To Service and Protect

To Service and Protect

To Service and Protect Book twenty in the Cattle Valley SeriesEthan Drake thought he d left danger behind when he fled to Cattle Valley but when he starts to hear strange noises late at night his worst fears come back to

  • Title: To Service and Protect
  • Author: Carol Lynne
  • ISBN: 9780857153470
  • Page: 351
  • Format: ebook
  • Book twenty in the Cattle Valley SeriesEthan Drake thought he d left danger behind when he fled to Cattle Valley, but when he starts to hear strange noises late at night, his worst fears come back to haunt him.Despite Ethan s numerous calls to the local sheriff s department, Deputies Brian Allenbrand and Pete Nash are unable to find any indication of foul play Casual loveBook twenty in the Cattle Valley SeriesEthan Drake thought he d left danger behind when he fled to Cattle Valley, but when he starts to hear strange noises late at night, his worst fears come back to haunt him.Despite Ethan s numerous calls to the local sheriff s department, Deputies Brian Allenbrand and Pete Nash are unable to find any indication of foul play Casual lovers since arriving in Cattle Valley, Brian and Pete draw Ethan into an erotic world he never imagined existed.Caught up in their games, the threesome lose focus on the dangers lurking in the shadows When the past rears its ugly head the two deputies team up to make sure Ethan is protected at all costs, even if the price is their hearts and their jobs.

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      351 Carol Lynne
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    I didn't really like this one. I enjoyed Ethan in previous books and I suppose I liked him in this one but I didn't like Brian at all and Pete deserved way better.As with every menage I read, I always feel like there's more of two characters and less of the third one. In this case, while Ethan and Pete spent more time together it was because of Brian's reluctance to come completely clean to his son about his relationship with Ethan and Pete so it put a strain on the three of them resulting in Pe [...]

    the first four chapters were so boring i almost stopped reading it. Brian was so boring and his POV was slow this was pretty much Ethan and Pete with a side of Brian when Brian could make time for them. I did not like this relationship at all. Brian was so jealous of anything Ethan and Pete did without him but he wouldn't do anything so he could be with them more but he wants them not to be together when he is not there? anytime the truth of how he acts is pointed out he gets all pissy and angry [...]

    As lovely as all the other books in this series, this one added the dynamic of a three-way relationship into the mix. It is one of the best explorations of three very different characters coming together and finding their roles that I have read so far. The reasons for each man, what he contributes and what his role is, is made crystal-clear. The fact that there is a large dose of realism means the coming together isn't easy, nor is it purely sexual. While that is one of the driving forces that g [...]

    It was one of the more memorable, better Cattle Valley books. I've read them all and the one before this one, Making The Grade, was one of the ones I didn't like so much. In fact when I began to read this, I thought back to Making the Grade and couldn't remember what the story in that one was at first. That's a sign for me that the story wasn't that good for me personally.Now I've loved many of the Cattle Valley-books, don't get me wrong. I like most of them and I do suggest them regularly to pe [...]

    'To Service and Protect' by Carol Lynne is a unique love story framed in mystery and intrigue. Brian, Jay, and Ethan are three men struggling on their own to make sense of their lives. When fate brings them together, the trio learns how to combine their strengths and together find what it takes to make them happy—true love and acceptance.The first thing that impressed me about the story was how well it flowed. I was able to jump right in and enjoy it without first having to wade through a lot [...]

    Contemporary M/M romance about a small town that is big on tolerance and acceptance. Threesome story (M/M/M) about men looking for something more then just sex. Pete and Brian are Deputies at the local police force in Cattle Valley and have secretly been seeing each other for about ten months. Brian has a 16 year old son from his previous marriage with a woman and has come out as gay to his son, but hides his relationship with Pete because his son Benny is having lots of problems so he doesn't w [...]

    This book, for me, settles a lot of lingering threads left over from books previous. The subject of Ethan and his stalker is closed, the uneasy feelings members of the community have over Roy as one of the police deputies is settled, two more of the police deputies, Pete and Brian, settle themselves into a serious relationship and Carol also opens the way for yet another coupling with Benny and Chase (who is leaving for college).As well written as any of the other Cattle Valley series, again, if [...]

