The Cabinda Incident

The Cabinda Incident

The Cabinda Incident The Cabinda Incident is a historical fiction espionage novel set in Angola West Africa and spans the decade of Big oil covert politics deception and adventure come together near midnight

  • Title: The Cabinda Incident
  • Author: Michael J. Ulissey
  • ISBN: 9781616639716
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Cabinda Incident is a historical fiction espionage novel set in Angola, West Africa and spans the decade of 1975 1985 Big oil, covert politics, deception and adventure come together near midnight on the moonlit streets of Paris Ethan Archer is accosted by an old friend who leads him on a five year journey of intrigue and espionage, through six continents, as he confrThe Cabinda Incident is a historical fiction espionage novel set in Angola, West Africa and spans the decade of 1975 1985 Big oil, covert politics, deception and adventure come together near midnight on the moonlit streets of Paris Ethan Archer is accosted by an old friend who leads him on a five year journey of intrigue and espionage, through six continents, as he confronts lies, challenges, deceit, and friendships that carry him to the heights of excitement, the depths of despair, and the brink of disaster As he winds his way through the oil fields of Africa, the mountains of Nepal, and the back alleys of Rio, he unwittingly helps turn the tide of American politics and diplomatic involvement in a war torn oil rich country For a signed copy by the author please contact mulissey sbcglobal

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      386 Michael J. Ulissey
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    A fast paced enjoyable read. An espionage novel with a realistic feel. I look forward to additional works from this author.

    The Cabinda Incident is a great read and one I hugely enjoyed. I may be somewhat biased, having spent a 30 year career in the oil business, but Mike Ulissey has a great understanding of the industry, its players and characters, and geopolitical history. He puts together an interesting story that could have happened. Good job

    Good story told in an unassuming / open way that is very believable. Well paced, just a good read from end to end.

    As a novel, OK, kind of a fun read even though the dialog is remarkably flat. It's got a bit of roller coaster to it.But from my own experiences in Angola, I really don't like the amplification of fears about espionage somehow this book comes across like the kind of stuff that Angolan citizens actually do fear is afoot; it just rubs me the wrong way.

    A fun story, very believable, and a great twist at the end. Seems to me that if the government doesn't burn this book, the oil company might!

    Quick read. Very easy to engage with the character with an interesting perspective of early CIA functions. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

    This historical novel is a win from GoodReads. I was interested in it because I enjoy reading stories set in different locations around the world, especially places I don't know much about. Also, this one is based on an actual event in Angola in 1985 when a group from South Africa was caught in an attempt to bomb Gulf Oil operations.The story is the old one of a multinational corporation taking a third world country's resources and making obscene profits from them without repaying that country b [...]

    The Cabinda Incident provides a fascinating glimpse into the secret lives of spies and multinational corporations. I cannot attest to the accuracy of the story, having no experience in intelligence work nor in Africa, but I can say that Michael J. Ulissey has written a wonderfully-readable story. The prose is not complicated or flashy and sticks to an idiom that not only befits its characters but also keeps the story moving forward at a wonderfully quick pace. Night after night, I found myself f [...]

    I won this book as part of a First Read giveaway. I was very excited and the author even signed the book! I enjoyed the story and would definitely be interested in reading another story by the author. The story was fast paced and I enjoyed reading about the CIA training and all of the traveling the main character, Ethan, got to do. Prior to reading this book I was unaware of the oil in Angola and of the relationship of the US, Russia and Cuba in Angola. The reason I gave the book a 3 out of 5 i [...]

    Thanks to the author and for the free reading copy. "In late May 1985, an Angolan army patrol intercepted nine South African commandos two kilometers north of Malongo Base--the lucrative Gulf Oil drilling fields on the shores of Wet Africa. Six escaped; two were killed; one was captured. His subsequent interrogation indicated their intentions were to plant a series of bombs to destroy the base, and thus, the oil production capability of the region."The author uses the above historical backdrop [...]

    This is a nonfiction account of the Cabinda incident that really happened in the 1980's. Where is Cabinda? It's a province of Angola but is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Zaire, and Congo. This is also the story of Ethan Archer. When he was growing up, his best friend's father worked for the CIA. He later dropped out of college because he was busy working on computers. He later was offered a plum job with an oil company at the Cabinda oil fields. Eventually, he also works (secretly) for his b [...]

    I love historical fiction, and found the premise of this book intriguing. I've often enjoyed spy novels and I'm fairly environmental, so I thought this sounded great, and was excited when I won. I was even more excited to see the author had signed my copy. Unfortunately, I struggled through every bit of this book. Its not the idea, or the story, but rather, the lack of excitement brought to it. It all comes across very flat. I would start a chapter, and be excited about the potential story in th [...]

