Frida: Vita di Frida Kahlo

Frida: Vita di Frida Kahlo

Frida Vita di Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo diceva di se stessa Pensavano che fossi una surrealista ma non lo ero Non ho mai dipinto sogni Ho dipinto la mia realt La realt di una donna dalla bellezza magnetica e strana piccola e f

  • Title: Frida: Vita di Frida Kahlo
  • Author: Hayden Herrera
  • ISBN: 9788877383457
  • Page: 183
  • Format: None
  • Frida Kahlo diceva di se stessa Pensavano che fossi una surrealista, ma non lo ero Non ho mai dipinto sogni Ho dipinto la mia realt La realt di una donna dalla bellezza magnetica e strana, piccola e fiera Nata in Messico nel 1907, alla vigilia della rivoluzione, e spezzata a diciott anni da un incidente che fa della sua vita un calvario di sofferenze fisiche Ma uFrida Kahlo diceva di se stessa Pensavano che fossi una surrealista, ma non lo ero Non ho mai dipinto sogni Ho dipinto la mia realt La realt di una donna dalla bellezza magnetica e strana, piccola e fiera Nata in Messico nel 1907, alla vigilia della rivoluzione, e spezzata a diciott anni da un incidente che fa della sua vita un calvario di sofferenze fisiche Ma un romanzo su Frida Khalo vuole anche dire passione politica, a e sofferta ricerca artistica Sposata al grande muralista Diego Rivera, amante di Trockij e di molti altri, ammirata da Breton e da Picasso, da Kandinskij e da Mir , Frida ha dipinto ossessivamente, durante la sua vita, autoritratti e nature morte sensuali, visionarie e antropomorfiche o inquietanti rivisitazioni delle sue sofferenze e delle sue cicatrici.

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    Have not read this book- I have no reason not think it is good. Just wanted to comment on the cover.I always hate buying an edition of a book with movie art on the front. Nothing ruins a copy of a Lord of the Rings book like stills from the films on the cover. Carrying that around just makes you look like such a joiner. I know-- it is big money marketing, and there is no stopping it.But I gotta say, with an artist like Frida Kahlo, who painted so many incredible self protraits, it is just so lam [...]

    I am a little in love with Frida Kahlo, or perhaps I should say intensely so. Surely no-one can read this superb biography without being spun head over heels. Frida Kahlo was truly extraordinary. Vast beauty, intelligence, commitments, loyalties and most of all - vast creativity and artistic talent. On top of this, the book also contains a formidable and passionate love story, and an inspiring story about her battles against terrible physical injuries . Frida was a gargantuan and lion-hearted ch [...]

    This is not an accurate portrayal of Frida's life. She was more of a revolutionary than this book makes her out to be. She was also a gender-bending feminist, and a brilliant painter. Herrera makes her out to be a Diego obsessed, pain obsessed sack of potatoes, and i'm not buying it. Herrera also infers several things to be true from Frida's paintings. She frequently ignores literal translations from paintings including text painted in that reveals the meaning completely on it's own. I am very s [...]

    This is a long book of a rather short life: Frida Kahlo was injured in a traffic incident when she was eighteen and spent the rest of her life in pain and 'invalidism'. Regardless of this, her persona was so vibrant and vital that her magnetism outshone her vivid, charismatic work, and if she had lived thirty more years the book would doubtless be three hundred pages longer.But it would have been completely different. Frida would probably not have begun to paint if she had not been immobilised f [...]

    Frida Kahlo was such a complex indiviual, unfortunately Hayden Herrera simplifies this multifaceted artists life and passions. Like many Kahlo scholars in the 1970's she bases many of her ideas on Kahlo's work on gender stereotypes and assumptions. Read "Devouring Frida" if you are interested in a REAL analysis of the artist's life.

