what I want to write. First, that i am disappointed -this is, by far, the worst in the Wicked Lovely series. And it is really a pity because, being the final installment, it kind of spoils my general impression on the series. I loved Wicked Lovely and even Ink Exchange, which was my least favorite, is better than this.The plot is confusing to put it mildly, and there is really no action throughout all the book, save for th [...]

    While Seth was important in several ways, continuing to be my favourite character in the series as he made it possible for Bananach to be defeated, I didn't like how he was pushed off onto the sidelines for most of the action, even though he'd been training to fight in the inevitable battle. I wanted something else for poor Niall, my second-favourite character in the series, but he seemed more broken than ever. Sorcha was relegated to a small part as worried but inactive mother and not seen agai [...]

    Easily the best Wicked Lovely book and absolutely beautiful finale. I need to curl up in a ball and absorb for a few hours

    I was so shocked when I found out that the Wicked Lovely series is the first series I’ve finished in three months. This was supposed to make me sad and all that but all it made me feel was relieved.Anyway, I read somewhere that something was going to happen at the beginning of the book so I was shocked when I found out that this specific event happened passed page 100. That was the beginning? What do you call the previous hundred pages, the prologue? And speaking of the real beginning, I was e [...]

    I finished itd my heart is broken.I knew I was going to have to finish it eventuallyd now the Wicked Lovely series is done. Finito. No more. I sigh in sadness.I know what you'll say"But, Stephanie, there's still Desert Tales and Fairy Tales and Nighmares, plus Love Struck which is a novella set with water fae. Yes, there are still a couple offshoots of the main storyline, but it's not the same. Oh, yes, I'll read them, but the core series is done. Ash and Seth and Keenan and Donia and Irial and [...]

    I won this book for free in a first-reads giveaway. I was so absolutely thrilled when this arrived in the mail! I swear, I danced around the house for half an hour. It took me forever to read, mostly because life was busy, but it was fantastic. And amazing. Every book in the series is a little bittersweet. There are things lost, but things won. In Darkest Mercy, the things won over-balance the things lost, I think. It was stunning, and while I'm sad it's over, at the same time I'm thrilled! ~~~W [...]

    I have followed the Wicked Lovely series since its inception and I have loved every single word. I cried at the last page because I knew that I would no longer hear from my deliciously exciting friends in their deliciously exciting world that Melissa has created so wondrously and so wickedly :o]Darkest Mercy held some surprises but not as many as I would have suspected and I thank Melissa for that; there is the loss of one character that I absolutely adored, starting in The Ink Exchange & Ra [...]

    Darkest Mercy was more than a just satisfying ending to an unforgettable series. it was brilliant. Epic even. I shall miss it.Let me just get this out of the way right now. That whole thing with Keenan how painfully obvious was that! I mean seriously. did you give yourself the duh slap with that one, or what!?!? And for those of you that haven't read it yet, that won't probably mean anything, sorry about that.I love this story and I love the characters. I'm going to miss them so much! Usually I [...]

    I gave it 3 stars because I was loyal to these series for so long.This book was just so wrongSo many people connected it in there pre-release rew.-s to the final instalment of HPwell it was nothing like it.It was so far from a good and climatic last book i wanted to weep.And yes the parings.Trough the reading i had so many 'i hate this book' moments because of the parings.No,I was not a team Keenan or Seth.But for me Ash was the heart of these series.She just was.Her struggles were my own and i [...]

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