    Brian irritated me the entire story and then when it's finally revealed why his son is acting funny, I didn't buy it. Pete doesn't really like to bottom but he's made exceptions to be with Brian. But in this threesome, he'll always be a bottom to Brian. I wished the author would have changed things up a bit. So many sexual possibilities and we only get Pete being the sandwich?? And why was the scene with Brian topping Ethan off page?Now as for the villain. Sorry ass villain. (view spoiler)[So Ro [...]

    Pete and Brian have an arrangement with each other that neither one of them are really satisfied with, but because of Brian's son Benny, he feels the need to sneak around and not flaunt his sexuality. When the two of them become incredibly attracted to Ethan and start to see him also, it makes for some pretty hot threesome action but Brian is still not ready to be truthful with his son.Pete has a hard time accepting this as he knows Brian loves him but he's not happy sitting on the backburner an [...]

    I like how things are not too easy, but not too difficult for the men involved. Threesomes are one of my bigger squicks (what I call an ick factor), mainly because I just don't understand them. That's just me. I don't particularly think there's anything wrong about it - be it 3 men, 2 men and 1 woman, or whatever other variation - just that I can't see how it would work. Still, other than the initial trepidation, it didn't bother me at all in this story. It was well presented and it worked. The [...]

    I'll give this 3 for Pete and Ethan, but Brian really doesn't deserve any. He is thoughtless and just didn't work for me. You move your child to cattle valley, away from everything he's ever known after his mom dies in order for it to be easier for him to accept you being gay, and then you act as if who you are is something to be ashamed of, thus making your lovers feel they are your dirty little secret. Not good. I actually wanted Pete to kick him to the curb and I was glad Pete didn't give up [...]

    I don't usually like MMM at all, but some how Carol Lynne got me into Ryan, Rico and Nate, so I thought I'd give these ones a chance I really liked this whole series I totally saw the Roy thing coming from the beginning and I didn't really like that Brian couldn't make time for Pete when it was just the two of them; even though he saw how badly it was hurting Pete but when Ethan came into the picture and he ran the risk of losing Pete, he had all the time in the world for them that made me sad f [...]

    No surprise here about who was the bad guy. The fact that it's book 20 and that even if Roy Jenkins was there since the first one and that he didn't have his own story make it pretty obvious too. I love Ethan and Pete, have a little difficulty with Brian, but I try to understand what's it to a parents to be afraid or deceiving their child (mines only four I have time loll). I love these three together and I'm glad that they have their HEA.

    2.5 starsThis was an improvement, but not by much. Since it was another short story, what began as a complicated relationship between to law enforcement officers ended in a complicated 3-way relationship. The major issue was due to a partner being a widowed father with a 16 yr. old son and the fear of exposing a relationship the father has with not 1, but 2 men. I wish the story was not so rushed and would have wanted to see how the partners handled the issue better.

    I don't normally enjoy menage stories but I have enjoyed all of the ones written by Carol Lynne. She has quickly become one of my favorite writers. This book was a wonderful read. I really enjoyed Brian's conflict, how it affected the trio, and how it was finally resolved. I also enjoyed how the external conflict was used to bring the guys together and strengthen the bond between the lovers. Love the series!

    Maybe it's the fact that I've read in-depth menage love stories, but these novella length ones don't really get my chicken kickin'. There just isn't enough there. We're supposed to believe that all three of these guys suddenly feel something for the other two.alove is hard enough to pull off between two MC's, trying to make it work with three is just asking for trouble. Or low ratings.

    Liked that fact that Ethan got his book. Loved Pete and Brian's relationship and the involvement of raising a son and coming out to him

    I must admit to a soft spot for threesomes in this series. I really wanted to read Ethan's story and am glad this one worked out the way it did.

    Книга чудесная, но вот с Брайаном не доконца решилась проблема на мой взгляд. Так он и не стал полноценным третьим

    I love visiting Cattle Valley, and I really enjoyed this particular visit. I've been waiting for Ethan to get a story, and the author didn't disappoint me with this one.

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