    I'm probably the last person under the sun not to have seen Julie Taymor's Frida, based on this biography (which is changing as I write these words). I find rating biographies difficult - do I rate a book, or a life? - but I think I can safely give it 3.5-4 stars, with the disclaimer that my ratings are more lenient for biographies than for fiction. The description of the birth of creativity, and subsequent relations between Frida and Diego, and other people in her life, were interesting, thorou [...]

    In Depth, thorough and intriguing. However, I did not always agree with the author's interpretive nature of assuming to understand what Frida was feeling or thinking, and forcing these interpretations by consistent repetition.

    Frida Kahlo. To most people, she is the Mexican painter with the intense stare and dominant brows, known for her self-portraits. At the same time she has become an icon. I've seen people drinking out of Frida-cups, wearing Frida-socks and getting Frida-tattoos. This biography really made me understand what it was that made this woman so magnetising. A woman in love with lifeFrida never had it easy. She grew up during the Mexican Revolution, which certainly wasn't the easiest time to be a Mexican [...]

    5 Mesmerizing Well researched- the best biography I have ever read stars!This is the best biography I believe ever to be written or this is the best biography I have ever read. I have never cared much about Frida Kahlo except the movie which I had been planning to watch for the past 5 years but never did. But now I really want to watch the movie. I saw this book laying next to Marlon by Peter Manso in the library and I have been reading it during the lunch and tea breaks and I finally finished i [...]

    تا قبل از اين فريدا را نمي شناختم و خيلي تحت تاثير شخصيت مقاوم و جاه طلب اين نقاش و هنرمند بزرگ قرار گرفتم . داشتم فكر مي كردم فقط يكي از حادثه هاي وحشتناك زندگيش براي تباه شدن زندگي بيشتر زنان ايراني كافي است ! كاش زناني مثل فريدا بيشتر از اين بودند به نظر من قابل افتخارند .

    Most of us know about the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and how she suffered. Her suffering is unimaginable. The book begins with the details of her bout with polio and then her accident, when the bus she was riding in, in Mexico City, was hit by a tram. September 17, 1925. Her letters to her boyfriend, Alejandro Gómez Arias, are excruciating to read. He attempts to escape (her); she hangs on with an unrelenting fervor. Letter after letter are included in this book. (Stricter editing please!) Her [...]

    Guardi una foto di Frida Kahlo o uno dei suoi autoritratti - lei diceva "Dipingo me stessa perché sono così spesso sola, perché sono il soggetto che conosco meglio" -e non può non colpirti quel suo sguardo ,di perforante immediatezza,quella limpidezzaquegli occhidivoranti ,capaci di incantare oppure scettici e in grado di annientarti e quella vitalità,quella forza inflessibile che è tangibile nei colori che usa.Quando rideva era con " carcajadas" uno scroscio di risa profondo e contagiosoc [...]

    This was a fascinating book. I felt, while reading this book, I also got an art history lesson. I remember Frida Kahlo's art as being dark, vulgar, and somewhat childish, but I didn't really know the history behind the paintings and that of Frida's life story.From a young age, Frida Kahlo was outgoing, outspoken, and a prankster. She lived life to the fullest and often got into trouble. Unfortunately, a horrific accident at age 18 changed the course of her life. Her paintings are mostly self por [...]

    I agree as some reviewers have noted that this book is a bit light on Frida's feminist and revolutionary traits, buys into gender stereotytpes somewhat and so misses the complexity of her character and that some of the art analysis given seems to contradict what Frida herself has written on paintings or just seem very unlikely and a bit of a stretch.One reviewer wrote: 'Herrera makes her out to be a Diego obsessed, pain obsessed sack of shit, and I'm not buying it.'There is a lot of careful and [...]

    My rating reflects the author's efforts and not the interest of the subject. Rated on Kalo, I would have awarded a rating of five, because Frida Kalo is an intriguing and compelling subject, whose life and art are inseparable and awe-inspiring. I became interested in Kalo when I attended the San Francisco La Raza Homage to Frida Kalo (1978); her work grabbed my gut. Prints of her paintings The Little Deer and her self portraits with monkeys and with Diego Rivera looking out from her third eye hu [...]