    The author seems to have a great bit of knowledge about the events on which the book is based. In fact comparing the information in the bio with the main character I'd say that much is autobiographical. However neither the storyline nor the characters have any depth. We are very carefully led through the points which attempt to make believable and to explain how Ethan found himself, in his early 20s with a high paying job for Gulf Oil, living in Africa part-time and also working undercover for t [...]

    What an enjoyable read. I was fascinated by the details concerning spy craft that the author cleverly wove into the story. It was fun to re-live the 80's and the ancient computers and programing we used back then. Being a Clive Cussler fan, I was hoping for a lot more explosions and near death moments. However, this is a historical novel of actual events, so the author couldn't add a bunch of gratuitous mayhem, just for my entertainment. The story was very realistic. I felt I was living through [...]

    This was definitely the male version of chick lit. Attractive and is good at pretty much everything he puts his hand to. Gets to jetset in luxury all over the world with a girl at every port. And gets to train to be a spy without much of that pesky being in danger stuff (just pretend danger mostly). Sounds like a young man's wet dream. It was a really fast and fun read but ultimately left me flat. Too often it read like someone who makes a resolution every year to write in a diary and then loses [...]

    Was just notified I'll receive this book as a First Reads winner! Look forward to reading.Absolutely loved it!Fast paced story of intrigue and espionage ~ in fact, stayed up late reading since I couldn't put it down. Definitely a convincing story of what might have happened. Since I had either lived or traveled through some of the places where Ethan trained ~ it was doubly interesting.Characters came alive and I like the interaction between them. Felt the main character's disappointment in Bill [...]

    I received an advance copy of this book from the author/.I enjoyed this book. From the summary, I expected it to be much longer, so I was worried when I received the book and saw its length that the author was trying to fit too much into too short of a book. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The plot moves along quickly, but is still cohesive. The storyline is a little one dimensional there is only one story, no sub-plots or themes, but it is a good story, and keeps the reader interested.The [...]

    Much different than any other spy novel that you will read, as this follows a seemingly normal guy (a computer programmer) who is thrust into the world of espionage with no previous training. I found this very interesting as your typical spy novel has the protagonist performing all sorts of incredible, superhuman actions and objectives, whereas this novel depicts what it would be like for just a "normal guy" to become a covert operative and all the training that would go with it. In the end, it [...]

    Intriguing spy thriller. There are so many details about CIA agent training in the 1980's, reading this book is a fun way to pretend you're learning to be a spy! I came away wondering if any of it was true; and I think that was the author's intent. Sometimes it was a little unbelievable that his family and friends didn't realize something was up - it seems he was never at home!Oops - I forgot to mention: I won this on "First Reads". Thanks for the free copy Michael!

    I won this book on First Reads. I'm excited to read it!This is not the kind of book that I would normally read, however, I did enjoy it. It was relatively fast paced and kept me intersted. There were a few parts that were a little bit confusing but eventually they got explained. I was a little bit dissapointed with the ending. It seemed like it got built up and then it just ended.Overall, I did like the book and I would recommend reading it.

    I actually won one of those giveaways and got this book. I was initially frustrated with the cut and dry way the background relationship was built in order to support the rest of the plot, but I found myself liking the main character and getting curious about where exactly the book was going. A window into the life of spies I'll leave it at that.

    Truly an impressive account of actual / fictional operativesand how they work. Author was very descriptive of his surroundings ,which gave the reader the feeling of being there.I wouldn't be suprised if there is a good percentage of reality blended in with a slight amount of fiction. Would make a impressive run like the movies of years gone by.Good ReadBob & Lee

    Fast-paced and believable espionage story. Well written with a solid moral outcome. It is just not another thriller the author has a twist at the end you might not have anticipated. I could not put it down. Then I met the author - what a talented and incredible, unassuming individual. Would like to see this on the big screen!

    At first, I thought the book was a little slow to get through, and I think that's because I'm used to intrique novels being action, action, action. This one actually takes you through the process of what it's really like in the field. Sometimes its slow, sometimes its dangerous, but always there's something interesting to learn.

    What a great book. I really enjoyed the narrative. The story is very interesting. Mike's writing style make me feel like I was part of the story. It was very easy to read and very enjoyable. I am looking forward to more books by Mike Ulissey

    This is a very interesting look into the development of a CIA asset and the often conflicting role of the CIA in the operations they undertake. Glad I read it.

    Excellent read!!! Definitely recommend to all who enjoy a true spy, espionage thriller without all the blood and gore. Could not put this one down!

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