    An excellent biography: why did any more need to be written?? And I must make clear that I read this book in the D.F. in the 80's after seeing her home in Coyoacan, long before the Frida craze beganYes, I was ahead of the curve! Yes I am a trendsetter! No I'm not a sheep! seriously, Kahlo is a great artist and I hate how commodified her life and her work have become. Some great artists have as their subject the self, and the self is as rich and vast a canvas as any.

    داستان زندگی نقاش مکزیکی بنام فریدا کالو.کسی که زندگیش هم مانند آثارش آزادی خواهانه بود.و به عصیان زنان در برابر شرایط اجتماعی شان میپردازد .کسی که عشاق زیادی داشت و در زندگی جنسی خود همه مرزها حتی جنسیت را نادیده میگرفت.(در بعضی نقدها خواندم که نقش اجتماعی او با فروغ فرخزاد شا [...]

    Una biografia appassionante che parla di una delle donne più forti che io abbia mai conosciuto. Donna con la D maiuscola, artista impressionante e talentuosa. Consigliatissima a tutti gli amanti dell'arte e delle donne forti e risolute. Stupendo!

    I read this book in 1998, after seeing a thumbnail image of the Two Fridas in an art history textbook. Thus began my complete obsession with Kahlo. I just stood before the actual painting tonight at the Dallas Museum of Art. It is larger than I thought, and it took my breath away. Ugly crying also may have occurred, but what happens at the DMA stays at the DMA. I'm waiting to hear Herrera speak now, and I'm bummed that I forgot to bring the bio to have her sign. This biography is one of the best [...]

    AMAZING!!!!!!! great book, incredible woman. My only critique is that her bisexuality seems glossed over Not much about her relationships with women. ----"At bedtime, Levy and the senior Kaufmann tried to wait each other out so as to spend the last moments of the evening in romantic solitude with Frida. When she retired, Fallingwater's complicated double stairway served as the stage for the evening's drama. After biding his time until he thought everyone was peacefully asleep, Levy emerged from [...]

    Frida Kahlo isn't my absolute favorite painter in terms of style, but that's more a matter of taste than anything else. She is without doubt a highly influential, groundbreaking artist, particularly within the field of women-as-subject. "Frida", however, is not so much a book about Kahlo's works as it is about her life. Which it should be, what with the fact that it's a biography and all.Herrera constructs a detailed, engaging biography that examines the major events of Frida's life--and in part [...]

    I read this because the movie is a favorite. I think what fascinates me the most is that I really disliked Kahlo's style and looked somewhat askance at how much she painted herself before I read the book. But the more I read, the more I came to appreciate both - especially how autobiographical her paintings are.At the same time, I was somewhat frustrated by the attention given to her art, or perhaps the way it was done. I feel like the issue here is with me rather than the biography itself - art [...]

    What a fascinating read! Granted, I love non-fiction, especially heavily footnoted biographies, and I recognize that they are not everyone's cup of tea, but still. I found this to be an excellent book, superbly well written, filled with fascinating details, meticulously researched, inclusive of all relevant details, whether they fit comfortably into our notion of who Frida was or not. Herrera showed herself to be entirely lacking in prejudice in her devoted search for the truth of who Frida Kahl [...]

    Que maravillosa obra acabo de terminar. Me encantó mucho cómo se describió la vida y muerte de Frida, todo muy bien detallado y estructurado. Para nada te aburres, te adentras en la vida de Frida, conoces su sufrimiento y me atrevo a decir que hasta uno llega a sentirlo. Me hizo admirar más a la pintora, por toda la vida que conllevó, conocer acerca de la historia detrás de sus magníficas obras de arte. Fue como un paseo por la era post revolucionaria, en la que el alrededor de Frida Kahl [...]

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